The Sister of The Pop-star

This was so stupid. I'm not supposed to be spending time with my brother! For crying out loud, summer is coming, meaning that I was supposed to stay here and eat my weight on food and do nothing at all and then get all stressed out because of college, but NO, I am being sent away to the tour life.

Follow me Reeve Malik in the journey of a tour life.


4. Four


Chapter Four:



I never thought that a concert needed so much preparation, like, hello? Aren't you just singing? I find no need for them to be four hours before, they don't need to study every inch of the stage and how it was formed, they are just going to stand there and perform! I don't understand pop-stars...


I was staring at my phone typing away some replies to the messages my friends had sent me; do you know how ironic it is when your best friend is absolutely obsessed with the band your brother is in? She keeps asking for pictures of the lads, yet I only sent her one that Niall took with me, you know privacy... She sent me a dead face emoji. The lads were not even at the stage at the moment... As I stared at the place, I decided to study it and prepare for a prank, so that lads knew with whom they were touring.


I stood up and ran backstage, I needed to know what materials we had and what I could use to make the biggest prank of all, an ice coke bomb. Devil smile here. I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and drew a map of the building. I was deciding the best place for me to gather the guys when I heard a commotion in one of the dressing rooms.


"SHUT UP!" Niall shouted. "You have to be kidding!"


I furrowed my eyebrows and stood up to stare at the hallway, Niall was on the phone and he was knocking on Zayn's door. I walked closer to where he was when Zayn came out with an uninterested face. He gave me a quizzical look but I shrugged and he stared at Niall who was trying to end the phone call.  


"Yeah, yeah. Bye." Niall finally said and hanged up. "Mate."


"What?" Zayn questioned.


"There's a rumour going out."  Niall said and he turned to where I was. "You should listen to it too Reeve." I walked closer to them and shared the same confused look with Zayn. "The rumour is about you Reeve, you and Harry."


"Excuse me what?" I questioned confused, moving my hands to my hip. "There's a rumour of Harry and me? Like what's the rumour about? Us fucking?"


"Reeve!" Zayn exclaimed and I stared at him. "What's the rumour about Niall?"


"It goes on the same side that Reeve just said." Niall responded. "Basically, the rumour is about Harry and Reeve being together, yet there's like a loop." I furrowed my eyebrows and stared at Zayn with an eyebrow raised. "The loop is that Reeve has a boyfriend back home."


My eyes widen and I started laughing. Me, with a boyfriend, that is as crazy as animals talking with humans. "Me having a boyfriend back home? Who's my supposed to be boyfriend?"


"Uh, the name is Brad." Niall spoke. "Brad Ridden." I stared at Zayn and he had the face that I expected him to have.


Brad Ridden. Old neighbour, stalker, and asshole, how dare he. "He said it?" I questioned. "Did Brad said? Or people assumed?"


"I believe he said so." Niall replied. "I really don't know, Harry simply called me and told me that, so I'm here telling you."


I nodded at him and walked away. How dare Brad say that. Why would people be shipping me with Harry? It's been like a day since I am here with my brother and the rest of the lads, there is no way that I would fall for someone so easy or fast.


I grabbed a laptop that was on the living room and went around to check the twitter trends, the pranks would have to wait, as I needed to fix this problem Brad had created, and I knew exactly how to fix it.


You know, there is something good at being highly logical and have a brain that works in codes and everything, the fact that hacking becomes a habit and when you develop a habit when you're five when you are seventeen you know how to do it in a blink of an eye and without people knowing you did it.


 Username: @BradRidden
Password: iamawesome030394


Okay, that was fairly easy... I rolled my eyes at how easy it was for me to discover his lame password. Once inside his twitter I searched for the tweet, which said that he was dating me...


@ReeveM can't be dating at @Harry_Styles cause she is dating me! *picture*


I was beyond furious, of course it was a photo of us together, it wasn't photo shopped, but we took it because both our mothers insisted on. I deleted the tweet and wrote another one.


@ReeveM and I are NOT DATING! It's a lie! She's single and I'm an ass :)


I sent it out and I logged out, logging in on my twitter and quoting the tweet '@ReeveM and I are NOT DATING! It's a lie! She's single and I'm an ass :)' Got that right!


I tweeted it and closed the laptop. Problem solved.


Harry walked into the living room where I was and he stared at me confused. I raised an eyebrow and observe as he walked over to sit next to me. He took out his phone and showed me the tweet I had just sent, he had retweeted it.


"Brad did this?" Harry questioned and I laughed. "Come on tell me."


"Promise me you won't say anything." I said and crossed his heart. "I hacked into Brad's account and did it. I hate when people go around with rumours about me. I also changed his password, that will teach him not to mess with me."


Harry smiled and kissed my temple. "I'm going to keep your secret." He said. "I can't believe that you know how to do that, Zayn said that you were basically a troublemaker."


I giggled. "Oh I am." I winked. "But I also know things that serve me." I stated. "You like to prank the guys right?"


"Do you have a plan?" Harry smirked and I nodded. "Explain it to me and I'm all in to help you out little one."


I took out the map I had made from the place and started explaining what I thought of doing and with what we could work or what we could find on the place.


If my parents thought that I was going to become less trouble here, they were so wrong...

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