Save me tonight

Hailey always loved one direction hopeing to meet them but does she or does she save them from danger or will no one see one direction again read to find out


2. carnival suprise

sorry for the short chapter


                         Zayn P.O.V 

we were on the elevator and Louis was screaming potato on the top of his lungs he may be more mature but he is still funny and childish and Hailey is laughing and screaming  unicorns at the top of her lungs I swear they're so much like each other since she's coming on tour with us and so is Perrie they can hang out they seem like they can be friends so she wont be the only girl on the bus.


 I think my heads going to explode with all the screaming. "guys please stop screaming " "why this is fun" Louis  said  "cause your being to loud" I said "ugggggggg!!!!!!!" they both said  "hahahahaha you guys cant be loud" harry said " you are being annoying" Louis said back "stop fighting guys" that's when the elevator door opened " THANK THE LORD!" Liam yelled when he got out I just silently laughed to my self hailey and Louis' craziness must have been to much for them. 



   Harrys P.O.V

 Zayn just told Louis and hailey to be quit that just made me laugh "hahahaha you guys have to be quiet" I said "your being annoying" Louis said back I was about to say something else but that's when Zayn said "stop fighting guys" then the elevator doors opened  and Liam ran out yelling  "THANK THE LORD!" people gave us weird stares but I ignored them and burst into laughter and fell to the ground clapping like a retarded seal then hailey did the same thing and Louis was jumping up and down while laughing. and the people at the register were getting mad so we ran out as fast as we can and got into the car


   and then all of us started laughing. Liam was driving I was in the passenger side Niall in the back by Louis hailey on the other side of Louis and Zayn in the way back in his own world. Louis was flirting  with hailey nonstop it was getting gross hailey kept giggling. "guys stop flirting it's getting gross" then they laughed so I put on the radio and best song ever came on the radio and we all sang on the top of our lungs and then hailey somehow put then windows down and people were honking there horns at us when the song was over we all laughed and kept on singing the whole way there.





  Louis' P.O.V

Hailey was so cute and her personality was perfect she's so fun and doesn't  take life to serisly she's so perfect I'm going to ask her out tonight when I met her in the park I was breathless I couldn't find any words to come out of my mouth. when we were in the car I was flirting with her "you know your beautiful" I said she giggled, man her giggle was cute, then she said " no I did not no one ever told me that" she said flirtahisly "really I thought a beautiful girl like you would of herd that every day" I said  "nope apparently guys don't like girls that don't ware makeup." she said " well I think your perfect" I said back.


   then Harry said "guys stop flirting it's getting gross" he said then me and hailey and me both laughed then the radio and best song ever came one we sang the whole way there when we were there we all went on the Farris wheel.



    "how about Niall rides with  me Zayn with Harry and Louis with Hailey." Liam said.

and every one nodded in agreement "so how long is this lined!" niall complained "were next niall" harry said he is being very impatient today. "I want cotton candy" hailey said. "we will get the cotton candy after this ride" I said  "yay!!!!!" she said like a child on Christmas morning.


     then it was our turn but before we could get on the ride a cloth went over me and Haileys mouth when the boys weren't looking and before I knew it everything went black





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