Forever together (Niall Horan FanFiction)

Its a story about a girls who was hated since her childhood....she lived lonely waiting for her lovelife..will she find him? ...will he be as she expected?


20. Chapter 19


  Sandra's POV's


I was scared like hell from what happened to sarah , she was fine before I leave her , I really still cant get it , why I let niall kiss me yesterday I suppose to be mad at him , why I'm still attracted to him , but I cant deny he was so gentle yesterday , I mean he didnt have to drive me to sasha and help me with sarah , I'm confused , please tell me I'm right.


I poured some water in the cup and went to sarah's room , sarah was already awake


"Hey " I said giving her the cup and sitting next to her on bed


"Thank you " she smiled


" NO problem , You feel better ?" I asked


"yeah " she hissed , I stood up to let her sleep she looks exhausted , I snuffed out the lights and closed the door behind  me


I went to my bed and closed my door , today was a long day and I'm too tired so all I need now is bed to sleep .


I wore my Pyjamas , and slipped under the warm blankets , I put my head on the comforting pillow and fast I fell asleep .







When I woke up I stayed in bed , I feel too lazy to move from bed , but I forced myself too and went to the bathroom to take a shower , I stepped in the bathtub and opened the water as the hot water fell over my body .


When I was finished I went to my room and picked blue shorts and t-shirt , I wanna spend today home with sarah , she wasnt well yesterday .


So I went downstairs because she wasnt in her room , which terrified me , but when I found her she was in the kitchen !



"Finally you're awake " she said when she noticed my presence in the kitchen


"What are you doing ?" I frowned asking her


"Cooking " she sighed


"I know , you were sick " I groaned entering the kitchen


" I was just exhausted " she said ," And get ready because harry is coming for dinner " she smiled .


"What? What about niall ?" I sighed taking another step inside the kitchen


"You can call him" she focused back to cooking .


I left her in the kitchen and went upstairs , when I entered the room I grabbed my phone from my bedside table and dialed his number , but there was no answer , I put it on the bed and opened my closet to pick something to wear .


But my buzzing home interrupted , without guessing it was niall , so I put the phone on my ears.


"Hey " I answered


" Hey princess " his angelic voice spoke


"I was wondering if you have any plans today " I mumbled , I dont know why I was mumbling , like come on he is my boyfrined


"Yeah , Justin taking me to a guys night "


"Ohh , enjoy then "


"You wanted something ?"


"Yeah I wanted to invite you for dinner , but we can make it later "


"Yeah , I'm really sorry "


"No problem " I said before hanging up


I flung the phone away , I'm confused , I dont wanna be mad because its not a big deal , but for me it is I really do care , he should come , he really think I'm totally forgiving him about whatever he did with this bitch mary , I know I shouldnt kiss him that night , but I couldny stop when his soft lips touched mine , it was like the best thing ever


I went back to my closet and started to pick up some clothes , finally I chose b

pairs of black skinny jeans and white sleeveless shirt , after I wore them I brought my makeup box , and picked black eyeliner and mascara which says 10 times longer and thicker , but it really make my eyes look smokey , I like it , I slipped into my black heels and the only reason I'm wearing heels is that I wont leave the home 


When I was done , I checked myself for the last time in my full-length mirror and then I went downstairs to help sarah with dinner .


"You look gorgeous " sarah smiled when I appeared downstairs


"Can I help you " I asked


"No , everything is ready , I'm going to get dressed " she said going upstairs , while I waited for harry's arrival


Minutes later and the door's bell rang , I went to the door watching my steps , sorry harry I really dont wanna fall !


"Hey beautiful " harry greeted with a big smile making his dimples show off


"Hey harry , come in " I opened the door farther , creating space so he can move , I walked with him to the dinner table , and he chose the chair facing mine


"Harry , its good to see you " sarah interrupted entering the room


"Sarah . its good to see you too " harry replied to her .







The dinner went very well , harry kept telling jokes which made sarah laugh much , to be honest not all of the jokes were funny but I just laughed .


After we finished the dinner I wanted to help sarah clean the table but she refused , she wanted me to stay with harry , so I took him to the garden and we sit on my swing


"This place is amazing " he said looking at the sky


"Yeah " I hissed joining him on the swing , and started to look to the pure sky , the stars were so beautiful


"This swing is my favorite , it has a lot of my memories " I interrupted the awkward silence


"Really " he sighed


"What ? you think I'm joking "


"Sorry , but you just moved to london , how you have memories ?"


"You really think all of the stuff in this house are new "


"What you mean ?"


"I brought alot of my stuff from America with me , like my parents room and this swing "


"WOW , you are the first one who do something like that " he sighed


"I wanted to have all of my stuff which reminds me of my parents , my dad used to travel alot , so whenever he travel I sleep with my mom in her bed , she used to hug me " I didnt realize I was crying until harry wiped few tears of my cheeks with his fingers


"I'm sorry " he held my face between his warm large hands


"It ok , you didnt kill them " I faked a smile , I dont wanna ruin this perfect day











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