The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



18. Chapter 18 "On my way to the dinner"

Chapter 18

After Harry is gone I decided to go to the mall since I have no dresses, I'm not so into them, and since my sister is there I'll ask for a company. I know it's not the best idea ever but I don't like to go shopping by my own so...

"What do you want?" She answered

"Fine thanX for asking"


"Are you still at the mall?" I asked


"Are you there or not?"

"Well yeah ..."

"I'm coming and I'll meet in front of H&M"

"Ok but why?"

"I need something"

"Ok whatever, See ya" She hanged up

"That's my sis" I said to myself 

I went upstairs to change and I wore a normal black jeans and a blue sleeveless top, I like this outfit. When I went out I remembered that I have no one to drive me and I hate taking the bus so walking is my only option.

"Ughhhhhh" I groan after few steps. I need my own car, I need one as soon as I can and that's another reason why I should find a job with a good salary. When I went there I called my sis and she cancelled the call.

"Ughh no one can depend on sisters those days" I said to myself entering the shop.

There was an awesome white dress here or there, I saw it few days ago when I was with Bake. 

"Excuse me; there was a white dress here in this section. Is there any left pieces?" I asked the salesman

"Sure there's two pieces left in the 'Last Piece' Section" He said pointing to the dress


"No need" He said and I went to get that dress.

I'm so lucky to find one of the last two pieces with my size, but every time I found my luck it ends up with something bad :(

"Sorry for being late but I met an old friend on my way" My sister said as soon as she reached me

"It's ok now what do you think about that dress?"

"It's cool"

"Come I'll try it on" I said moving few steps to the fitting room and then I made sure that she's following

"Who's the lucky one you're getting this dress for?" She asked

"I won't tell you" She's a directioner and she'll start screaming and doing those fan girls stuff

"Come on I'm your sis"

"Not enough" I said shutting the door of the room.

"Well here we go" I said taking of my clothes

I like this dress so far. It's a white dress right above my knee with a patchy-flower shape sleeve. I wonder if my dad will let me go with it but I'll do anything for it, for Harry.

"Wow" My little sister said with a wide eyes and enough amazement to let me know that it is fascinating

"You like it?" 

"Of course I do It's ... It's ... WOW" she opened her mouth

"Hhhhhh ThanX" I said while looking down at it and then I felt a flash or something but when I raised my head I found nothing. Whatever

"Come on go and change and let's go your mum called and told me that we should come by the lunch"

"Ok" I said and went back in to change.

I took the dress and we went back home on foot cuz my sister is younger than me by 4 years so she has no car just like me, but at least l’m allowed to have a license unlike her. We went home and ate lunch and I'm lucky that my father sent me free and there's no more punishment cuz he thinks that it doesn't work with me. I started to love this man. After lunch I went upstairs and opened my laptop to check the news and it took me an hour and thirty minutes then I realize it's already 5:15

"Ughhhhh" I groaned

I'm waiting for this dinner so bad, but I'm wondering what made Anne decide to have me for dinner? I don't know Harry from a long time, well I know this Harry Styles from One Direction but not the real one, not yet. May be he talks about me enough to let her wonder who I am? Or he forced her to have me? Naaah he won't do that

5:25 !! This clock moves too slow, I'll take a rest till its 6:45 so I would have enough time to dress up.

My mobile buzz as soon as I rested my head on the pillow. It's a text from Hazza ^^

*Don't forget the dinner today lazy lady, I'm sure that you were sleeping :P Can't wait to see you* Aww he's good at those stuff

*Don't worry, and yes I was having a rest, & I'm waiting for it so bad :)" I texted back. He made me very happy, there's a wide smile drawn on my face

*Hahahaha See you're the most lazy person I've ever known*

*You don't know me yet*

*Yes I do*

*Not enough for you to call me lazy*

*Nice rhythm 'Yes I do ... not enough for you'* He's so silly

*Go away*

*Ok U go to sleep LAZY!!" 

*I'm not lazy, I was just punished but now I'm not so U'll see the real me*

*Hope so =D*

*Good now go so i can have some rest*

*Alright bye*

*Bye* I said but I didn't really want to end this conversation

I tried to have some sleep but I couldn't so I went downstairs and I found my mum and Mrs.Potter talking.

"Hii Mrs.Potter how are you?" I love this woman so much

"Hey sweetie I'm fine what about you?"

"I'm good. Where's Bake?"I asked

"He supposed to be at home now but he were out with some girl for lunch" Without telling me!!

"Ohh" That's all what I can say "I'll call him later" Or now

"Ok" She answered

"Excuse me" i said and went upstairs to my room

"Hey ..." He answered after a while

"Where are you?" I said in a tough tone

"On my way home"

"Where were you?"

"With my friends"

"Don't lie, I wanna know who the lucky lady is" I finally said with a good temper, a cool one, after knowing how silly I am

"I'll tell you later bye" He hanged up

There's something wrong with this lad and I'm sure it's all about this girl

Finally it's 6:45. I started with my haircut, I don't wanna be another me specially tonight, so I've only curled the edges. Now the makeup, I'm not so into makeup not even a bit so I put on black eyeliner and some black kohl with a light pink lipstick. I like it. Then I put the dress on and looked at myself in the mirror.

"Woow" I have never been this hot before. I think this Harry is having a good influence on me.

The doorbell rang so I grabbed my jacket and my purse and ran down the stairs with my black high heels, I hate high heels but it's ok.

"I got it" I shouted to make sure no one will open for him but when I opened it was Bakie

"Hey" I said half disappointed

"Wow you're hot" He said while checking me


"Where are you going?"

"I am going to ..." I stopped for a while

"Where?" He asked getting inside

"Not before you tell me who that lucky girl is" 

"No way"

"Come on I'm your besttie you have to tell there's no choice" I said and the doorbell rang again, I hope it's him this time

"Hey" It's him


"Wow you look ... you look ..." He said and then looked behind me "Amazing"

"ThanX and its amaZayn not amazing bad boy"

"Good girl" He said and I looked into his beautiful green eyes "Shall we go?" He asked

"Sure" I told him "Bye Bakie see ya" I told Bake

"Ohh and if you're bored from those ladies my room is like yours" I continued

"Sure have fun" He said and shut the door

“You let him in your room?” Harry asked

“He’s already in plus anything would be better that sitting with two women alone”

“Yeah right” He said with a small laugh and we both and we both head to the car ^^

(Hey I'm sorry for this another late update but I promise that I'll update once a day from now on, and I'd like to thank you a lot for reading and voting for me I’m almost reaching my score^^ Don't forget to vote comment and share if you like it as I hope =D)


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