The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



20. Chapter 20 "Goin' on a trip"

Chapter 20

I was left yesterday with my thoughts and I couldn't sleep. Who's that person and why he wants me away from Harry? Is that one he was talking about is Harry? Maybe he meant Bake! But why would some creepy guy wants me away from another one? 'May be he has a crush on me?' I said through my thoughts and laughed at it cuz Bake is the only guy I know till now and Harry is the second one so it's all the way far from truth. I can feel the sunlight going through the window but I didn't bother myself to look at the window because all what I'm thinking about is the creepy unknown guy, it looks like A from Pretty Little Liars or that puppet from Saw, all of the horror movies or TV shows that I've watched are passing through my mind.

My mobile buzzes few times but I'm still frozen in place, I can't stop thinking, did that A meant the word BLOOD? Will someone close to me die? Should I go to this trip? Hell yeah I should because a trip with Harry and the boys not a thing that should be missed so I'll go. Finally I moved from my place and checked the time, it's 9:30 AM, I have only 2 hours and thirty minutes to go so I'll start packing my bags but I'll check the mobile first of course.

There are 6 texts and 1 missed call. The first text is from Harry, well the first 4 are from him and 1 from Bake and the last one is from A 'The unknown'

I took I deep breathe and postponed it for a while to open Harry's.

*Hey wake up so you can pack your stuff*

*I hope you didn't forget about the trip again*

*Come on lazy wake up* Aww he was trying to wake me up that's cute, maybe that's why he called but my mobile is always silent so I didn't notice.

Bakie's one said *Hey I know that you're asleep now* Am I that lazy?*but there's something I need to tell you so call me when you wake up* I wonder what's wrong? I feel ashamed from myself because I wasn't in touch with Bake and Daissy from a while. Now one text is left.

I took a deep breathe then I saw *Sometimes the distance is duty* seriously? Like seriously? Is it a kind of joke? 

My mobile buzz cuts me off and it's Harry. I took a deep breath before answering

"Hey" I answered throwing this shitty message away from my mind

"Finally you woke up" He answered me and a small laugh left my mouth

"Yeah but I couldn't sleep well though" I said and the smile is still on my face

"Why?" Opss

"I kept thinking what I'll wear for the trip and what I'll take with me?" I lied, I won't ever tell him about this unknown creepy person

"You girls always think about those stuff" He said after a small laugh and I'm relieved that he believed it

"Yeah and I haven't decided yet" I said and he kept laughing and I don't understand why "What's so funny?" I asked

"You" He said while continuing his laugh

"Stop!" I half shouted

"Ok" He said trying to keep it but he failed and I don't understand what's so funny but a smile is drawn on my face

"Well I'll go and call me when U finish" I said

"No wait I'll stop"

"Good boy"

"Mean girl"

"Bye" I said trying to make joke right here

"No wait no I'll be a good boy believe me" 


"Good girl" 

"Thanks" I said and we stopped talking for a while

"Well what are you doing?" He asked breaking the silence

"I was going to pack my bags" 


"Yeah, believe me it takes ages" 

"Well do you wanna hang up?"

"No it's ok I can put you on the speaker"

"It's ok really" He said and I won't beg him so

"Ok I'll talk to you later" 

"Ok bye"

"Bye" I said and we hanged up

I went to the bathroom to change, brush my teeth and do those morning things then I went to the kitchen and I grabbed a fruit, cut it into small pieces and mixed it with yogurt. I like it. Then I went upstairs with the yogurt in my hands, I opened my dresser and kept staring at it speechless, it's so messy that I don't know how to deal with it and in a few minutes all of my clothes were on the floor, that's way too much easier.

I took few pairs of jeans and T-shirts and I applied them and put them into my bag not forgetting to take some underwear  and I've postponed my hair brush and the tooth brush for later because I'm gonna use them before I go out. Now that everything is ready I can call Bake to see why did he want to talk?

"Hey" I said when he answered on the first ring, he was waiting for it I can tell


"What's going on?" I asked

"Well" He said and then all what I can hear is his breathe

"Well what?" I said cutting this wired silence "What's going on is everything ok?" I continued, I'm getting worried

"I've a girlfriend" Thank god it's not that big deal I was so worried, but why is it so hard for him to tell, I mean he had some girlfriends before so why is this time different

"Cool" I said and I'm happy for him "Who's that lucky girl? Is it the same one you were hanging out with?" I remember one day he was out with a girl but he didn't tell me who's she

"Yes she's that one" 

"Well tell me her name, do I know her?"

