The Move To England~(Liam Love Story)

Summer`s parents die and she has to go live with her uncle she doesn't know, who happens to be Simon Cowell. When she gets there will she fall in love with a certain plaid loving lad? That happens to be in a band her uncle put together and manages.


6. Chapter 6

~Summer's P.O.V.~

Simon I am guessing got up from his spot and walked over to me. "Hello love. You must be Summer. I am your Uncle Simon Cowell. You probably don't remember me but, I was at your fourth, fifth, and sixth birthday parties."


"H-H-Hi." I stuttered and he laughed at me and said "No need to be nervous love. We are family." Then he pulled me in for a giant hug. When we pulled away he gave me a warm heart felt smile. Then he took my hand and led me over to the five lads that were surrounding him earlier. When we got there he introduced them. "Summer this is One Direction. One of the bands I put together." They all waved at me and said either 'hello' or 'hi.' I waved back and said 'hey'. Then they felt like they should basically give me their whole life history.


First was Louis William Tomlinson, who likes to wear stripes and suspenders. He is from Doncaster, England, was born on Christmas Eve, loves carrots, he is the loudest and craziest of the group, and loves the color red. He also has a bromance with one of his bandmates Harry. He is the oldest member of the group, has five younger sisters and one younger brother, and his girlfriends name is Eleanor. Also his nicknames are 'Boo Bear,' 'Swag Masta From Doncasta,' and 'Lou.'


Next was Zayn J. Malik who likes to keep his hair perfect, and he is from Bradford, England. He likes blue and red, he likes to draw, his birthday is January 12th, he has three sisters, and is shy until you get to know him. Also he is the second oldest person and is going out with Perrie Edwards from 'Little Mix.' His nicknames are 'Bradford Bad Boy' and 'DJ Malik.' 


Then was Harry Edward Styles who likes cats, his birthday is February 1st. He is from Holmes Chapel, England, he has an older sister named Gemma, and he is the youngest of the five. He is the flirt of the group and his favorite colors are blue and orange. His nicknames are 'Hazza' and 'Curly.'


Then was Niall James Horan who was born September 13th and is Irish. He is from Mullingar, Ireland. He doesn't just like food he loves food, and he has an older brother named Greg. Also he is the fourth oldest member, his favorite colors are blue and green. He just got his braces taken off and his nicknames are 'Nialler' and 'NiNi.'


Lastly was Liam James Payne. He likes plaid (like me), his birthday is August 29th. Exactly three days after mine but three years before mine. He has two older sisters, he is from Wolverhampton, England. He is the third oldest of the group, and is the responsible one of the group. His favorite color is purple, his nicknames are 'LiLi,' 'Li,' and 'Daddy Direction.' He is also single like me. I think I may have a crush on him but he will never go out with a freak like me.


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