The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



15. Chapter 15 "The beat offer"

Chapter 15

When I went inside I felt with something different that I've never felt before, we’re still in the morning but all what I wanna do is to rest my head on the pillow and think about him and only him. "Shut up you crazy you'll never have a boyfriend that was the number one rule that brought you here remember" My noisy subconscious said. Boyfriend?! That's way too far from what I want or it's all what I want? No no no, no boyfriends at all, I don't even know him

"Hey come here we need to talk" My mum said cutting my thoughts and making me get down those few steps I took through the stairs

"What is it?" I said

"This Harry, he's that one from one direction right?" Opss

"Yeah what's wrong with that?"

"The rules, that's the wrong thing here. You're breaking the rules this way plus you know that your dad hates those lads and the only reason he let you go is that this boy was standing and he couldn't embarrass you in front of him" Ohh that's bullshit

"What do you want now?" I groaned

"Excuse me, Are you aware of what you're saying" What? "Are you drunk?" Whaaaat?

"What's wrong what did I say to make you think that I'll ever drink?"

"There's no well raised girl tell her mum 'what do you want now' " Not now

"Bye" I said turning my face to her and leading upstairs and she kept yelling and I think that she may follow me too, Her over reacting is killing me

I went to me room and I opened my phone to find some missed calls from Bake, Daissy and an unknown one but not Harry's, who's he then? I'm not in mood to call him back and know who's he and why did he call me 5 times.

"I'll call him later but now let me check the Facebook and Twitter" I said to myself grabbing my laptop and turning it on.

"What?" I said when I found everyone is talking about our senior year after 2 weeks from now, I've totally forgot about it I don't even have anything from the last semester, I've already got rid of everything, now I need a long day of shopping. I need some new clothes and I need to get my books from the school and I need some notebooks and those school stuff. I'm punished

"Ahhhhh" I groaned throw my body back on the bed, I can't believe this 

"Or I can" I said getting of the bed, I've an idea

"Mum mum mum mum" I said while running on the stairs towards her to find some guests. Is this ... ?!

"Hey sweetie how you doin' " Yes she's Mrs.Potter Bake's mum

"Hii I'm fine" I said giving her a tight hug, I love this woman "Where's Bakie?" I asked when I let her go

"He had a gym class and he's on his way here"

"Ok, so mum I need some school stuff can you send me free please?" I asked giving her a poor face

"I don't know about that, you were out today's morning"

"Please this time it's important, I need those school stuff the next semester is about two weeks later and you know when I say leave it later it's never done" True "Please" I asked again but this time I showed my bottom lip to seem poorer

"I don't know ask you father"

"Ohh come on mum" I groaned

"It will take a long time, leave it for later" I know what she's trying to do, she's trying to end this conversation because Mrs.Potter is here but I'm smarter plus I know my mother since the day I was born I guess so

"Please" I repeated

"Ok ok you're free but don't be late, be here before your father is back home" 

"ThanQ" I said giving her a kiss on the cheek "Excuse me" I said to Mr.Potter, I don't know what kind of punishments that let me have a breakfast with Harry and go shopping at the same day, I'll take Bakie with me of course

I got dressed. I've chosen a tight blue jeans and a white sleeveless blouse with my jacket jeans on it. I like this outfit. I've curled my hair, only a little bit, and as usual no makeup on. I hate make up and nail polish and those stuff. The doorbell rang and I rushed downstairs to open, it must be Bakie.

"Hey" He said

"Hii" I told him giving him our regular unique hand shake which is hand crush and then BOOM "Hey everybody Bake is here now time to go bye" I said to my mum and Mrs.Potter and I shut the door grabbing Bake away

"What was that?" He asked 

"We're going to the mall"

"Why?" My BFF he must had forgotten just like me

"The next semester is about 2 weeks later"


"And I'm hardly punished and I used you and your mom to get out of this house"


"Long story, I won't tell you if you didn't move" I said trying to remind him that we're still in our place "This car won't drive itself"

"Yes ma ‘me" He said turning the car on

"Do not call me ma ‘me"


"Now here we go" I said and I've started telling my story. I feel like I haven't talked to him since so long while the last time was yesterday. Really one day can make difference

Now we're at the mall and I haven't finished yet, I'm just making sure that I've told him every detail about today's breakfast with Harry

"So you're telling me that he likes you?" He said when I finished my half short story

"No, I said that he knew a lot about me and you know your girl I can make him fall in love with me with only one glance, but I don't feel I should do that" I don't wanna follow him he's the one who should come and get me and I'll refuse if I want to :P

"What's that?" I asked when I heard a lot of noise coming from outside the store "They're the boys" I said when I realized Niall's blonde hair through the crowd and Harry's too

"What boys?" 