"Yeah you do" He said uncomfortably

"Hey what's wrong?" 


"Are you sure because ..."

"Everything is ok" He cut me off



"Then you won't tell me who's she?"

"Not now let be a surprise" A surprise?! "Ouch" He said right after the last word

"What's wrong? Who's there?" 

"No one it’s just me, now go and I'll talk to you later, bye" He said and hanged up not giving me a chance to argue with him. I bet it's all about this surprise girlfriend

I won't bother myself by calling him again because I'm sure that he won't tell anything a long as this girl is there so I put the rest of my clothes in the dresser and I went to the bathroom, it's already 10:30 and Harry will pass by at 12 so I only have 90 minutes to get ready and that's all what I need.

I took a shower and done my hair into waves, I wore a sleeveless light blue jeans jacket and a plain white T-shirt and my jeans of course. I put my last things into my bag and then I found Harry is calling

"Hi" I said

"Hey are you ready by now?" He asked

"Well yeah"

"Good I'll be there in 10 minutes"

"You said that you'll take me at 12 and after 10 minutes it's gonna be 11:40"

"Yeah I know but we're all ready by now so I thought that we can go earlier" Good boy

"It's ok but who's we?" I asked

"Oh it’s me, you, Gemma and Ashton"

"Ohh" It's all what I can say, I wasn't looking forward for anyone else to ride with us "What about the rest?" I asked

"They'll come right after us"


"Now bye and get ready because I'm already in the car" 

"Ok bye"

"Bye" He said and we hanged up

I took both of my bags downstairs to find my mother is the kitchen. I'm having a trouble here, I haven't told her that I'm going on a trip because I took the permission from dad

"Where are you going with those bags?" She asked as soon as she saw me

"I'm going on a trip with some friends"

"Trip? You're punished" Yup she doesn't know!!

"My dad said that it's ok and I'm free to go"


"The day that I asked you to go on this trip and you said no" I reminded her

"Well I said no"

"And he said yes" I said resting my bags beside the door

"So you asked him because you know that he'll say yes and I cannot tell him not to right?"

"It's not like that, I need to go on this trip beside that the school is about a week later and the only trip that I've been to was to Egypt and without me sneaking out we wouldn't be here by now" I said 

"Look" Here we go "Your dad doesn't know that this guy you're hanging out with is Harry Styles from One Direction and you know how much he hates those lads and he thinks that loving them or being their fan is ill-gotten *Haram* so don't make me tell him" That's true for sorry

"Well you're a kind woman" I said stepping towards her "And I'm you're first and oldest child" I put my arms around her neck "And you love to see me happy and this trip means a lot to me, so please don't stop my happiness you sweetie lovely mom" I said giving her a kiss on the cheek

"Get away you can go but no kissing" She said after pushing me away and we both started to laugh but we were cut off by the doorbell

"It must me him" I said moving this a big steps towards the door

"Hey are you ready?" He asked as soon as I opened for him

"Yeah sure let's go" I said grabbing a bag from the floor

"Leave it for me" He said taking them from me

"Have fun and call me when you're there and take care of yourself and ..." My mom was yelling from the kitchen

"Bye mom" I cut her off and Harry got out a small laugh as soon as I closed the door

"Yeah laugh you little boy" I said with a wide smile while walking towards the car to find Gemma and Ashton in the backseat waving for me and telling few different words loudly so all what I can hear is some noise.

"I'm here now stop this" I said as soon as I reached the car's door

"Welcome" Gemma greeted me

"Hey I'm Ashton" Ashton said offering his hands for me to shake it. Why do famous people keep introducing themselves?

"Hi and I'm Victoria" I shake his hands back and Harry got in after putting my bags in the trunk

"Here we go, but the belts on" Harry said when he got in and Gemma and Ashton started screaming and making some noise like the pupils when the trip bus moves.

(Hey I hope U liked this chapter cuz it took me a lot :) and if you're reading this plZz don't forget to like, share and comment ^^ Ilysm :* )


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