Forever together (Niall Horan FanFiction)

Its a story about a girls who was hated since her childhood....she lived lonely waiting for her lovelife..will she find him? ...will he be as she expected?


23. Chapter 22


   Sandra's POV


 When I arrived home I dialed sasha's number to tell her about the great news , she will be so excited .


" Hey , sasha " I greeted


 " Hey , sandra " she answered the phone


" I have some good news " I smiled


" Me too " she chuckled


" Then you can come to my place " I offered


" Yeah , give me 30 minutes " she said through the phone


" Okay " I hang up the phone and went to the living room where sarah was , she was watching T.v , but when she saw me she cheered up.


" Sandra , hey honey " she smiled


" Hey , I missed you " I joined her on sofa as I rested in her hug as I used to .


" I missed you too " he said wrapping her arms around mine , I feel comfort  in her arms .


" Sasha is coming here "  I hissed in her arms


" She is welcome " she said and I feel her smiling


" you feeling well ?" I raised my head a bit as I asked her .


" Yeah , honey " she plumped my shoulder trying to comfort me , I was about to start a conversion about the prom but sasha interrupted by ringing the bell.


" I 'm going to open the door " I informed before making my way to the door as she nodded .


" Sandra I missed you like hell " she cheered stepping inside then she pulled me in a tight long hug , but I really missed her .


" I missed you more " I hugged her back


" Hey Sasha , it's good to see you " Sarah rejoiced when she saw Sasha , yeah because she was part of the fucking deal .


" Hey Sarah , it's good to see you too " Sasha smiled back


" We will be in my room , if you wanted anything call my name " I said then I pulled Sasha upstairs , when we were finally in my room , I closed it behind me then I joined Sasha who was leaning on the bed .


" So what is the good news " Sasha spoke .


" Well , Niall asked me for prom " I soothingly spoke .


" And ?" she looked with full interest


" I dont know yet " I muttered


" The hell you mean ?" she yelled


" Shhhhh , I agreed you bitch " I sneered


" Dont call me bitch " she joyfully smacked my shoulder


" What about you ?" I asked


" Well , Louis asked me for prom too " she cheerfully started to jump on my bed like a kid who his mom bought him a toy .


" Omgg , You're crazy " I groaned .


" I'm crazy, actually we both are " she chuckled as she hoisted me up so now we both are jumping like kids .


" We should buy new dresses " I gasped sitting down on the bed , after jumping for about 5 minutes , when we both got tired sasha finally agreed to relax .


" yeah we probably should " she gasped joining me down .


" Tomorrow then "


" Okay , after school is fine ?"


" Yeah totally fine , you wanna have sleepover ?"


" That will be great , let me call my mom " she stood up and went to her handbag and grapped her phone , she put the phone on her ear and started her conversation with her mom .


Niall POV's


" What you want ?" I snarled to harry who was standing at my doorstep , I didnt know he was the one knocking .


" We need to talk " his tone was serious . talk ? there is no way in hell I'm talking to him , not after what he did .


" Please , Niall " he begged so I nodded and let him inside .


" What ?" I trudged to sit on the sofa , while he was already sitting .


" I wanted to apologize " he slurred


" Why? , you did nothing wrong "


" Really , I know you Niall , your tone is harsh "


" You almost fucked my girlfriend "


" Stop it Niall , you know that Sandra is just my best friend "


" Since when ?"


" Seriously Niall , I would never touch your girlfriend , Sandra is just a sister for me "


" Harry you're my friend , dont put me in an awkward position to choose "


" I wont , you need to trust me "


" I do " I hissed , I dont know why I forgave him , but when it comes to harry I hesitate , he is always here when I need him , I owe him a lot besides I trust him .


" I've to go " harry said , standing up


" Wait " I stopped him , " I asked Sandra to prom and she said yes " my words nailed his steps


" Really " he whirled with a big smile


" What you think ?"


" I think its ...amazing "


" Thanks , What about you ?"


" I'm not into proms , but its weird you're going "


" It is , but its Sandra man " I said making him smile , he walked to the door to open it  then he left.











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