The Move To England~(Liam Love Story)

Summer`s parents die and she has to go live with her uncle she doesn't know, who happens to be Simon Cowell. When she gets there will she fall in love with a certain plaid loving lad? That happens to be in a band her uncle put together and manages.


5. Chapter 5

~Summer's P.O.V.~

After about 45 minutes we pulled up in front of a huge mansion. My jaw dropped it was so ginormous. It was probably as big as the 'White House.' Okay maybe that's a little big but, it was huge and beautiful. Paul was already out and over by my side and I didn't notice. He opened my door for me and that was when I realized that I was going to be living here for the next couple of years. Paul waved his hand in front of my face and said "earth to Summer you there?"


"Huh? Uh yeah sorry this house is just huge. It's wow!"


"Do you want to go in or would you rather sit out here and stare at the house and look like a creeper?"


"Oh yeah, lets go in." I hopped out and went around to the boot of the car and got my bags with Paul. We walked up the steps to the door knob and looked over at me. "You ready?"


"I am as ready as i'll ever be. Thanks for caring Paul."


"Your welcome love. Know lets go." 


Paul turned the knob and walked into the house and I took a deep breath and then followed him inside the house. He closed the door and put my suitcases down by the door. Then he took off his jacket and put it in a hook in the closet. Well that is what I am assuming it was but, I don't know. 


"Hey Simon I am back with Summer were are you?" Paul yelled


"In the living room." I am guessing Simon said that. Paul extended his hand towards me and I took it.  Then he gave me the 'are you ready' look and I nodded my head. He lead me through the hallway and through different rooms till he stopped and looked at me. "You ready?" I just gave a simple nod and took a deep breath before he led me into a living room. I saw a guy sitting on a couch and he looked maybe in his late 30's or early 40's. He was surrounded by five lads that looked like they were in their late teens early 20's.  

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