The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



23. chapter 23 "Unwanted meaning"

Chapter 23 


When I woke up I found myself in the bed, I don't remember that I slept right here. Whatever. I took a trip to the toilet and when I'm out I heard a strange voice coming from downstairs, someone is talking and laughing along with Harry? Who's that lady? White dyed hair with beautiful eyes and the cutest child ever is sitting on Harry's leg, he looks sweet though with her on his lap. Well I can tell by now that it is Lou! but what is she doing here in our last day in 5:30 in the morning? 


"Good morning" I said going down the stairs 


"Good morning" They both said to me


"Well, nice to meet you again" I said to Lou when I'm almost in front of her and she stands up to greet me


"Me too honey" She said giving me a warm hug.


"Good morning" I repeated to Harry


"Good morning" He said and I'm feeling awkward but I don't know why?


"Come have a seat" Lou said tapping on the chair beside her for me to sit on 


"Did I interrupt your conversation? I can go and-" I was saying when both of them looked to each other with a smile as soon as I sat down


"Nothing was interrupted" Harry cut me


"ohh" That's all what I can say 


After a little while of chatting Lux was bored and only Gemma and Luke woke up and none of them was 100% awake so


"Come" I said standing up from my place and offering her my hands


"Where are you going?" Harry asked when she jumped off his lap


"Do you wanna go out and have some fun?" I asked her bending down to reach her and she nodded


"We're going to play outside" I answered his question


"Well take care" He said before I close the door


"No" i answered getting my tongue out for him in a childish way


"Have fun" Lou shouted after I closed the door 


"Sure" I shouted back and we walked few feats to play


She is fun. We kept running after each other for a while then she started chasing me with some sea water in her hands and she wondered how the water could disappear from her hands while holding them. Smart girl. Then she saw a small shell and we decided to collect some as a memory.


"What about getting small baskets or bags to collect more?" I offered


"Cool" She said in the cutest way ever and we went to the door


We kept knocking so hard on the door till Harry opened "What the hell is going on?"


"Well ..." I was about to ask for the baskets


"We need baskets to collect some things" Lux said to him


"What kind of things?" He asked her


"Memories" She smartly answered


"Memories?" He asked




"What kind of memories?" He asked bending his back to reach her


"Good ones" She answered. Smart girl.


"Well come in. I'll look for some" He said and we both went in


After a while he showed up with one basket in his hand


"Here, that's all what I could get" He said handing it for us and Lux took it


"Ohh and-" He called us and I turned to face him "Take care about it's Gemma's" He said


"Sure" I giggled and w turned again


We went outside and we collected too much of beautiful shells and small stars and those things. After a while they all went out to swim and Niall offered to take Lux along with him but she refused and kept collecting things with me. Harry is walking towards us and I wonder why he isn’t in the water with the rest?


"Good job" He said looking down at the basket


"ThanX" I answered


"Well you forgot one" He said and bent down to grab something from the sand. "This one" He was holding a beautiful sea star in his hands and I swear it wasn't there, I spent the last 20 minutes walking through this area and I swear it wasn't there. "Here" He said after moving the sand and the water away from it and he took a lock of my hair and put it behind my ears with the star along with them. Aww that's sweet


"Thanks" I said and I can feel my hot cheeks "Why are you here?" I said and he crossed his eyebrows "I mean out of the water" I correct myself


"Well I don't know" He said rubbing the back of his neck


"When are we leaving?" I asked


"Do you wanna leave?" He answered with a question


"Well no, but I have to"


"Ohh" He said and we took a minute of silence "This noon I guess" He answered my question

 and we exchanged 'OK's


Time passes and all what I did was walking at the edge of the water and collecting more shells after I put the rest in a big jar for Lux to take with her. After a while I felt footsteps behind me and I freezed in my place not having enough courage to turn around and when his hands tapped on my shoulder I jumped from my spot with a small scream that was supposed to be louder than what came out of me


"It's me" Harry said making me turn around


"Thank God" I gave out a relieved breathe


"What's wrong?" He asked




"Thank god about what?" He curiously asked


"That it's you not a kidnapper or something" I said with a relieved smile. I'm glad that he's here


"Yeah" He said with a small laugh


"Well ...?"


