The Move To England~(Liam Love Story)

Summer`s parents die and she has to go live with her uncle she doesn't know, who happens to be Simon Cowell. When she gets there will she fall in love with a certain plaid loving lad? That happens to be in a band her uncle put together and manages.


3. Chapter 3

~Liam's P.O.V.~

It was a normal Saturday morning the lads and I were sitting on the couches in our flat watching a random TV show. When all of a sudden I got a call on my phone. I told the lads to turn the TV off so I could hear. They all asked who was calling me on a Saturday morning. I looked at my caller Id and saw that Simon was calling me otherwise known as Uncle Si. I told the lads and they told me to put it on speaker so I did. 


"Hey Uncle Si."


"Hey lads! I was wondering if you lads could come over to my flat? I have something to tell you."


"Sure Si. Is something wrong? What happened? Are you hurt? What do you need to tell us?"


"Nothing is wrong Liam. I would rather tell you lads in person then over the phone."


"Oh alright we will be over in about 30 minutes."


"Alright lads. See you in 30. Be safe."


"Bye Si." 


We all split up and went to our rooms to get ready to go over to Simon's flat. Like always I was the first one done and waiting for everyone else. Harry came down a couple seconds later followed by Louis and Niall. Zayn was taking forever. I finally had enough and walked over to the staircase and yelled "Zayn hurry up or your going to have to walk!" All of a sudden you see Zayn running down the stairs yelling he is ready. So we all walked out to the car and I got in the driver's seat because there was no way I was going to let one of the lads drive. After about a 10 minute drive we got to Simon's flat and got out and knocked on the door. A couple seconds later Simon came and opened the door.


"Awww lads. Come in! Come in!" We followed him into the flat and saw Paul was already there. "Hey Paul! I didn't know you were going to be here." I said

"I didn't either." Paul said


"Okay lads I have something to tell you guys." Simon said


"Alright go on and tell us. We are listening." I told him


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