Penniville Princess

Lily has always wanted to be a princess. She wanted the castles, dresses, and crowns. The fabulous balls, the jealous friends, but most of all she wanted true love and a happily ever after. When she was little she dreamed about being rich and doing whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. Now that she was older, living in the small town of Penniville, she knew her dreams of royalty would never come true. With 17 years of constantly being let down, Lily told herself true love and happily ever afters were just part of a fairy tale. But what if she was wrong?


3. The Carriage Ride

   The guys picked us up at 8.  I was less than excited to go but Alexis took my car keys and cell phone and hid them from me.  I couldn't leave so I thought I might as well have a good time tonight.

   Alexis came out in a white crop top with a wide neck and jean shorts so short and so ripped I was less than surprised she can't wear them with anything but a thong.  "You know that's not a bad thing," she always said when I bothered her about them.  Her long blonde hair was curled and fell down to her lower back.  She wore bright pink Vans and a lip stick to match.

   "Please tell me you're not going like that."  I looked down at my gym shorts and sweatshirt.

   "Well I'm sorry.  I would look better but obviously I can't do anything because I can't go home."

   She looked at me, annoyed.  "Times like these I praise the Lord for us having the same shoe size."  She took my hand and yanked me off of the couch.

   By 7:52 my hair was in a pony tail falling down my back, I wore shorts just like Alexis and a cropped orange pullover.  It matched her orange converse perfectly.  Jasmine had just shown up wearing a tank top and, you'll never guess, jean shorts.  She had short black curly hair that fell just to her shoulders.

   A truck pulled into the drive way.  "They're here!" Alexis squealed.  The guys waved at us as we came out of the house.  Chad was driving and Ben and Nate were in the bed of the old red truck.  "Shot gun!" Alexis giggled and ran to the front of the truck where she greeted Chad with a hug.

   "So I'm guessing that's Chad," Jasmine mumbled to me.

   "Yeah, I'm glad she likes him so much, she's short enough.  He probably wouldn't be able to reach us."  We both laughed as we locked the front door for Alexis.  Jasmine and I were both 5' 9" while Alexis was a mere 5' 4".  It was insane that we both wore a 7.

   "Wow, Ben's the brunette right?" she whispered with awe.
   I laughed.  "Yep, the blonde is Nate."

   "Not bad."  Her smile was priceless.  "Not bad at all."

   Ben held his hand out to Jasmine and helped her up and onto the truck.   "You must be Jasmine," he said, turning and sitting down next to her, completely ignoring me.

   "I guess I'll just get up there myse-" I tried to mumble to myself but was interrupted by a hand touching mine.  I looked up to see Nate smiling at me.  I smiled, embarrassed that he heard me, and hopped up on the truck.  I sat down on the opposite side of Ben and Jasmine who were already engaged in a conversation and doing anything they could to be as close as possible.  Nate shut the tailgate and sat down next to me.  I tried not to look at him because I knew I would blush.  I could feel him try to get comfortable on the hard floor of the bed.  He eventually settled, my knee touching his thigh.

   Nate didn't say a word the entire ride there and neither did I.  He caught me looking at him many times and couldn't help but softly laugh at me.  My cheeks remained red the entire ride, biting back an embarrassed smile.

   The truck stopped in front of huge beach house filled with people.  The sun was just setting and the view off of the water was beautiful.  The beach was packed with people.  Ben got up and opened the tailgate, hopping off.  He swooped Jasmine into his arms like a bride and carried her off into the house.  Chad and Alexis followed.  I got up but was stopped by a hand holding mine.  I looked down at Nate.  His blue eyes sparkled in the light as he let go of the first word I'd hear him say.


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