Forever together (Niall Horan FanFiction)

Its a story about a girls who was hated since her childhood....she lived lonely waiting for her lovelife..will she find him? ...will he be as she expected?


24. Chapter 23


  3 Weeks Later 


Sandra's POV


Well the prom is tomorrow and I feel terrible , I hope I'm not the only one , cause everyone here in the school seems happy .


I hugged my books and walked throw the crowded hallway while everyone is chatting about the prom as usual  girls are giggling , God I hate walking alone in this fucking school where is Sasha and Niall , I cant see any familiar faces .


" Here is my princess " Niall's voice made me jump , but he make up for it by kissing my neck as he held my waist , his touch always send me butterflies , I love him is all I can say .


" Hey babe " I turned myself around and placed a quick kiss on his lips .


" Someone is in good mood today " he smiled


" Tomorrow is the prom " I said wrapping my arms around his neck , actually my comment made his eyes sparkle .


" Yeah " he hissed , then he pulled me closer as he started to kiss my lips , Omg his lips taste so good , it taste better than cherry and please dont judge me .


" Go find a room , lovebirds "  Louis butted in making us stop kissing , no need to say that Louis is the only one who call us lovebirds , it was driving me crazy at first but now I got used to it .


" Shut up Louis " I groaned smacking his arms , we became really good friends the last couple weeks , actually we all became good friends even Zayn , I remember the first time I met him he barely talked to me he just gave me creepy looks , but now everything is perfect .


Is that all because of the coming prom , does it really bring people together , maybe I was wrong about the prom , maybe I was wrong about everything life is not really bad , you just must find the right people to be with .


" Hey Sandra , you Okay ?" Niall whispered in my ears , interrupting my thoughts .


" Yeah " I nodded as he kissed my checks with his soft lips .


"Do you mind Sandra if I took Niall ?" Louis mocked a lady voice


" Take care of him " I teased as me and Sasha watched them leave .


" Aren't we lucky to have such boyfriends " Sasha chuckled


" Yeah , now move we dont wanna be late " I laughed as I joyfully pushed her .







" Finally , school is over " I sighed


" Really I cant believe we finally finished school " she groaned , " but we should go to college together actually we should stay at the same dorm " her voice was flushed with excitement .


" Yeah we should " I mocked her voice , " you  know what we should have our own apartment -" I was about to give ideas about future but my phone interrupted .


" Hey Sarah " I sais putting the phone on my ears .


" S-sandra , help " Sarah's voice was weak , then she gave a serious cough .


" We should drive home " I slurred hanging up the phone .






" Sandra we're home " Sasha spoke as I quickly opened the door and ran to the house , I really dont know how I came here , all my attention was focused on sarah .


I grabbed the keys and left the door open for Sasha to follow me , I stormed inside the house to find Sarah sprawled on the sofa , I quickly kneed next to her as I held her hands


" We should call the doctor " Sasha grabbed her phone and started to dial the doctor number


" No , dont " Sarah's scrawny voice stopped her , then she looked at me , Shit she look terrible her face was pale and her eyes were red , so red .


" Sandra , I need to forgive me before I die "


" shhh , you'll be fine , the ambulance is coming "


" No you need to know the truth " her word shocked me , what truth ? she took a deep breath , and opened her mouth to talk  , " I was the one who caused your family's death " she muttered , what the hell .


" Sarah please , you need a doctor "


" Before your dad marry your mom , I was dating your dad , but then your mom showed up , he had to marry her because of a business things between his dad and her dad , but he never stopped loving -"


" Sarah stop it " I stood up , The hell she is saying it cant be real .


" You're dad wasnt happy by your brother birth , he always wanted a girl , and when you was born he started to have feeling for your mom , which drove me crazy , and all I cared about was killing you , but when I first carried you , you smiled to me and it was the most beautiful smile ever , to be honest you were the reason that stopped me from taking the revenge , but it couldnt last long , so I prepared the whole thing , and your parents accident wasnt  coincidence  , it was all prepared by me "


" Stop it please " I begged as I crossed the room in a couple of strides then I kneed covering my ears , I can hear no more .


" Sandra are you Okay ?" Sasha kneed next to me starting to cuddle with me .


" Make her stop " I gasped , my life is a total mess


" Okay , relax " she tried to comfort me , relax? are you kidding ? I have no power to argue







"Sandra , I'm sorry " Niall said pulling me closer to his chest .


"She is dead , Sarah is dead " I was shocked I still cant believe she is dead .


All I remember is her laying on the sofa covered with a white cloak so only her face was visible as her hand were sprawled next to her , I didnt have much time to look at her because Sasha covered her face , so her body was totally covered with this fucking cloak , she was covered from head to toe .


"Hey look at me " Niall held my face with his hands , god  he has the most warm hand in the world , " you'll be fine " he comforted as I nodded , he was good at that .


" come on you need to sleep " he kissed the top of my head , I nodded and followed him


Sleep ? there is no way in hell I'm sleeping , not after this , her words are still running throw my mind , they are like daggers







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