Life is hard


1. the first day

Emily's POV

Ring..ring..ring oh crap it's time to get up what if the kids at the new school don't like me thay probley won't im different omg look at the time I need to get ready I went to my closet and grabbed my black skinny jean ,black tank top and a black sweat shirt to cover up the scars and did my make up to cover up my ugliness i got on the bus and I all ready started whispering and pointing I went to the back of the bus and had to sit by my self. (At school) I heard some one whispering Goth, emo ,fat , ugly , I was walking to my locker and a a hunky jock pushed me in to the wall and he yelled "sh't I don't need fat meat in the way now get the he'l out my way before I make your f'cking face uglier) every one started giggling I was trying so hard not to cry but I made it The day started getting harder first day and people were already telling me to kill my self I wold love to I really wold

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