"Ohh we were packing so I thought I should call you but you didn't answer your phone so I had to get you by myself" My phone?!


"Ohh sorry I must have left my phone in the room since yesterday" I apologize


"It's ok" He said digging his hands in his pocket "Shall we go?" He moved his shoulders up and down


"Sure" I said and we walked back


"You got a lot, I can see" He said after a while of silence


"Yeah they're beautiful too"


"Yeah" That's all what came out of him and we're back to silence


I rushed to the room and gathered my stuff in an untidy way, I had to rush because most of them have already put their bags in the cars


"HURRY" Gemma shouted


"Coming" I said as I reached the stairs


"You're late lady" Gemma said to me


"Yeah sorry" 


"It's ok now let's go" She said and my hands were put on my pocket to make sure that I took it and I did. I haven't checked it since yesterday and it's in silent mood as always.


When we went out of the house Gemma ran to the car which was placed on the sand with Luke sitting on the boot and Ashton in the backseat. Is Luke coming with us? What about his car, he came with it right?

“Let’s go” Harry said and we moved from our spot and he looked down at me and back to the car

“Liam took my car so I think that I need a ride back” Luke said when Harry reached him

“Sure but my Vic will seat in the front seat” Harry said. MY VIC?! Aww that’s sweet and embarrassing too because I’m not his. Yet.

“Sounds cool” Luke answers getting off the boot

“Give me this” Harry said taking the bag out of my hands and replaced it in the trunk and I went to get into the car but.

“Styles is lucky for having you” Luke stood up in front of the door

“I’m not with him” Am I?

“Well you’re free then”

“I don’t date”

“That’s bad because I was wondering if-“ Luke was saying

“Into the car” Harry shouted from the passenger seat cutting him off and I try to step closer and open the door but.

“I didn’t finish” Luke puts all of his force around my wrist. WTF!!

“Ouch. Let go” I said

“What’s going out there?” Gemma asked

“Nothing” He quickly responded letting me go and jumping inside and I’m the only one left out there wondering, what the hell has just happened?

“Are you coming?” Harry asked through the opened window and I’m sure it was closed so I suppose that my mind took me away for a few minutes

“Yeah” I said jumping in with my left hand covering  my wrist until the red color from the strong grip is gone

The whole ride was summed up in Gemma and Ashton’s noise and dead glares from Harry to Luke through the mirror as Luke was looking at me with a creepy way and I hate seeing Harry like this. He has enough fuel and I’m his match as long as Luke is staring

“What’s wrong with you?” I finally shouted to Luke and turning to face him


“Don’t play innocent here. Why are you staring?”

“I’m not”

“Yes you are” My voice is a little bit angry because he denied that

“I’m sorry then”

“You have to be. Now stare out of the window or I’ll take your eyes out of this skull so you would stare as you like” I threaten

“Fine” He said taking a look out of the window then back to me

“I was serious, now let’s see how could we get this thing out of your skull” I said turning all of my body around to get his fucking eyes out of this skull

“No no no” “I’m sorry” “Calm down girl” “Take it easy” Those words filled the air noisily and the only thing which put me back in my place was Harry’s arms taking me by my waist and placing me on my seat

“He doesn’t deserve that” He said ‘Not now’ His lips played those words

“Fine” I said resting my back at the seat “Eyes away” I said in a wired tone that I’ve never heard it before but I like it though and he turned his face in a funny way but what’s really funny is that Harry is trying to keep his laugh while it’s so obvious. When I looked at him he glanced me and we both burst into laughter and no one can understand why, even us!!

