Don't Jinx It

*Batman Fanfiction*
Aurora Wayne; Bruce Wayne's adopted daughter; one with an obsession with riddles. Unfortunately, having Bruce Wayne as her legal guardian, she was under threat by rouges. She just had to jinx it, didn't she? Too bad she didn't care.


10. Arkham Asylum

A few weeks later, I started putting on weight. I assured myself that it was nothing, just the effect of me not fighting or committing crimes. Today, Edward, Momma, Harlz, Ivy, Jon, and I were going to robe Gotham City Bank, the biggest bank in Gotham. As it was so big, we split into teams in order to cover more ground and more loot. Eddie and I, Harley and Ivy, and Selina and Jon. Eddie and I were to go to the art area, stealing the expensive art and graffiti the remaining area. Harley and Ivy were to go to the vault, using Ivy’s vines to break open the vault door. Selina and Jon were to rob the jewels. As Edward and I were finishing up our part, I got a message from Selina on the walkie talkies. “Code Black! Code Black! We Are Being Surroun-“the line went dead. Code Black? Batman. Edward ran to the door. “Come on, Jinx!” he yelled. I shook my head, anger bubbling in me. Time for a little payback. I headed to Selina’s area, hearing Eddie call my name. “No! He’s not worth it!” I ignored him, and saw Batman. “Aurora.” He said. “It’s Jinx, Batman.” I seethed, voice cold. “You can still make emends. You haven’t killed or done anything very criminal. Drop this, and come back to Wayne Manor, otherwise, I’ll have to treat you as a criminal.” Batman warned. “Tempting. Not. You’re asking me to live this exciting lifestyle with the man I love, for a boring lifestyle sitting at a billionaire’s mansion, while knowing my adoptive father is out there, being Batman? And also while I suppress my powers? No.” I said, in Richard’s voice. “One. Final. Warning.” He said. “Come on, then, Batman. Let’s see if your training did any good.” I yelled, Bruce’s voice. He growled, running toward me. He kicked me in the stomach, knocking me back. I hissed, standing up and tried to roundhouse kick him, like before, but he grabbed my leg and chucked me. “Fine, Bats. Take me to the asylum.” I said, rolling my eyes. Actually, I could take him, but I haven’t had the chance to visit the asylum from the “patient’s” side. He growled, tying me up, mumbling something along the words of: “Where did I go wrong?” He took me to the Bat mobile, which already held Ivy, Harley, and Riddler tied up in. So. I guess Momma and Jon were successful and got away. We soon arrived at the asylum, and the others were taken to their cells. As a new cell for me was being made, I had to share with Edward. Fine by me.
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