The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



17. Chapter 17 "He wants me"

Chapter 17

I've started to freak out because of those texts it's like A in Pretty Little Liars who kill some people to bury secrets with them, but in this case he wants me away from Harry, maybe it's just a fangirl or something like that. He's Harry Styles my first fuckin' crush and I'll try to make him get after me, but what if this A will hurt him not me!! This can't be true. I need some rest and I'll think about it later after I eat something or maybe I'll postpone it for later even after this trip or something.

I went downstairs to get something to eat and I found my mum down there

"What are you doing here?" I asked when I stepped into the kitchen

"I was thirsty"

"Ohh" I can ask her "Mum can I ask you for something?"

"What is it?"

"You know Harry right? Harry Styles"

"Yeah, what about him?"

"Well he asked me if I can go with him ... them" I corrected "On a trip to his father's beach house"

"You're punished remember?"

"Yeah I know but please let me go I've learned my lesson"

"You didn't even stay at home for a whole day"

"I know I know but I'm still tied"

"No way" She said leaving the kitchen and heading upstairs

"Please" I said in a loud voice enough for her to hear me


"Ughhhhhh" I groaned opening the fridge and I took an apple, some chocolate biscuits and a bottle of water, ohh and I saw some cupcakes so I took 2 of them. I'm not that hungry but I'm bored.

After I went upstairs and ate all of this while looking for a job and writing some of the numbers that I should call or the addresses that I should visit and it's already Five-thirty in the morning I heard my father going downstairs, he's the only one who wakes up this early in summer. I went downstairs to catch him before he leave.

"Dad wait" I said while getting down the staircase as fast as I can

"What's wrong sweetie?" He said opening the door

"I wanted to ask you for something"

"What is it? Is everything ok?"

"Yeah it's just ... this guy Harry who came yesterday ..."


"He asked me if I can go on a trip with him and his friends"

"Darling I can't let you go with some lads somewhere by your own"

"Ohh they’re not only lads, they'll get their girls too"

"What about the punishment" That means that he agrees but he cannot find an excuse to keep me in except my mother excuse The Punishment, I know him well

"What punishment? I wasn't even at home the last two days"


"I've learned my lesson and I'll never do something behind your back again as long as you'll agree with me desires" I said and he raised an eyebrow at me "Ok I'll never do it again" I guess

"Ok have fun" He said kissing my forehead "When will you go?" 

"Tomorrow I guess and we'll stay there for two days"

"Ok enjoy"

"Thanks dad" I said giving him a tight hug "You're the best dad ever" I gave him a kiss on the cheek and running upstairs to tell Harry, I know it's too early but I'm so happy. I need not to let my happiness and excitement appear in my voice

"Hello" He said with a half sleepy voice

"Hey!!" I guess that I couldn't hide anything

"How are ya?" He asked

"You know my voice?"


"Well I'm great actually, What about you?"


"I'm sorry for calling this early but I couldn't wait"

"What is it?"

"My dad agreed, I'm coming with ya"

"REALLY?!" He said in a happy voice and it's like he's totally awake now

"Yup" I said popping the P as always

"That's ... that's amazing"

"AmaZayn" I corrected him

"Good girl"

"Bad boy"

"Ok I'll pass by you tomorrow so we can go together"

"Ok when?" 

"Well about 12 pm so we can go there before the sunset"

"sounds great"


"You can go back to sleep now and I'm sorry again for waking you up"

"No problem" He said and then "You know what I don't wanna sleep right now let's talk for a while" Yuppy !! No girl you have to play hard to get

"I'm not that active, I haven't slept yet"


"Yea I know it's a bad habit but that's me"

"You're a bad girl"

"And you're the good one?" I said taking a seat on the bed "I mean are you a good boy not a girl cuz you're not a girl ... U know what I mean"

"Hhhhhhh Yeah" He said while laughing at me

"Stop that"

"Sorry" He said trying to keep his laugh

"No problem, now go away I need to sleep"

"Yeah sure, bye"

"Bye" He said and we hanged up

Harry's P.O.V

This girl is the best I've ever known, she can draw a smile on my face at any time and every time I see her my mouth give a wide smile automatically.

"My girl is coming. YES" I said it loud and Gemma went into the room

"What is it? What girl? And why are you awake this early?" 

"Remember this girl I told you about?"

"Yeah ..."

"She's coming with us tomorrow"

"Great, but though why are you that happy?"

"Don't you get it? She agreed" I said getting out of the bed, out of the whole room "She agreed, she's coming" I said way too loud on my way to the bathroom

"Crazy" Gem said and closed my door's room

Victoria's P.O.V

I went to sleep with a wide smile on face and I fell asleep immediately

I was walking in the street and it was a dark night. I was walking in an unfamiliar place and then I felt something bumping my head and then everything turned black, after a while I saw  a faint light coming from a tiny whole from the ceiling and I jumped from my place sitting straight to find my hands and legs are tied with a rough rope and a lot of blood running out of it. And then someone appeared but not clearly in this black place. I got a kick in my waist  by the leg and  another one but it was harder than the first one. I fell on the floor and I couldn't see anything but I can feel my tears.

"Stop missing around cuz I'm always watching" The stranger said pulling me by my hair to tell those words directly in my ears 

"Vic, Vic get up" A voice said and I was trying to scream but nothing came out 

Then I felt someone poking me by the shoulder

"What . What? Where am I" I said leaving this bad dream 

"Wooh thank god, thank god" I said giving away a deep breathe 

"What's wrong and why were you screaming and crying?" My sister asked

"It was a nightmare"

"Well he's downstairs" She said turning her back to me


"Your Harry"



"What time is it?"

"It's 2:30 pm"

"Why is he here?"

"I don't know, now change and get down, I'll go shopping and there's no one here except you, Harry and your little annoying sister"

"Where's mom?"

"She went to visit Mrs.Potter and then they'll go to a spa or something like that"


"Have fun" She said 

"Shut up" I said and threw a pillow on her but she closed the door

I changed my clothes and went downstairs

"Hey" I said when I reached the living room

"Hii, good after noon lazy girl"

"Stop" I said and we both laughed "What is it about?" I asked

"It's my mother"

"What? Is she ok? What happened?" I said in a worried tone

"Hhhhh calm down she's doing great"

"Then what is it about?"

"She wants to meet you so bad and she told me to come and ask you if you'd like to have lunch with us but I told her that you might be sleeping at our lunch time"

"Hhhhhh" I laughed at the idea that their lunch is my breakfast

"so dinner?"

"Sounds great but when?"

"Today's night"

"Cool, I'll convince my dad or you can came pass by me and tell them that you want me so they'll send me free just like last time"

"You're still punished"


"Ok I'll come and take you at 7:30"

"Cool" Yaaay "What would you like to drink?"

"Nothing I'll go and meet the boys, They're at the mall buying few things for the trip"

"Ohh ok"

"See ya tonight"

"See ya" I said and he left but the doorbell rang and it was him again "You forgot something?"

"Yeah I forgot to tell you that you look beautiful when you're half sleeping" Aww


"You're welcome" He said and left me and then I decided to go to the mall to get a dress cuz I don't have a single one only because I hate dresses but this occasion deserves more than a dress

(Hey I wrote you a long one and I hope you're enjoying it :) Love ya)


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