The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



3. Chapter 3 "Take me to London"

Chapter 3

After the walk I went back home and i didn't realize the time but it was after midnight, What?! .. my mum is going to kill me. but could we spend all of this time together without even realizing .. Its obvious that we missed each other so bad .. 

When I reached my floor I said my goodbyes to Christine as she continued the stairs only Cuz I forced her to take them instead of the elevator .. as soon as she's gone of sight I turned my back straight to the apartment .. when I reached for my keys my mom opened the door .. Perfect !!

"Where were U?" she asked in a strong worried tone 

"I told U that I'll go for a walk with Chris" I fired back

"What kind of walks takes that long? Do U know what time is it? its 12:30 am Lady !!" 

"Will u let me in or should we discuss that pointless discussion here?" I said trying to low my voice .. She clears the door pass for me to get in without a word and then slaps the door .. she's acting like we're in a movie or something.

"Listen young lady its gonna be your last time to do that or U won't get out of this door till the end of this vacation" she yells

"As if I'm always outdoor for a late hour?" I fired back .. again "And stop calling me young lady, I'm not a lady" I hate her calling me that

"go upstairs to your room before getting a broken bone" She said while pointing to the stairs

"Why are U doing that to me? I used to be always outdoor in London, Why is it different here? why is everything different here?"

"Cuz its a different country, different people, different manners and different rules?"

"Rules!! what kind of rules keeps me in this fu .. house all the time?” I corrected myself “ I'm not that young to be so afraid on me" I yelled, all what I can think about now is London

"Go upstairs !!" she shouted, but this time was enough to wake some people in this large house and scare me too "Goo" she repeated

I ran to my room trying not to cry from that feeling till I reach the room, the feeling of being in a prison, its so damn hard .. I need to go to London now .. I can't handle this any longer .. the life there is more ...... Free, I think thats the word. I gained few pounds from staying all day in my room with food and my mobile doing nothing .. I need to call Bake I need to go back there.

I wiped my tears and dialed his number

*Hey!! Is everything ok?" He asked

"Nope, I wanna go back to London"

"Me 2, I mean i want U back"

"I will come back as soon as I can even if it is without my parents knowing" I said while few tears ran from my eyes

"Wohooo wohooo !! take it easy and calm down UR not doing that"

"I will"

"Nope, and stop talking about that Cuz if U didn't U won't stop crying till tomorrow's night"

"U know me best and U know that I'll do it" I said while stopping those tears and getting my sh*t together.

"Look U know that I want U here but not that way, U might be punished"

"Haha !! might !! of course I'll be punished but anything is better than staying here"

"No way"

"Yes way"

"Look forget about this idea, I won't let U do this" He said, and I can feel him getting angry Sooo all what I can say is .....


"Okay?" He said in a confused tone

"Yeah its ok, I can wait till the end of this vacation" I lied Cuz I'm going back anyway and I don't need a NOOO from anyone.

"I don't know about it" He said and I can tell he's not convinced

"Why? I said that I'll take by your order and stay here, isn't that what U want?" I said trying to convince him

"I know it is but I know you best and .... U won't give up that easy" 

"Bakie I'm not coming back and I think that U don't know me" *Actually UR the only one who knows the real me* my thoughts add for me. 


"Look its 1:00 am right now I need to sleep and I'll call when I wake up" thats another lie

"ok GN'

"GN" I hanged up

“Of course I’m not taking his advice” I said to myself as soon as I hanged up with him

I opened my laptop and started searching for the first flight to London .. I’m  gonna use my father credit card for a payment .. I searched for a late flight so no one will see me going out .. but I wasn’t lucky enough .. the earliest flight with the lowest charge in the time the I need to get out from this house would be 3 days later ..

“Great !!” I said out loud while resting my head on the pillow .. and I fell asleep *ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzz*

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