The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



24. Chapter 24 "Consequences"

Chapter 24

I opened my eyes to find myself worn in a piece of sheet I guess and my left hand is covered with a white hard material, a cast. What the hell is that? Where am I? What’s that? What’s goin-

“You’re awake” Harry said jumping from his seat and pulling me into a tight hug “I- I-“ He was trying to say something but instead he kept placing few long kisses through my hair.

“Where am I?” That’s what everyone asks in these situations. It seems like a hospital room. How did I get here?

 “You’re in the hospital. Don’t you remember what happened?” He asked pulling away from me

“Not all actually.” I said pausing for a while trying to remember

“It must be the blood” What?

“What blood?”

“You lost half a liter of blood from this injury in your stomach”

“Half a liter isn’t so much, right?” I asked with crossed eyebrows 

“Ye-ah” He said in a breaking voice rubbing the back of his neck

“Please tell me what’s wrong”


“Please” I beg

“I told you it’s nothing. Really. But it seems that it’s only causing some headache or something”

“Ok” I don’t have energy to argue with him “Where’s Beck and Daisy?” I asked

“Who’s Tracie?” He asked annoyingly with a wide smile

“Daisy, and she’s my best friend” I said and he didn’t remove the smile

“Well I don’t know them and they don’t know that you’re here” 

“What? Why?” I snapped

“Well, I don’t know your mobile password and I can’t just leave you here alone and go and get your parents.”

“Well in all movies when someone goes to the hospital all the people he knows come there, he may even meet his pen-friend for the first time in his life” I said and we both shared a laugh

“Yeah” He said not cutting the laugh. Wait did he say your parents? My parents!! My mum said that she’ll call to check on me.

“Give me the phone” I said and he shoved his hands into his pockets to get it out for me

“Thanks” I said

“Welcome but what is it about?” He asked

“My parents are out of town and I’m home alone. My mum said she’ll call and check on me” and she did, only 15 times

“If it’s not an accident and your trying to keep it from your parents for now then what happened” I kept this for myself, from him for so long when he was the real reason. Well long has a different meaning here because we only knew each other almost a week ago and here I am in the hospital because of unknown person who wants to kill me but I won’t- “From earth to Victoria” He said taking me out of my thoughts

“What?” I said

“I wanna know what happened to you?” Well I remember he said something longer but this summary is good though

“The light went out and I thought someone was in the house and when I got out of the shower and to check the place” I paused “I fell down from the window while looking out of it” I lied about this last part. I’m terrified and I don’t know what to do. Maybe I’ll tell Bake because he already knows that some stranger send me a message before

Silence felt the air between us and all what I can do is to try to remember all details from last night. I was pushed out of my room window and I fell on my left hand from the second floor. Thank god I’m not dead, but the cut in my stomach? How the knife could hurt me while I’m holding it. I mean there’s some sort of reflex on the body actions that prevents injuries. I’m not intelligent but I spent a year of school studying those things, they can’t just waste a whole year of mine in something that doesn’t even exist. I hate Physics. Well there must be another thing that I hit. Whatever, let it be the knife. Then my mobile appeared by my feet with a note that I can’t even remember.  I called Ha-. No he’s the one who called wondering if I’m ok?! How?!

“Harry?” I said wondering if he’s asleep or not

“I’m here” He answered me

“When you called me there was something wrong, you were worried. What was it?” I said and he stayed in his silent mood. He started biting his lips slightly with a thoughtful eyes “Hello!” I said waving my hands


“Answer my question” I said

“Well you have to promise me that you won’t scream or cry or tell any-“

“I promise” I cut him off not sure about the crying part

“I got a phone call saying that you’re gone forever, and I was very worried about ya” Aww. I don’t know what part I should think about the most. That part of the phone call or him being worried about me.

“Wait. Was it a creepy unknown or familiar voice?” Yes, I’ve chosen the first option

“How could you know? Did this creepy do that to you?” He said and his tone got higher and he’ll be angrier when I answer his question. His jump from the chair is enough to tell that.

“Yeah” I answered honestly with a shaky voice

“How-What-Why did you lie on me?” He finally figured out which question he should ask first

“Well-“I don’t really know I was just afraid from this creepy and more afraid from him pulling himself away from me, I was afraid that this -A would hurt one of us, if it is me or him. “I was afraid” I finally said

“From what?” He snapped at me and his temper is on the edge now and I can feel a couple of tears running on my cheek

“From -A” He doesn’t know what the hell do you call him, this voice in my head said “I mean the caller, this unknown” I corrected myself

“Well I could protect you” He answered without thinking

“He could hurt you” I said as fast as he did

“If you have told me, none of this would happen” He stopped to push his hair away from his forehead “Your injury, your blood, your broken arm” He’s on his feet now moving back and forth through the room and I can feel ache through my throat which only come when I’m crying or pissed off “Your fuckin’ broken arm” he mentioned it again

“My arm? Are you kidding me?” I said in a strange tone and he stopped walking waiting for an explanation “It’s my first broken bone. I’ve been trying to break one long time ago since I can even remember” Now it’s an excited tone. He got a small laugh out showing his dimples

“You’re crazy” He said not resisting the small laugh and the most beautiful smile resulted while he took a seat once more

“I’ve been told that a billion times before, search for something new dude” I won’t resist this smile drawn on my face

“Oh my god. What happened to you? Did he do this?” Beck rushed into the room pulling me into a hug “Did he do this to you?” He repeated the question cupping my cheek

“I didn’t do anything to her. Would you ever thing that I can hurt her?” Harry said stepping on his feet

“I’m sure you did. The criminal always come back to the crime scene” Beck got on his feet too

“Well I’m sure that there’s another criminal in this room” Harry fired, should I stop this?

