The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



12. Chapter 12 "The worst day ever"

Chapter 12

I got out of this bed and put on my shoes and brushed my hair only since I've slept with the only clothes that I have for now, I need to get my clothes from Daissy's as soon as I can, I wasn't only planning to meet this stranger to know him ... I was going to give him an electric shock by my self-defense that my mum brought to me as soon as we were in Egypt and I was going to pass by Bake's and take him with me, I won't meet a stranger by my own. BUT

"Where RU going young lady" My mother said, Here we go again

"I have to meet someone and I need to pass by Daissy's"

"No way, We made a security system in this house and the remote control will be with your father and I when we're in or out of this house"

"Whaaaat?! What does that supposed to mean? U can't just lock me in" Can they ?! No of course not

"Yes we can and we're doing that, every single window, door or balcony will be locked as long as UR inside wish is always"

"What? U cannot do that to me, why would U?" I asked and I know the answer, my mum shut me an 'U know what u did' glare "Well I know why but now we R in London so no more sneak outs" I think

"No way young lady, U made a mistake and that's your punishment"

"Oh come on I'm your daughter have a little mercy on me"

"And have U had any mercy with us when you left the home, No way"

"Do not call it home"

"I will cuz it is" She said in a hush tone

"Ok call it whatever U want but can I please go out for the coming 4 or 5 hours and then I'll respect your decision and stay at home like ... forever if U want but send me free now"

"No way young lady, U won't do that if I let U go so you have to spend the rest of your life locked here" who said that she doesn't know me anymore

"What RU doing?" I said when she grabbed my bag

"I taking your keys, don't worry I won't take your mobile" Thank god "Now go upstairs" She said handing me the handbag

"But mum u know I can't stand one day at home and U want to lock me in here forever!!"

"Not forever only until you learn your lesson"

"Mum please don't do that it’s gonna kill me plZz" I begging her cuz I'm sure none of my trickes or anything can help me now "PlZz mom U know that it will go nothing to me except breaking me dawn" I've been like raised in the streets, I was always outdoor since the day I was born

"Conversation is over, now go upstairs or do whatever I'll do since it is in this house"

"Mum plZz"

"Go!!" She shouted

"But I don't have any clothes I need to get them back from Daissy"

"What are your clothes doing at Daissy's?"

"I took everything to her place when I knew that you were back"

"How could U know?"

"My sources"

"K your father will get them to U"

"Whaaat?!" Me and my father said at the same time and my mother gave him a glare

"Fine" He said stepping out of the chair and to the door

"Wait!" I said while standing in his pass "I can get them for my own self plZz, U can continue whatever U were doing" I said begging again and he looked at mom

"Look babe what you did was a very big deal" He said cupping my cheeks "You can't just pack your bags and steal my credit card and your mum's keys, It's a massive disaster that you did so punishment has to be taking away what U have came here for at the first place" A tear is out of my control and ran on my cheek to my father's hand

"Babe don't cry, you will be free soon" He said wiping that stupid tear

"I won't, U cannot do that to me, you're gonna kill me that way, and UR right that's why I'm here at the first place so please don't do that to me" I said getting away from his hands

"We know and that's how you'll have your lesson, now let your dad get your stuff" My mum said .. I was going to convince him one way or another, why has she opened her mouth now "Both of you move" She said waving her hands in front of her and my dad is gone

"ThanX" I told her and grabbed my bag and rushed upstairs to my room

It's gonna be the worst part of my life, but I'm gonna show them that I can stay at home for weeks without complaining and that they're wrong, or should I act miserably as I'll be ohhh Fuck I'm so damn lost and for the first time I don't know what to do. Is this system on or not? She said that the windows are locked too, I'll try to open this thing and sneak out but as soon as I touched the window lock a damn loud bell went on as if a robber was sneaking in, Damn

"What are you trying to do?" My mum’s rushed throw the door

"I was trying to get some air" I lied

"you can use the air conditioner instead but stay away of those windows"

"Yeah only if I had one in my own room"

"You will, soon"

"Yeah sure and till it comes I have to breathe some air"

"Do not do this with me I won't open it and U will stay here till you are done with those bad habits of sneaking out or running away, understood" She said and shut the door behind her

That's my mother when she plays the big mature housewife with me and I hate this game, I need to do some phone calls and see what Bakie and Daissy are doing for tonight, before I could make a move my mobile rang and I'm glad that my mum left it for me

"Hello" I said I'm not in mood to correct myself and say hi or hey or sup' or anything like this

"Hey, now U have proved to me that you keep your word" The stranger said, ohh I have totally forgot about him after all "Can U come now, I got your point now please come" Why is he begging? Is he a murderer? Or worst, a kidnapper?

"Can U just tell me who you are and end this thing cuz it's pretty annoying"

"It was supposed to be a surprise" What?!

"Excuse me?!"

"Who am I was a surprise cuz U won't believe me if I told you" Who is he?! And why won't I believe him?!

"Hey listen mystery man, I don't have time for this crap I have bigger problems to deal with so tell me now who you are or never call this number again" I'm getting angry

"I'll chose the third option, I'm coming" What?!

"Yeah show me who'll open the door for ya" I wanna laugh about this whole situation but it just didn't come out

"I'm not kidding, I'm already on my way to you, if I want you I'll get you" He said and cut the line just like last time

"I don't have time for this shit" I said to myself and dialed Daissy's number

(Hey!! if UR reading that I just wanna thank U all UR doing a great job and it makes me so happy, I'm sorry for the this late update again, but I was little bit hard for me to do it so there a double update now for a reward, hope U enjoy it and don't forget to vote, comment and share the story with your friends :) ilysm ;) :* ) 


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