 “Here” Harry said when he parked in front of my house

“Finally” I said giving Luke a quick look before jumping out

“I’ll help ya” Harry said getting out of the car and he carried both of my bags before I could even ask to take one, or even both of them

“Open” He said

“It’s ok I’ll wait till someone opens for me” I rang the bell but no answer

“Well It was fun” He said “The trip” He added. He must saw that I didn’t get it

“Yes it was all fun, except the last part”

“Yeah I’m sorry about it”

“It’s ok. I’m just shocked, it was kind of scary”

“Well I’m sure you’re threatened” He said after a small laugh

“He was annoying me” I said joining him

“Well I was gonna kick his ass but I was driving and it’s the last thing that I wanna you to see” Aww

“Well I’m glad I did that for you”

“Yeah” He said with a wide dimpled smile while looking at his shoes

“I think I’m the one who’ll open after all” I offered him a smile and dug my hands in my pocket to get the keys

“Yeah I think so” He said and I opened the door

“You can all leave your stuff in the car  and come and hang out here for a while because it looks like there’s no one in here” I offered

“Well I would like to but I have to drive them back home then I’ll go and check on my house, I miss it so much”

“Ohh” That’s all what came out of my mouth and my mobile vibrates in my pocket

“Well I hope I’ll see you soon. I’ll text you tonight to see when we will meet again”

“Sounds good”


“Ok?” That’s strange, the way he’s acting now is strange

“Bye” He say and turn his back to me

“Bye” I said and I shut the door put I opened it again to get my bags inside and my mobile keeps buzzing

Harry’s P.O.V

When Vic entered the car I could barely see the red color of her wrist. How could he do something like this to her?  How could I let him do this? No Harry, don’t do anything like this in front of her plus he’s your dude. Every time I look at him through the mirror I find him looking at her and it’s pushing me from the edge.’ Don’t. Don’t’ I kept telling myself

“What’s wrong with you?” She finally shouted to Luke and turning to face him

“What?” He snapped

“Don’t play innocent here. Why are you staring?”

“I’m not” He denied

“Yes you are” Her voice is getting louder, more angry.

“I’m sorry then” Sorry?! Dude you freaked her out until she blown in your face

“You have to be. Now stare out of the window or I’ll take your eyes out of this skull so you would stare as you like” She threatens

“Fine” He said taking a look out of the window then back to her. Again

“I was serious, now let’s see how could we get this thing out of your skull” She said jumping out of her seat and attempting to make a move to the backseat to … Beat him? I like this girl. No I’m in love with her but I won’t tell her, I’m already moving out of London by Sunday or something

“Take it easy” I attempt to say but at the same time I heard “No no no” “I’m sorry” “Calm down girl” Those words filled the air noisily but she didn’t stop.

I stretched my arms and grabbed her by her waist and put her back in the passenger seat

“He doesn’t deserve that” I said ‘Not now’ I played those words with my lips and she noticed

“Fine” She said to me resting her back at the seat “Eyes away” I guess those words were for Luke

I can’t resist the smile on my face after what she did, as if she was reading my mind. I kept looking at her and when our eyes met … We both burst into deep laughter. Thank god it was a red light or we all would be flipped around or something. Few tears got out of my eyes and I couldn’t do anything to move this car. I suppose that after ‘Our eyes met’ something romantic should happen but fuck you romance this is way too much better.

Finally I made a move and we moved from our spot.

“Here” I said went I pulled in front of her house

“Finally” She snaps

“I’ll help ya” I said and we both jumped out of the car and I took her bags before she can even offer to take one

“Open” I said placing the bags on the floor 

“It’s ok I’ll wait till someone opens for me” She said then she rang the bell but I think no one is inside

“Well It was fun” I said but I think she didn’t get it “The trip” I added. Did she have fun?! Was it boring for her?

“Yes it was all fun” She answered me “except the last part” she added

“Yeah I’m sorry about it”

“It’s ok. I’m just shocked, it was kind of scary” Scary? She was about to smash Luke’s head!!