“Do you think that I may hurt her? She’s my best friend” Beck increased the gasoline

“And my-“

“Enough” I cut them off. Well, I cut Harry off before he can continue the rest of this sentence, which I’m sure that it is silence and Back will win

“I don’t know who did it but I’m sure it’s not one of you, you can’t fight in here ok?” I said “Who told you I’m even here Beck?” I turned the attention to him and I’m glad Harry kept his mouth shut

“A friend of mine saw you and told me” Really?

“What friend? Give me a name” I pushed

“Just a friend I wish I have never known her but I owe her a favor now” He said looking a t me and I can see Harry rolling his eyes behind Beck and I tried to keep my smile but I failed

“Her?” I asked when I paid my attention back to him

“Yeah, you’ll know everything later. I promise” That’s wired from him but I have no energy

“OK” I said and the nurse went inside

“Hey. Hope you feel better now” The nurse said to me offering a smile

“Yes I do. Thanks for asking” I gave her a smile too

“Excuse me lads. You’ll have to go out for a while so I can change the bandage for her” What bandage?

“Yeah sure” Harry said “No way I’ll leave her with you alone” Beck said. What the hell is that?

“Come on dude” Harry said pulling him away and shutting the door behind them after giving me a ‘Don’t worry’ smile

Harry’s P.O.V

“Are you crazy dude? What the hell was that? She’d the nurse” I barely screamed in his face as soon as we went out of the room

“I’m sorry. I- just-“ He was trying to find words while resting his back to the wall nervously. Are those TEARS? What kind of man is he “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry” He kept repeating lowing his body until he reached the floor and buried his face into his hands. What the hell is that?

“Look! I don’t like you since the first day I met you but if it’s something about her then you have to spill it out. Now”

“Why would you even care about her while you are the problem here?” What?

“What do you mean?”

“All of this is happening because of you”

“I didn’t do anything. I won’t ever hurt a hair from her”

“Get it or not, it’s not my problem, but you need to get away from her” He’s on his feet now and all of the tears are gone and his face doesn’t even look a bit worst from crying. He’s already moving towards the room door

“I love her ok? I’m just can’t let her go” I finally admit, finally said it out loud

“Love her?” He stopped moving


“You don’t even know her”

“I do enough to fall for her”

“This girl inside has never dated before, never kissed anyone, never been fucked before and the most important that it happens that I’m the only lad she’s talking to after her dad” He gave me a short speech about her while pointing to the door

“I don’t care” I really don’t

“Well you should start to care more about her” He said and the nurse came out preventing me from saying a single word

“She can go after having a rest if she needs it before getting out of here and the cast on her hand will last for at least two weeks from now then she can come and get it off. Give her peace when she’s out because her headache will be on its edge for a while” She gave us a sum up and left

“Rest and peace” I think I heard him saying in a very low voice while walking back in, or maybe it was ‘Rest in peace’. Either ways, I don’t trust this lad anymore after this drama and bullshit

Victoria’s P.O.V

The nurse changed the bandage for me and my stomach doesn’t look that bad. Seconds later Harry and Beck came in

“Hey” I said to both of them

“Hi again” Harry answered but Beck didn’t

“What’s wrong?” I asked and he took his phone out of his pocket

“Nothing” He said in an uncomfortable way. What’s wrong with this boy? “I gotta go now, See you later” He said rushing out of the room not giving me a chance to respond “Don’t you think that I’ll ever do something for you again after what you did to her” He shouted as soon as he went out of the room and I sat straight trying to see him or who’s he talking with?

“Don’t worry about him” Harry assured me

“What happened outside?” I asked



“I told ya, nothing” He said and I rested my back and the silence filled the room for a few minutes “The nurse said that you only need some rest before you can get out of here”

“Good, I’ll take it soon” I said

“Ok” He said and his mobile buzzes “I’ll be right back” He said going out

“Take your time” I responded and we exchanged smiles.

I rested my head back on the pillow and fell asleep with my dreams.


