Forever together (Niall Horan FanFiction)

Its a story about a girls who was hated since her childhood....she lived lonely waiting for her lovelife..will she find him? ...will he be as she expected?


7. Chapter 6


   I waked up in the morning still thinking about what happened yesterday , about niall sweetness that turned to anger .


I went to take a shower and when I finished I turned back to find niall sitting o my bed looking at his feet .


"Hey beautiful " he said checking my body which was only covered by towel .


"What are you doing here ?" I asked , whispering not wanting sarah to know he is her


"I wanted to see you " he answered


I went to my closet to grab a jeans , t-shirt , bra and some panties , then I went to the bathroom again to change without saying a word , of course I'm changing my close in front of him.


when I turned back he was still there , this time he was laying on my bed reading a book , wait a second its not a book its my journal , how could he ? I ran to him and grabbed my journal.


"what the hell ? " I wrathfully asked


" reading your journal " he smirked " You better be ready to go , I can wait no more " he completed .


"How you get here anyway ?" I asked


" From the window " he answered like nothing happened , but I grabbed his hand when he tried to reach the door.


"You better to leave as you came " I smirked , it took him minutes to understand what I meant but the he went to the window  he gave me one last look and jumped , I was terrified but I guess he do that a lot .


I went down stairs to tell sarah I'm leaving for a walk , I grabbed my phone and went out side to find niall waiting next to his car .


" Can you tell me where are we going ?" I sighed , while he was opening the door for me .


"surprise " he smirked , I'm sick of  his surprises.




Minutes later he told me we arrived I gave a look it was a park , it was a sunny day and  there were children playing every where , why would niall come to such place .?


" I like this place much " he said reaching for my hand to hold it , I hope sweet niall stay like that for one day , as we sat on a  bench which was away from the noise .


"I'm sorry because I acted like jerk last night " he said looking a his feet .


"It's okay " I smiled back for him , why he apologized to me ?


Hours ago and Niall kept talking about what he loves and what he hates , but I somehow find myself enjoying that much , I like the way his thin, pink lips moves when he is talking , I like the way his blue eyes shine in the sun , I like those yellow flecks in his eyes I've never noticed he had such perfect blue eyes , I like his Irish accent that makes him even more cute , I like the way his hair looks like , I think I like him ..wait..I cant like him he is a bad boy .


"Are you listening ?" he asked .


"I'm sorry , what you were saying ?"


"nothing " he sighed


" its getting dark , lets go " he jumped from the bench and I followed him , but he was still holding my hand , when we reached the car he helped me in .


"now where are you taking me ? " I asked him


"to my place " he answered looking at the road , what his place I dont wanna go .


" No " I shouted making him look at me with frown , "I mean I cant , I have to go home " I corrected .


" Dont worry , I told sarah you are staying at mine today " he reassured .


what he asked sarah , and he agreed ? I cant believe that but I better to shut up If I'm going to stay with him .





He parked his car in a parking in front of a big white building , I opened the door and grabbed my phone then I waited for niall .


He grabbed my hand as we entered the building , then we got into the elevator and ascended , the door was opened as we walked into a long hall , till niall stopped at an apartment on the left and opened the door .


The place was so clean there was a tv and a big leather sofa in the living room .


" You are here man .." a huge dark male appeared and his eyes got widen when he saw me , he looks like he saw a ghost


" This is sandra.. " niall introduced me " and this stefen " nial introduced him as he smiled , he was tall with dark hair and dark eyes , he was only wearing shorts .


"Come on , I'll show you my room " niall said putting his hand on my shoulder .


His room was big there was a huge white bed and closet next to the door , the walls was all white except the wall behind the bed was black , there was a modern T.v on the wall in front of his bed .


" wait here a second , I'll bring you some water " he left the room


I sat on the edge of the bed waiting for him , minutes later he came back with a cup of water , he gave it to me as I thanked him , then he went to his closet and grabbed me clean white t-shirt and shorts


" you can change in the bathroom , its this way " he pointed to a room next his room's door .


the bathroom was white and clean , I wounder how males apartment could be that clean . I changed my cloths and brushed my teeth with a new tooth brush niall gave it to me .


When I finished I went back to the room to find niall only in sweatpants , he was half naked .


"my t-shirt really fix you , you look " his comment made me blush .


"come here " he opened his arms for me , and I found myself without thinking going to him , I sat next to him as we wrapped his arm around me and pulled myself closer to him


His smell was amazing , he smelt like a mix of mint and cherry a smell that you want to always smell , as we were watching T.v , I felt my eyes getting heavier and heavier .







I waked up in the morning to find niall  sleeping he was still holding me tight like he was afraid that I might run away , I tried to move slowly not wanting to wake him up


I went to the kitchen to make some coffe as I filled the coffee pot I heard foot steps when I looked , it was stefen


" Morning " he smiled


"Morning " I smiled back .


" Your niall is sleeping " he smirked , I nodded.


" look sandra , I wanted to warn you from niall he might look nice but he is not , before you let him do anything to you make sure you're not a game for him " he said and left the kitchen , leaving me thinking about what he said.


why they all warning me , they dont know him he might look like bad boy but he is the quit opposite .


I grabbed the too mugs and went back to the room , but this time he was awak


"Morning " I smiled " I didnt want to wake you up so I made you coffee " I said giving him his mug .


"Thank you " he smiled back , he look so cute in the morning , his eyes are still sleepy , I like it .


"Niall , can you take me home ?" I nervously asked


" Are you still afraid of me ?" he asked me raising his eyebrows


"No , I'm just not used to stay away from home " I answered looking at my mug , but I wasnt afraid of him , not anymore


" OK , get ready I'm taking you home " he said


" Thank you " I happily jumped from the bed , and went to the bathroom .


5 minutes later I was ready to go , I grabbed mt phone and went to the living room where niall and stefen were . but niall look different , angry I dont know what happen .


" You ready ?.. lets go " he opened the door and went out side , I gave stefen whats wrong look but he shrugged , I followed niall to the elevator then to the car without a word , when we were in the car , I felt brave to ask him .


"Niall are you ok ?" I asked , but there was no replay


" Niall , are you ok ?" I repeated but this time louder .


" I dont wanna talk about it " he yelled , looking at me but this time his eyes werent blue they were dark . I looked away not wanting to see his face , how could he yell at me ?


I thanked god when we arrived , all I want now is home I cant cry in front of him , before I opened the door I felt hands on my tights 


"Wait " he said " I'm sorry because I yelled at you " he look like a child apologizing to his mum


"Its ok , I just wanted to make sure you are fine " I reassured him , what the hell is going on with me? , he yelled at me I should hit him on the face .


" look , tomorrow I'll pick you up at 7 , I'll tell you  everything " he said , I nodded .


When I arrived the house sarah was in the garden I greeted  her and went to my room thinking about what niall said , what did he mean by tell you everything ?.


* * * * * * * * * * * * *


sorry guys in the picture sandra's eyes ere blue but in the story the are brown


It was a mistake I'm really really sorry



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