“Well I’m sure you’re threatened” I said after a small laugh

“He was annoying me” She joined me laughing a little

“Well I was gonna kick his ass but I was driving and it’s the last thing that I wanna you to see” That’s what came in mind. Fuck. Why did I admit that to her

“Well I’m glad I did that for you” She giggled

“Yeah” I said looking down. Damn it. This girl is so good at making me smile the whole time

“I think I’m the one who’ll open after all” She said and shoved her hands into her pocked getting out her keys with a beautiful amazing breath taking smile. Damn it.

“Yeah I think so” I said and she opened the door

“You can all leave your stuff in the car  and come and hang out here for a while because it looks like there’s no one in here” That’s the best offer ever. I wish I could hang out in here for a while but before I can say yes I’m reminded by the rest

“Well I would like to but I have to drive them back home then I’ll go and check on my house, I miss it so much” I said without thinking

“Ohh” That’s all what came out of her mouth. Was what I said wrong?

“Well I hope I’ll see you soon. I’ll text you tonight to see when will we meet again” I tried to make for the last hush words

“Sounds good”


“Ok?” That’s strange; the way he’s acting now is strange

“Bye” I say and turned on my heel before I can get creepier or fucked up

“What took you so long?” Gemma asked as soon as I jumped in

“Nothing” I lied. She took me to another world not for so long as it seems but not enough though

“Well let’s go” Luke from the passenger seat. Can someone remind me why is he here at the first place? Oh yeah Liam took his fucking car.

We moved and they all went to Ashton’s house and I went to my own house

“Home sweet home” Oh I miss this place so much. This is why we should come here every once in a while.

Victoria’s P.O.V

After I’ve searched the whole house looking for someone in this place I found no one. I’m gonna freak out soon because no one is answering the phone either. Does it have anything to do with my  -A creepy? If it is then I better die before I can see one of my family get hurt because of me.

“Fuck” I said hitting the wall

“Where were you young lady and why weren’t you answering the phone?” My mum said in an angry voice behind me

“Mother” I said giving her a tight hug

“Get away from me” She pulled out of my hug

“Where were you?” We both asked at same time but she crossed her arms waiting for my answer. Why would she even ask about that? I told her, didn’t I?

“Was at this trip with some friends” I said little bit confused from the question

“What trip?” WHAT?

“What do you mean by ‘what trip?’?” I drew quotation marks with my fingers

“You didn’t tell me and your mobile was out of service most of the time and if it wasn’t you don’t pick it up” She said in a tough tone

“I took the permission from dad and-“

“No and” She cut me off “go and get your bags we’re leaving” WHAT?

“What do you mean by leaving?”

“We’re going to our beach house to have some fun, good thing that you appeared or our trip would be ruined”

“Well I’ve just came from a similar trip so-“I was cut by the backdoor opening “Dad” I said jumping into his lap

“Hey sweetie, welcome back home”

“Thanks dad”

“You knew where she was?” My mum asked

“Yeah, I told don’t be worried” He answered her “Now let’s go, are you coming sweet heart?” He asked me

“I don’t want to … I mean I’ve just came from a similar trip and I’m exhausted” I said

“As you like” He said “Come on let’s go the girls are in the car” He said to my mum

“I can’t leave her alone” Please go. Being home alone for a couple of days would be perfect to me.

“I can call Daissy to come here until you’re back” I offered what came in mind

“Her parents might be out of town as always” She said


“Come on honey, her friend is coming. Time for us to go” Dad said taking her by her hand

“Fine” She said going with him “But I’ll call to check on you” She said from outside

“Sure” I said and closed the door

I went upstairs and threw my body on the bed and slept immediately. My body finally took the comfort it deserves, I’ll admit I had fun but I just need a rest.

When I opened my eyes it was dark. It’s night

“Ughhhhhhh” I groaned getting out of the bed

I grabbed hot short and a pink tank to wear then I called Daissy asked her to come and stay with me the night. I need a shower and without thinking I found myself under the warm water relaxing and-

“Fuck” I snapped. The fucking light went out. I got out and put some clothes on and then my mobile vibrates and it was Daissy

“Hey” I answered

“Hi. Look it happens that I’ve promised Drake  (Her boyfriend) To spend the night with him”

“It’s ok, I’ll call Bake” Oh I miss him

“No way. He’s with his girl” Damn it

“So I think I’ll spend the night alone”

“I’m sorry for that. I’ll come and sleep with you tonight”

“It’s ok, now go before your boy loses his mind”

“Don’t worry. Bye”

“Bye” I said and we hanged up

As soon as I got off the phone the screen glowed again. It’s –A.