“Get up lazy ass” Some sort of noisy voice woke me up and I groaned “No time for this shit, get up” I can’t open my eyes but I’m sure that this noisy girl is Daisy “I brought you some clothes to choose between them and the rest are in Harry’s trunk. I think you should wear this jeans and your white T-shirt, What about this black jeans with a dark red tank and a black cardigan, it will be awesome on ya” She kept saying with no pause and my eyes are still closed

“Remind me why I am friends with you?” I asked trying to open my eyes but they feel so heavy and I’m still tried

“Because of situations like this when you’re in the hospital, covered with a sheet of shitty medical paper, then you need a fashion expert just like me”

“Well Ms Expert, I need some rest”

“Rest? You’ve been sleeping for nearly 9 hours” She snaps at me

“Leave me  alone”

“Don’t make me wake you in my own way” She threatens and I can feel the smile on her face. Drops of water touches my face

“I’m awake” I jump from my place

“Good girl” She said and when I take a look around the room I find most of my clothes are here shattered everywhere

“What’s happening here?” I asked

“You’re the luckiest girl on this planet”

“I know what you’re gonna say, because I have you”

“No” She stops to have a seat beside me “You have Harry now”

“What?” I feel something wired in my heart by the mention of his name

“You have him now. He’s the one who called me this morning and told me to come here and he asked me if you’re having an extra key or something and you know that I know where you keep your key” So there’s where the clothes came from “I went in and got your clothes and closed the window and the lights too, then Harry drove me here and went to do some stuff”

“Where’s is he?”

“I told you-“

“I heard you. I mean what kind of stuff, where exactly is he?” I cut her off

“I don’t know, but don’t worry he can handle himself” She said getting off the bed “Now what about this dress?”

“I’m ok with jeans and any shirt”

“No, you have to be super sexy”

“I’m already sexy. I’ve been born this way”

“Ha-ha” She said rolling her eyes “Get up, he’ll be here any second”

“Who?” I know that she means Harry but I have to ask



“Ok, what do you want me to do?”

“Wear this dress and come back to me” She said handing me the dark red dress which is right above my knee with a half sleeve (U can imagine what you want it’s up to you) 

“Fine” I took it out from her hands heading to the bathroom

“Call me if you need help” She shouted

“Then you better come because I don’t know how to get dressed with one hand” Because it’s my first broken bone!!

“Thought so” She said when she’s on the door way

I thought it would be hard but she’s good at it. After we finished dressing me up I went back to the bed and closed my eyes. I don’t know where the sleep went. Shit.

“Get up, I’m not finished yet” She said

“What else do you want from me?”


“I’m not in mood” I’m really not and I hate makeup. The first line was put around my eyes was by her and till now she’s the one who force me to put some

“You’re always not in mood” She said stepping closer with her makeup bag “sit straight” She ordered and I did

“Don’t put much. I’m supposed to be sick”

“Don’t worry. I’ll put what fits you and this fascinating dress”

“Sure” I said and waited in silence for her to finish “Are you done yet? I’m bored”

“You’re always bored when you do nothing but I’m finished”


“Now let’s go Harry is waiting in the car”

“Why? I mean … “What was I going to say? Oh yeah, why would Harry wait in the car for me to get dressed and what’s going on? There’s something coming. I’m sure “Never mind”

“Okay. Whatever. Now put these on” She threw a pair of high heels in front of me

“High heels? Really?”

“Yeah, you have to look perfectly perfect”

“Why? You know that I don’t care, especially in this situation” I don’t care at all actually about how I look when I’m getting out of the hospital

“Girl you’re with Harry Styles and you’re facing cameras and a whole fandom” I hate that she thinks that way. I don’t care about all of this I do only care for him. “You’ll thank me later” She said and I stepped in my black heels and moved with her out of this room.

“Wow” Harry said from behind. I know his voice very well.

“What? I thought you were in the car” I said turning around

“You look gorgeous” Aww


“For a girl that has just got out of the hospital” He teases.  That’s Harry styles everybody

“How sweet and romantic are you” I can tease too.

“I know. I know”

“Enough talking more walking please” Daisy said reminding us that we’re not alone here.

“Sure let’s go. Hurry up so you won’t face the flash light” What? Please tell me it’s not what in my mind

We got out and there was a few of paparazzi out there. We headed to the car and this freaking heel kept making noise with every step I take. I took the passenger seat in Harry’s car only because he leaded me to it while Daisy disappeared suddenly leaving my bag with Harry.

“I’m sorry about that” He said as soon as we got far from those crazy people

“It’s ok. I understand” I really do. It’s not his false that he’s extremely talented and sexy too.

“Why did you turn left? My house is right and after two streets” I asked

“We’re not going to your house” What?

“What?” I repeated what my thoughts said

“You heard me. We’re going somewhere else”

“Really? And where is this ‘somewhere else’?” I said drawing quotation marks with my free hand

“The dream of every girl”

“I’m not guessing so you better tell”

“You don’t have to cuz you’re going there anyway”

“Harry!” I snapped at him

“Surprise! We’re almost there so hold on”  He said and I rested my back waiting for this ‘surprise’ to appear

(Hey everybody I hope you’ve enjoyed this chapter!! I wanna say a hug thank you to all of the readers cuz the story reached 2.3K readers on wattpad, really thank you I do really appreciate that :D. I found out that I was spelling both of ‘Bake and Daissy’ names wrongly and they’re ‘Beck and Daisy’ so I hope you forgive me. And about the cast there’s a small change, I started to imagine DAISY  as Candice Accola instead of Lilly Collins from a while but the whole cast is up to you I’m just giving a hint. Don’t forget to vote share and comment because only few of you do, like only 12% of the readers L I love you so much!! )






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