Save me tonight

Hailey always loved one direction hopeing to meet them but does she or does she save them from danger or will no one see one direction again read to find out


3. help!

   Liams P.O.V

Niall was really happy right now he could see everything right now cause we were at the top and he was sitting there saying how fun this is, it's getting annoying though.  "hey Niall we get it" I said to him " ok, but I cant help myself I love the view" 'haha ya I know " "Niall your view is coming  to an end " "shit I loved up up there" he said that comment made me laugh so hard "hahahahahahaha" I said in between laughs.


"wow daddy direction, never thought you'd laugh so hard" he said a small chuckle at the end. once I gained my poster I said "oh just shut it" jokingly "hahah wow just wow Liam" he said "ya I know "I said .


 then we got off the ride we met with everyone else .


"hey guys were's Louis and Hailey?" I asked. " we don't know."  Harry said well were are they?" I have no idea." Zayn said. " well we have to find them." Niall said everyone nodded in agreement.


  "l'll call Louis and see where they are."  harry said  "hello? who is this" he said.



   unknown P.O.V

I finally got Louis and his precious  little girl friend "ok now that I got you two, I get to torture you"  I said  "mmmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmm" "oh right I forgot you cant speak."  " do you want me to take  off the tape on you mouth" they shake their heads up and down vigorously.


 "ok" then I rip the tape off their mouths "OWWWWW" they both scream "SHUT UP NOW YOU LITTLE BITCHES" then a phone rang "who's phone is that?" "mine" Louis said "give me your phone" "I cant you tied me up" Louis said. so I took it out of his pocket "hello" I said "hello?, who is this"  harry said in a deep raspy tone "if you want Louis and his little girlfriend  back come to this address Monday two weeks from now" "what" "you herd me and don't bring the police or your friends will be dead" then I hung up



    Harrys P.O.V

"hello" a manly voice answered "hello?, who is this?" I answered "if you want your Louis and his little girlfriend back come to this address on Monday two weeks from now" they said I was shocked "what" "you herd me and don't bring the police or your friends will be dead" then the line went dead


then the phone dropped out of my hand.


 "what do he say" liam asked then I explained to them what happened and they freaked out "what that means we got to delay the tour two weeks we got to get them back" Zayn practicaly yelled.


" ya I know come on guys we got to figure out a plan." I said

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