Forever together (Niall Horan FanFiction)

Its a story about a girls who was hated since her childhood....she lived lonely waiting for her lovelife..will she find him? ...will he be as she expected?


21. Chapter 20


  Niall's POV


 "I'm leaving man , this place is boring " I said replacing the cup on the table , while making my way out


"Come on , the strippers will be here soon " Justin said forcing me to stay


"Strippers ? , the hell man " I gave him a disgust look , "See you later " now I'm finally out of this house , strippers are you kidding me , I hate strippers


I feel awful because  I refused sandra's request , it would be better than seeing strippers , anyway I started my car , I wanna go and see sandra , she must be home , should I call her first ? no lets make it surprise .


Sandra's POV


" You wanna cupcakes " I said giving harry a cup of tea


"No , thanks " he smiled , bringing the cup to his lips


" Sarah went to sleep , she became tired from cooking " I replaced the cup on the table and joined him back on the swing , looks like he is enjoying it .


" Yeah , you think what happened to her was fine ?" he asked


"No ,  she refuse to see a doctor , but I'll take her soon " I said , looking at his worried face , he  really cares


"Cool " he sighed , looking back at the sky


" Can I ask you something ?" I mumbled


" Sure " harry sighed


" Why you act like badboys ?"


"What you mean ?"


"I mean you and niall always act like bad boys and everyone avoid you , but I think you both can be better person "


"Was you afraid from niall from first time you met him ?" harry's question surprised me


" No "


"That's why he loves you , because you didnt judge him , but whoever see us they judge us  , thats the world "


" Yeah , but you can prove the opposite "


"Our acts reflects what we've been through "


" I know , thats why I trust you "


"You trust me ?"


"Yeah " I do really trust harry , he treat me like his sister , I feel he his part of my family


I think this conversation is getting better , I would never talk with harry that way , he is right we shouldnt judge people without getting to know about them .


While we both were sitting in an awkward silence watching the sky , I felt large hand on my shoulder , I looked at harry who was starring at the sky , why he is acting like that? I mean he is harry styles , he cant be confused , I surprised him by resting my head on his warm chest as he wrapped his hands around my arms .


I feel guilty about niall , but I did called him and he prefered partying with his friends besides harry is my bestfriend .


"Did Justin call you today ?" I broke the silence


"Yes , why ?" I felt his breath above my head


" I was just asking " I ended the subject


"Niall didnt come because of the party , did he ?"


" Yeah "


"Look , he is my friend but if I were him I would never cancel you "


" shut up " I gleefully pushed his shoulder


"I was just helping " he teased



" Sandra , where are you ?" I jumped from my seat as a male voice called my name


"N-Niall? " I mumbled , looking at harry who was terrified


"Yeah " he said entering the garden , but he was nailed when he saw harry .


Harry stood from his place , as I stood awkwardly between the both of them , the way niall looks at us make me feel guilty , we were just having dinner nothing more .


"What the hell ?" niall finally spoke


"Sarah invited me for dinner " harry defended himself , but he was cool


"And the dinner is over " niall spoke with harsh tone


" I'll leave you alone " harry whispered in my ear and he started to make his way inside the house , I just nodded but my eyes didnt leave niall's gaze which was watching harry's steps outside the house



"You had fun ?" why he is treating me like I did something wrong


"Yeah " I said , when I finally had the power to move I made fast steps to my room , and of course niall was following me I can tell by the angry steps behind me , when I finally was inside the room I sit on my bed .


" I'm ready to listen " niall said closing the door


" Listen to what ?" I frowned


"To what happened while I was gone "


" Nothing "


"You think I'm fool "


"Niall , its nothing , he had dinner with me and sarah and then he left " I was trying to be cool


"Yeah , that was before you were about to fuck him " he yelled , fine I'm done with this


"Stop yelling , I didnt fuck him , you dont trust me it's your problem not mine " I yelled back , and I do regret it


" I trust you , but not him "


"yeah , and I trust him " my words shocked him , shit why did I say that? , I do trust harry but it wasnt necessary to tell niall about it .


" So , it's my fault then "


" I never said it was " I hate it when he yells at me


" I hate harry , he fucking makes me jealous " niall placed his hands over his forehead and yelled , not again !!


" Harry is my bestfriend , we should really take about that bitch you had , you really think I forgive about it , not because we kissed that mean we are okay " I feel great to say that to him


" You think I was .... " he sighed " Sandra , Mary is my cousin "  what ? his cousin , ok I'm shocked , she cant be ...shit !!


"Why you didnt tell me ?"


"Because you didnt give me a chance "


" What about the towel thing ?"


"She was taking a shower and I did when she was done " he explained


" And I had dinner with harry and then we sit in the garden , nothing more " I left him in the room and went to my bathroom , I cant cry infront of him , I must be strong


I looked in the room , as I watched the tears running on my cheeks , crap I'm crying , of course I'm crying , I'm a human , I cant act strong the whole time , while crying I noticed my makeup bag next to the bathtub , the only time I dont blame myself for forgetting it here


I quickly grabbed it and picked my mascara , I washed my face and started to colour my eyelashes with the black liquid , when I was done I gave  a quick look before I open the bathroom door .


Niall was sitting on my chair next to the window , I ignored him and slept on my bed


" Sandra " he hissed my name


"Yeah "


"I'm sorry , I yelled at you "


"fine " I sighed as I felt his warm body


"No , I dont blame you for being mad , but I'm sorry "


"Its fine Niall , I'm sorry too " I rolled my body , so now I'm facing him .


" I love you " he pulled me closer , our tights were touching


" I love you too " I hissed in his neck , OMG this is giving me the willies








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