The Sister of The Pop-star

This was so stupid. I'm not supposed to be spending time with my brother! For crying out loud, summer is coming, meaning that I was supposed to stay here and eat my weight on food and do nothing at all and then get all stressed out because of college, but NO, I am being sent away to the tour life.

Follow me Reeve Malik in the journey of a tour life.


22. Twenty-Two


Chapter Twenty-Two

The Best Goodbye


I stared at the cloth that was all thrown on my bunk bed. I can’t believe that the tour is coming to an end. This summer was supposed to be hell, but it turned out to be heaven. I smiled as my phone light up with a new notification, not because of the notification, but because I could see my background picture of Harry and I goofing around on set.

I grabbed my phone and moved to the small couch we had in the tour bus. I was completely alone here as all the lads had an interview and I claimed that I needed to pack, cause let’s just face it, when we stop in Bradford, I am staying there.

I don’t really want to go back home, because even though it’s still hard for me to believe it, I have changed, maybe not to the best of best, but I’ve managed to see the world in other eyes, and that makes me believe that I’ve grown up. That was the point of this trip that I grew up and realize that life is not only about pranks, and hacking, but that you have to know when to prank and who to hack…

My phone light up again and this time it was a text message from Zayn. I frowned and opened it confused, why would he be texting me while he was in an interview?

From: Javadd
Turn on the interview! You’re going to love it!

I shrugged and grabbed the controller and turned on the television. I flicked channels until I landed on the interview. The lads were all sitting on a couch and the interviewer was laughing, most likely about something that the lads say, they always have that ability, to make people laugh at the most stupid things ever.

“So tell me Zayn.” The interviewer spoke. “Are you going to miss your sister now that she is going back home?”

“Of course I am.” Zayn replied. “I know that at the beginning of our journey we had our ups and downs, but as time passed, we got to understand each other better than when we lived together. I had to accept the fact that she growing up, and even when I wanted her to stay the same old little twat, she wasn’t going to stay like that. She became the someone I always thought she was going to. Maybe my parents see her as a trouble maker, but don’t they realize that everything she does is really specific and for her to do so, she must have some sort of education in the matter.” Zayn took in a deep breath. “She might be a trouble maker, but because of it, I know that she will succeed in whatever life throws her, not because she’ll find another way of doing it, but because she will want to make sure everyone knows that one thing can be done in different ways. She might not realize it, but she is becoming someone to look up to.”

I gasped. Did Javadd really think about me like that?

“That was beautiful Zayn.” The interviewer said and he blushed. “I bet all of you guys are sad that she is leaving right?”

“Of course we are.” Liam chuckled. “I remember the very first day she came to us, she had grown up so much from the time we met her, but she was still the same. I could see that she was growing up, but that she till knew what she wanted to do in life, which is really surprising, because not all the teenagers know what they want a that age, and Reeve simply knew what she wanted. Yes, we had our bumps, and those were a lot because she wouldn’t do as I asked, but that made me realize more that she wasn’t doing it to bug me, but she was doing so because that’s how she rolls.”

I chuckled at Liam’s speech, he was right, I didn’t do it because I wanted to bug him, I did it because I don’t orders from anyone.

“Reeve.” Louis spoke. “I usually had to share a seat with her until Harry got her. But from what I know her and from the time she worked with us, I know that she has a heart of gold, and maybe she doesn’t show it much, reasons unknown to me, but she surely know how to make someone smile. We did an event and she was the first one to run out of the bus and into the kids. Her smile was so big, and when the event was over the little kids didn’t want for her to leave. She might not know it, but she leaves a part of her in every person she comes across.”

A smile appeared on my face, I can’t believe that they think that way of me. I am more than sure that I am not that awesome of a person. Louis is giving me way to much credit, he deserves that credit, not me.

“Once, Reeve and I were waiting for the concert to start, so we were at the lounge backstage and I have no idea how, we ate all the food.” Niall joked. “That was the time where I realized that she is one of a kind. She doesn’t really care what other people think of her, if she is too fat she’ll just show the world that there is nothing wrong in that. I know that we had some sort of issue when Harry and she became public; the problem there was the fact that they were not only attacking her, but they were saying that she didn’t deserve Harry. People can be cruel, and they say that she is cruel too, but she doesn’t go around insulting people making them feel less, on the contrary, she goes around trying to show everyone that there is nothing wrong in being themselves. I’m quoting her: ‘What’s the point in being someone else? That person is already taken, better be myself. One of a kind. No one else like me. There is nothing wrong in that.’”

I giggled. I remember that day when I told Niall that. He was having some trouble because people were saying that he was getting boring. I had to cheer him up, and that was the only thing that occurred to me.

“And now lover boy.” The interviewer joked. “Are you going to miss Reeve? I mean, you have to, but how much are you going to miss her?”

“Of course I am going to miss her, and a lot.” Harry replied. “But do you know what is going to be the hardest part of saying goodbye?” He questioned and everyone shook their head. “It’s not the fact that she won’t be next to me, and that is something really important, but the hardest thing will be the fact that I won’t get to see her when she does what she loves. It may sound creepy and maybe it is, but the most amazing moments of a person, the time when you see them in their majestic beauty, is when the person is doing what they love, they put every effort to it, and even though we don’t realize it, which is what makes people beautiful. The small things that change, the small smile that appears, the squint eyes, the wrinkling nose, whatever the person does, that is what I am going to miss the most. Watching her laugh at her favorite show, how she gets absorbed in a book or how she creates a whole plan to simply prank one of the lads. Yes it is going to be hard to be away from her, but I will miss all the simple things she does and how her smile can make a bad day go away. She might not know it, but she has made my life better with just her presence. It’s not like I won’t be seeing her again, but I will miss to see her every day, to listen how she slowly breaths when she is asleep. Everything.”

I cleaned the tear that managed to leave me. That was the sweetest thing someone had ever said to me, and even though he wasn’t saying it to my face, he was. This was not the end, but it was the beginning of the chapter in our lives, and now I am sure where I want to stand.


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