It says *I’m here, get ready for the end* what the fuck is that? Is this creepy really here? Hope not.

“Who’s there?” I said loudly when I heard some noise coming from upstairs.

“Who’s there?” I repeated taking a knife from the kitchen and heading upstairs

I can here footsteps passing the hallway “Oh god” I said and ran downstairs

The front door is locked. So do the back one. Fuck.

I can’t hear anything except my thick breathe that I can’t handle well. I took baby steps to the stairs and it happens to hear something from my room, like a tree moving or someone moving it. I can’t tell. I went to check my room with only the knife in my hands and when I looked out of the window, someone pushed me and I fell on my left hand and the knife het my stomach not causing a big thing but it happens to get some blood. Fuck.

Before I can understand anything my legs took me away as far as I can go. I don’t even know where I am. My left hand is so heavy and the knife is full of blood and I threw it away in the grass.

Tears came out from my eyes because I don’t know what to do or where to go. Daissy and Bake are with their second half and “My phone?!” I said checking my small pockets to find nothing. “Ouch” I felt something hitting my leg and when I turn around I found my mobile with a note on the screen saying *Let it be the last thing for you to see*

“” I kept repeating and when I took it from the ground I felt a body close to mine and when I look up I found someone wearing all black and covering his face and I ran away as he tries to catch me but he didn’t. A taxi was almost going to crash me but I jumped in.

“Move.  Move. Move” I said to the old driver and he moved. When I looked back to check on the creepy he was nowhere to be found

“Where are you-“The driver looked back at me “Oh my god, what happened to you? Should I take you to the hospital?” He must saw the blood

“I don’t know where to go” I said

“The hospital”

“No please, Keep moving and I’ll figure it out”

“Hurry up then, you’ll die if you stayed like this” I think he was saying.

My left arm is more heavy right now and I have sort of headache. Where should I go? Who should I call? Daissy. Bake. My parents. Ha- . My thoughts was cut by my mobile vibration. It’s him.

“Oh Harry” I said throw my tears. I’m freaked out, and bleeding

“Are you ok?” He said in a worried tone

“I don’t know” I said the truth. I’m not sure. Hell no I’m not okay

“Where are you?”

“I don’t know, I’m in a taxi with no destination and I can’t go back home”

“I’m coming”

“Where? I don’t even know where I am”

“Just … Ughh Damn it”

“Give me the address” I finally said a solution without even thinking

“Ok, I’ll text it to you”

“Bye” I said hanging up and the address is sent in not time

“Can you take me to this place” I asked the driver showing him the address

“Sure” He said then turning right

“Are you sure that you don’t want me to take you to the hospital” He asked

“I’m sure someone will” He will take me there but I can’t go there alone with no money and nothing else actually.

Before we reach the houses I found Harry standing by the street corner

“Stop here” I said to the driver and he stopped.

I rushed out of the car and it seems to take his attention

“Oh my god” He said taking me into his arms and I burst into tears “What happened to you?”

“I don’t know” I said not cutting the tears.

“I’ll take to the hospital, come” He said and he gave the driver who stood by us some money then he lead me through some leaves and small trees and I found myself in his passenger seat. I can’t stop those tears, pain, and the blood. I rested my head on the window and ten everything turned into BLACK.

(Hey!! I’m very very very sorry about this too late update, I was away from home and the wattpad was dead on my mobile so I hope this chapter was worth waiting. I wanna say a huge thank you to those ones who kept asking about it and to those ones who cannot miss a chapter without a few comments and a vote, really thank you guys. Hope you enjoy it, ilysm :* Enjoy reading)


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