The Sister of The Pop-star

This was so stupid. I'm not supposed to be spending time with my brother! For crying out loud, summer is coming, meaning that I was supposed to stay here and eat my weight on food and do nothing at all and then get all stressed out because of college, but NO, I am being sent away to the tour life.

Follow me Reeve Malik in the journey of a tour life.


1. One


Chapter One:

Reeve Malik





You know it is funny, well; I like to think that it is funny for two main reasons. The first one, being the one with the most importance, is that I never really knew him, I just knew that he was there, and that he was famous, but nothing more. The second, being slightly less important, everyone knew that I was related to him, there were even pictures of him and me together, when we never hung out. How is that even possible? Okay, I might be exaggerating... I do know him and a lot, but ever since he went away he changed a lot and so that is what I mean when I don't know him and with the photos, it's true, there are a lot of photos and we don't go out too much, meaning that he doesn't come home as often...


I can't believe that just because I made a small prank on school, I was being sent away to live with him. I thought that maybe it was a joke, but when he called and told me to be ready because he was picking me up in two days, I knew for a fact that my parents were not kidding. IT WAS A SMALL PRANK FOR GOD'S SAKE! No one got hurt, and there was no ruining property, so I still don't get why they got so mad.


I thought that my punishment was going to be, you know, a month without my phone and laptop or something like that, I never thought that I had to go on tour with my brother and his band mates aka best friends. I think that my parents took the punishment to a whole ‘other level. I mean they know that I hate all that about spotlight thing and now I am supposed to be living on it for the next six to eight months.


I was no fan of his band, though I do know the lyrics and to play most of his songs on both guitar and piano, my mother made me learn them so that when her snobby friends came I could sing and play to them, showing them that she not only had one talented kid, but two... Yeah, that never happened, because everyone in town knew that I was the troublemaker. Sucks living on a relative small town, where your last name is sacred.


I sighed and threw my head back as I lost contact at the suitcases on my floor. I had packed for two months worth of shirts, shorts, jeans, and shoes, if I had to go to any formal even or anything, I had to buy the whole outfit, and well, my brother would be the one going with me. I wanted to be mad at my parents, but thinking about it, they were sending me away instead of me entering college, and I was going to visit a lot of places in the world, meaning that, not only I was going on super vacations, I was going to learn so much and that would help when I come back and study for real.


I got up from my bed and stared around trying to figure out if everything was packed or where it was supposed to be. If I was leaving for a long period of time, I was going to make sure that my mother didn't go cleaning my room, so I will leave it clean.


I grabbed my Spiderman teddy from my bed and hugged it. Believe it or not, ever since I was small, I loved superheroes more than princesses and all those girly stuff. I stuffed it on my backpack and knelt down to tie up my combat boot. I got up and stared at my reflection on the full-length mirror on the wall. My long black hair was falling behind my back curling at the end; my big brown eyes were covered in my glasses. I was wearing a jumper and some jeans with my favourite combat boots.


Guess who my brother is now? Yep, Zayn Malik, shocking right, you never thought that he would be my big bro!


I'm pretty sure that you are all now having an attack to why on earth I don't want to go on tour with One Direction. Well, as I mentioned before, I don't particularly care about such band, and there is also the fact that I don't quite get along with the rest of the band... Yep, another or my encounters with breaking rules, got us to hate each other.


I took out my phone from my back pocket and stared at the home screen. My Spiderman background showing me it was only 5 minutes to one pm, meaning that in 5 minutes I was going to leave. I placed my phone back on my pocket, and started walking around my room to kill some time. I did not want to go downstairs and say goodbye to my parents, because they were the ones sending me away. I had even thought of locking myself in my room and running away, but that would be of no use, as Zayn had already posted on twitter that I was joining them on tour, and so everyone had a picture of me on their phones. Thank you so much Jaavad.


I started tracing the photo frames on my walls, remembering every single moment that was captured. The time when I got my first puppy, the other when we went on some family vacations to London, my ex-best friend and me. Almost every single memory was plastered across my wall. There was even one of Zayn and me, building a snowman, which at the end we destroyed when we started having a snowball fight... Oh the good old times.


"Reeve." My mother knocked at my door.


I ran my hands through my face making a weird face and some creepy sound. "Mother." I sighed as I walked to open the door.


"Your brother said he's on his way here." My mother replied. "You should be downstairs with your things before he gets here."


I internally rolled my eyes. "Yes, mother. I will get myself and my things down in a few." I turned around.


"Right now Reeve." My mother demanded. "You also need to say goodbye to your father, you are going away for almost a year." My mother sobbed.


"You, are sending me away for almost a year." I corrected. "I don't want to go."


"You have to Reeve." My mother snapped. "You haven't spent time with your brother and maybe being away from home teaches you something."


Once again I rolled my eyes, but this time I made sure she could see that I was doing so. "Fine." I fake smiled. "I'll go say goodbye to father, and take my things down with me."


"That's my girl." My mother smiled pleased with her and left my bedroom.


I stuck my tongue at her back and turned around to grab my things. This was so stupid. I'm not supposed to be spending time with my brother! For crying out loud, summer is coming, meaning that I was supposed to stay here and eat my weight on food and do nothing at all and then get all stressed out because of college, but NO, I am being sent away to the tour life.


I grabbed my backpack and one of my suitcases this was it. I dragged my suitcase downstairs and soon enough my father was hugging me oh so tightly that I felt all my organs crush and merge together.


"Father." I managed to say. "I'm dying."


"I'm so sorry Reeve." My father let go of me and cleaned a tear. "I'm going to miss you so much."


Here we go again. "I'm going away because you are the ones who are sending me. If it were for me, I would stay here for the rest of my life." I stated. "Let me stay."


"No." My mother shouted from upstairs as she dragged my other suitcase down. "You have to go. You need to learn your lesson."


"Learn my lesson?" I scuffed. "Mother please, you are sending me to heaven. If this is your ultimate punishment, I would have locked everyone out of school sooner."


My mother shot me the evil eye and I winked at her. "Honey, don't think of it as a punishment." My father spoke. "Think of it as some time with your brother."


"Punishment." I answered. "Why didn't you just sent me to the air force or something?"


My parents didn't answer, I bet we all had the same idea; I could have been expelled from those places too, most likely because I would know more dangerous things.


"I love you Reeve." My father kissed my temple.



I smiled at him and threw myself on the couch. As soon as I grabbed the telly remote, the doorbell rang. My new life started now.




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