The Sister of The Pop-star

This was so stupid. I'm not supposed to be spending time with my brother! For crying out loud, summer is coming, meaning that I was supposed to stay here and eat my weight on food and do nothing at all and then get all stressed out because of college, but NO, I am being sent away to the tour life.

Follow me Reeve Malik in the journey of a tour life.


3. Three


Chapter Three:

First Days


The first night wasn't so bad, except for the fact that it wasn't my comfy bed and that one of the guys snores like if there was some snoring contest. How could it be possible that neither of the others threw a pillow to him so that he could shut up? How could they possibly stand that? Except for that, the night was uneventful and I slept like a baby drugged by anaesthesia.


I woke up to Liam shouting that it was time to wake up and that breakfast was served, and if we didn't get up fast enough, he would cook more if everyone else ate the food. I grunted and rubbed my eyes before getting off the bunk. I turned to the right to find the bathroom, when someone bumped into me.


I rolled my eyes and turned around to find Harry rubbing his eyes. "I'm sorry." Harry said. "I lost my balance."


"Not a problem." I replied and walked over to open the bathroom door. I have a specific routine to follow in order for my day to go the way I want it to go, for instance the first thing I do, is brush my teeth. I know I'm supposed to have breakfast, but have you ever smelled your breath after you wake up? It's disgusting. After brushing my teeth, I use the loo to release anything from the night before that hadn't been released. Third I wash my hand and splash some water on my face so that I could half wake up and be a walking zombie, and then finally I could go to breakfast.


I did my routine and when I came out, Harry was leaning against the bunker wall with his eyes asleep, so I wasn't sure if he was asleep or not... I walked past him and into the living room/kitchen/dinning room and stared at the people there.


My brother was having some cereal whilst he stared at telly that was in front of the sofa. I was walking towards the small kitchenette to grab a cup of coffee and an apple to have for breakfast, I mean, I don't do breakfast. Liam was making some eggs for himself I suppose, or for someone, but the point was that this was going to be hella awkward...


"Morning Reeve." Liam said. "Want some eggs?"


"Good morning Liam." I replied. "I'm good thanks. Where do you guys keep the milk?"


"Fridge." Zayn replied. "Why do you want milk? Liam is making eggs for everyone."


"Thanks." I replied grabbing the milk. "I don't do breakfast if you need to know, you would of course know, if you went back home sooner, either way I only have some coffee and a fruit." I prepared my coffee and sat on the sofa next to Zayn.


Zayn tried to give me a death stare, but I already had one on my face. You would think that we would get along just because we have a year difference, but no dolls, we don't get along at all, not even when we were younger. I try to think back and figure out why we don't get along, but I can't find a reason, there's this rumour that he got mad because I would do everything he did and I would do it perfect the first time, and so he was somehow jealous, but I differ from that.


"You two look like twins." Louis said as he walked to the living room. "If I didn't know you guys had a year of difference, I would totally confuse you for twins."


I rolled my eyes and Zayn coughed, he hated when people compared us, and he had every right to, because I hated it as well, we were nothing alike, he was all for the artistic area, and I was for the critical and thinking.


I finished my coffee and apple and got up from the couch. I informed that I was going to get ready for the day, not matter what we did or not do. As I locked myself in my bathroom, I couldn't help but think, what was I supposed to do when they were on concerts or interviews?


I didn't know what my purpose here was; I mean I had no purpose here. My purpose back home was to become the troublemaker of town and become the biggest inventor there could be, and here? Well, here I don't know what to do. I can't do pranks because I promised my parents that I wasn't going to do anything bad.


I sighed as I changed and walked out of the bathroom, apparently there was another bathroom because Harry came out at the same time as I did with his hair wet, meaning that his curls were combed. He gave me a small smile and walked over to his bunk throwing the towel and dirty cloth there, before shutting it with the curtain. I walked over to my bunk and did the same, though I tried to make it in order, I did not want any of the guys going through my stuff or finding something mine around.


"What are we supposed to do today?" Niall questioned from the hall. "Are we heading over the stadium and go over it or what?"


"I believe that we are doing a sound check." Liam replied. "Nothing too serious, just a couple of songs or us goofing around."


I made my way to where they were and sat on the floor as they spoke about the plans of the day. My brother was on the phone sitting on the kitchen counter, most likely speaking with his girlfriend. I knew he had one, some kids at school mentioned it; he never mentioned anything about his life, even when I was his sister.


"Can we go out afterwards?" Harry questioned. "Let's hit the movies." Harry suggested. "Lets go out, we haven't hang out for a long while."


"I supposed we could ask Paul." Louis said. "I would like to check out some stores and buy some clean underwear." He added laughter, making everyone laugh as well.


"So it's settled then." Zayn said to the phone. "We will all be there. Yes, including my sister." Zayn rolled his eyes. "Don't worry Perrie, just sent me the details and we'll be there."


I turned to face him, and everyone gazed over at him, what the hell was he talking about? Everyone seemed confused about it, and everyone was eager about knowing what he was talking about. Liam took out his phone and snapped a picture of Zayn and I, me staring at him and Zayn pointing a finger at me.


I knew about the picture because he had showed it to me before he posted it on twitter with the caption -Aww the two brothers united once again!- I rolled my eyes at him and slumped back on the floor. Niall stood up and motioned me to sit where he was but I shook my head, I liked being on the floor.


Zayn finally hanged his phone and he stared at us with a huge smile on his face. If I wasn't mistaken he was about to ask a huge favour form all of us and we most likely would say no...


"Mates and kid." Zayn said and I rolled my eyes at him. "I have a favour to ask."


"What do you want Zayn?" I questioned. "If you have your saint face you obviously want something that people will say no."


"Shut up Reeve." Zayn narrowed his eyes at me. "Perrie had asked us to join her at a carnival."


"A carnival?" Niall asked. "What are we supposed to do there?"


"We're going to be helping on the stands." Zayn replied. "It's for a good cause. Please say yes, I already told her that we will help her out."


"When?" Liam questioned. "The day after tomorrow."


I rolled my eyes and stood up. "I'm free so I can help." I started. "With one condition."


"Jesus, what do you want?" Zayn asked.


"A shopping trip." I smirked. "Your treat."


"Ohh!" The guys chorused.


"We do it if you treat her a shopping trip, if we get to go and help you choose." Harry winked.


"I've got no problem in that." I smiled. "Zayn?"


"You got it." Zayn sighed. "We are going after the carnival."

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