"Ahhh the boys"

"You mean those five boys that I hate the most and I can't find the reason why do U love them?"


"So?" He asked

"So we need to get our stuff quickly and go out of here" I don't know what I'm thinking about

"What? are you kidding me? This is Harry Styles the one whose sitting in the that shop just across you and you wanna leave the whole place?" He's right but


"You have to be kidding me"

"No. I have his phone number so I'll get him if I want"


"Weren't you payng attention?"

"Yes yes, sorry"

"No problem now let's pay for those stuff and go"

"Sure" He said taking the basket from me and I didn't move when I noticed that they're having some photos with the fans so the crowd kept getting small and then I ran towards Bake and I hit him

"What?" He asked when I hit him

"He saw me" I said and I feel my heart trying to get out of it's cage


"Harry you idiot" I said a swipe

"Ok ok now what?"

"Hurry up"

"There's a line give it some respect"

"He's moving towards us"

"Here we go" He said rolling his eyes

"Act normal" I said moving up hands up and down my thighs

"Hey what are you doing here?" Harry asked, oh I like his thick accent

"We're here to buy some school stuff" Bake answered for me

"School?" Harry asked while looking at me with amazement

"Yeah I'm at high school, It's our senior year actually"

"Ok" He said "So I have an offer for you" Whaat?!

"What is it?" I asked and the line moved and Bake is paying for those stuff and of course I'll pay back later but Harry was only looking at Bake paying for my things "What is it?" I repeated taking his attention back to me

"We're going for a camp the day after tomorrow and I was wondering ..." He paused for a second and rubbed his neck

"I don't really know about that" I said and Bake grabbed me by my arms to get away from the line and Harry followed not taking his eyes from Bakie's hands

"I mean I'm punished remember" I said and he raised an eyebrow on me

"This was an emergency, I need those stuff for school and I can't just postpone them" I said and he smiled showing his cute dimples ^^

"Ok can you just think about it?" He asked

"I'll do my best"

"ThanX I'll call you later to see how it went"

"Sure" I said and he turned his back "Wait" I called him and turned in a second

"What?" He asked

"Who's going?"

"Me the boys, Gemma and Ash too. Why?"

"I need answers for the questions I'll be asked"

"Sure what else?" He said digging his both hands in his pocket

"Is Gem the only girl?"

"I don't think so, The boys were going to invite their girls too" Too? Whatever

"And why would you go camping in the last hottest days in summer?" They can ask that too

"It's not a real camp, we're just going to spend few days at my father's beach house" He said rubbing his chin

"Camping on the beach?! Whatever" Wired

"Other questions?"

"Yup, when will we go?"

"After tomorrow"


"Only 2 days later"

"Cool, you're free to go now"

"Sure bye" He said offering a very bright smile

"Bye" I waved and turned back to Bake

"Camping on the beach then, ha?" He asked with a small laugh but mine was bigger

"I'll do whatever I can to go there"

"Camping?" He smiled

"Stop" I poked him and jumped into the car

"How much did it cost?" I asked him when he closed his door


"My stuff"

"100 pounds"

"Whaaat?!" I yelled

"You don't have to  ..."

"It's not like that" Damn it "Here" I gave him the money "It's that I .. I need a job" I really do


"You heard me, I have to convince my parents with a lot of things"

"Sure" He said getting out of the lot

"Or ... I can leave the house forever with no coming back"

"Shut up"

"No seriously I'm turning 18 after 5 months I need my own house"

"As you like" He said 

"Shut up :P"

(I'm sorry for this too late update but I was out all day so I stayed up till now to finish it for ya. I wish you like it, and I was thinking that this fanfic would be more funny if I turned it to English and informal Arabic and I will if It didn't get 1000 readers after chapter 16 or 17 so if you like it that way plZz help me to reach my score number and share it everywhere :) ilysm )


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