The Move To England~(Liam Love Story)

Summer`s parents die and she has to go live with her uncle she doesn't know, who happens to be Simon Cowell. When she gets there will she fall in love with a certain plaid loving lad? That happens to be in a band her uncle put together and manages.


10. Chapter 10

~Summer's P.O.V.~

There was a bright light shinning in my eyes waking me up. I opened my eyes and saw that the curtain was open and the sun was shining through, I looked around taking in my surroundings. The  lads were all spread out on the floor sound asleep, except Liam was no were to be found. Then I felt something around my waist, I looked down and there were hands around my waist not just anyone's  they were Liam's. I looked up and saw Liam smiling down at me.


"Good Morning Beautiful." Liam said making me blush like a mad man.


"Good Morning Liam." 


"Do you want to help me make breakfast?" Liam asked




Liam and I walked to the kitchen and started to make pancakes and bacon. It was really interesting considering I have never cooked before. 


"Hey Summer do you mind waking up the lads? Oh and don't worry about Simon and Paul they went down to the studio and asked if we could bring you down with us when we go."


"Otay Panky. Question how am I supposed to wake them up?"


"Just try and get them up somehow."


"Thanks for the help." I said sarcastically.


"Your welcome love." 


I walked out and to the movie room, okay how do you wake up four lads that are sound asleep? I was thinking then it came to me and I ran back into the kitchen.


"Liam were are the pans?" He gave me a funny look then pointed to the cabinet.


"What are you going to do with those?"


"You'll see. Just wait." 


I ran back out to the movie room and started to band the pans together. They started to wake up so I hurried and hide the pans and turned on the TV, then went to the couch and sat down. They all sat up and looked at me, while glaring at me. 




"Did you just bang pans together to wake us up?" Harry asked


"No what makes you think that? I would never do that."


"So you did?" Lou said


"Maybe." They all gave me a evil look then looked at each other.


"GET HER!!!" Lou said and they all looked at me, got up, and started running towards me. I got off the couch and started running, I looked behind me and I had four grumpy Brits on my tail. Oh No I Am Dead!!!!!!!!!!! 


"Liam! Liam there going to kill me!" I yelled as I ran towards the kitchen. Liam came out and saw me running towards him and opened his arms, I ran straight into them. 


"What's wrong?  Who's going to kill you?" Liam said, I then pointed behind me and said "Them because I may or may not have woken them up by banging pans together." I looked up and gave him an innocent smile and he just laughed. 


"So that's what you needed the pans for." I nodded and then we heard four pairs of footsteps getting closer and he turned around and pushed me behind and had a tight grip on me. I started to blush when he was basically holding me against him. This is wrong I can't like a 19 year-old who is basically an adult. When I am only 16 basically a kid. I got broke out of my thoughts when I heard Liam say "If your going to hurt anyone, hurt me because I told her to wake you guys up so you don't miss breakfast."


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