The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



1. Chapter 1 "Life in Egypt"

Chapter 1

In Egypt there’s nothing for me to do only family gathering and some texting with old friends . Its all BORIIIING , I need to do something new , something different in my life , I need to go out with my friends instead of texting them …

“VictoriAaaaaaa” My mum calls taking me out of my thoughts .

“Coming” I answered

“What are U doing up there?”

“Nothing  just sitting in the bed. Why ?! do you need something from me ?” I asked

“Nothing just stay down here with us”

“Why should I?” I whispered to make sure that my aunts won’t hear me

“Come ‘on girl it been so long since U last sat with us” my aunt said , I need to learn how to whisper

“Yeah!! Since last night” I whispered to myself but once more .. I failed

My mum shout me a glance so I think I don’t have a choice .

“ok” I said while sitting on the only free chair left.

  I need to text Bake my best friend from the UK , ohhh I miss him so much I wish that he was here with me , I talked to him last night on Skype before going to sleep but I’m still missing him around.

*I miss U* I texted

*Me 2 Vic* He answered in no time as if he was waiting for it.

*When will U come back, hope it’s not so far* He continued.

*Idk but I hope that I won’t stay for so long here too* I texted back, I do really really want to go back so bad, its killing me that I’m not in the place that I used to call home.

“From earth to Victoria, Helloooo” My cousin said waving her hands in front of me while I was staring at my phone screen, Damn it .. why is everybody taking me out of my thoughts today !!

“I’m here !! stop that” I said while pushing her hands away.

“Do U wanna go somewhere?” She offered while I was planning  to kill her inside of my head.

“Sooo ?!” She asked again .. Damn it

“I don’t think that I ok , I’m going upstairs.”

“Where are U going young lady?” My granny asked, I forgot that I had one

“Upstairs .. I’m not feeling good” I answered in a weak voice as if I really ill or something.

“You should take medicine” She said

“No I’ll be fine soon” I said raising my thumb to her and running along the stairs to my room – me and my sisters room.

 (I know it’s not an interesting first chapter but I know the rest and I hope U will like it, ohh and Harry won’t be in the first few chapters but I’ll do my best before that)


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