Don't Jinx It

*Batman Fanfiction*
Aurora Wayne; Bruce Wayne's adopted daughter; one with an obsession with riddles. Unfortunately, having Bruce Wayne as her legal guardian, she was under threat by rouges. She just had to jinx it, didn't she? Too bad she didn't care.


4. Momma Cat

~~"Ooooh, Jinx, I like that!" Harley giggled.
"What about your outfit, Jinx?' Joker laughed.
"Well, I'm wearing it, obviously." I said, rolling my eyes.
"Sarcasm. I like it." Riddler mused, a light blush coming to my cheeks.
"We gotta go show you ya room, Rori!" Harley said, happily.
Before I could question her, she dragged me away to the hallway I saw earlier. She dragged me to the golden door.
"Say heeeelloooo to your room!" Harley said.
 I saw the constrution tape, and gave a questioning look.
"It's in progress, so ya gonna have ta buddy 'till its done!" Harley explained.
We headed back to the living room. "Okay, who's gonna buddy with me tonight?" I asked the room. "You could-" Riddler began.
"You could buddy with me! I have an extra couch!" Scarecrow quickly said.
Riddler looked like he was about to stab Johnny.
"Oh, Eddie, you look a little red." Ivy teased.
"Sure, Jon, I'll buddy with you tonight." I said, smiling. Johnathan's smile widened.
"That kinda green just ain't your color, Eddie." Harley said.
I slept in Jonathan's room. He, of course, lied about the couch. He instead gave me his bed, and went to his lab in his basement. I swear, just as I was drifting off to sleep, I felt someone kiss my cheek....
         The next morning, I woke up to the smell of pancakes.. PANCAKES??? PANCAKES!! I absolutely loved pancakes! As I entered the yummy-smelling kitchen, I saw Harley making pancakes.
"Omg, Harley! I love pancakes!" I told her.
"Ya, I know, Eddie told me ya did." Harley smiled.
"Harley!" Eddie said, duking his head down from emaressment.
"Edward Nigma! Have you been snooping?" I asked, walking over to the couch on which he sat on. I sat down, and he clenched his jaw, and swallowed. "No.." he said, smirking.
"Uh huh, sure." I said.
Harley said, "Alright, you two lovebirds.Breakfast Time!" she said. We both blushed and got up, sitting next to eah other uncounciously at the table. I stole one of Eddie's pancakes, and he returned the favor. Jonathan simply looked mad.
"So, Jinx, you ready for your first crime?" Joker asked, shoveling a bite in his mouth. I nodded. "What are we doing?" Joker asked.
"You aren't doing anything; you are simply going to watch out for Batman and, if he shows, stall him, while Harley and Kitty Cat steal the diamond." Joker said
"Don't call me Kitty Cat, Joker." Catwoman said, boredly, as if it was a daily thing and she just knew it wasn't going to get through to him.
I nodded and Catwoman, Harley and I went to Catwoman's room to get ready. Catwoman leant me a skin tight suit, but it was green. It was easier to move around in than my dress. I kept my "RIddle Me This" mask though, which Eddie liked very much.
We headed out, when Harley called Catwoman, "Momma Cat". "Momma Cat?" I asked. "Yeah, she kind of watches out over us, her kittens." Harley said. "I got a new kitten now,, Harley. Little JInx over here." Catwoman said. Guess she's Momma Cat now.



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