Forever together (Niall Horan FanFiction)

Its a story about a girls who was hated since her childhood....she lived lonely waiting for her lovelife..will she find him? ...will he be as she expected?


16. Chapter 15


  Niall POV's


  " fine " I hissed " I'll tell you everything " I closed my eyes to collect my thoughts .




  " lets go , we will miss the party " Justin yelled from the car , I closed the door and ran to the car.


" Drive " I commanded , Justin started the engine and drove as fast as he can , he is my bestfriend .





After 15 minutes we arrived at the house , Justine is the worst driver I've ever seen , the house was full of drunk bitchs and jerks , all they do in life is being drunk , they never think about future because they have none .


I know I'm from those , but I hate it , I have no other choice , I've been drinking since I hit my stepfather , but after I ran , mom searched for me and now I have to live with my mom , brother and stepfather , I hate it too , Ughhhh I hate my life.



" Hey niall " jack greeted , he was Justin's friend I never liked him , but I have to be friend with him , I dont wanna lose Justin .



" This is Tiffany " he pointed to a blonde girl , she had green eyes and white skin , she was short and she was wearing jeans , jeans ? in the party seriously !!


" She said , she is virgin , but she is sweet " he smirked , I know what he meant , actually it was just a game for us and I always have to pay .


" Hey Tiffany " I faked a smile , but I cant deny she was hot .


" hey " she smiled a childish smile.


" you wanna go upstairs " I suggested , she nodded




4 months later .


I was at the bar with Justin , it was another routine day , I'm drinking , Justin flirting .


" Hey , Niall " an familiar female voice called my name , when I turned she was her


" T-Tiffany " I hesitated


" can we talk " he nervously asked as I nodded .


I followed her out of the bar , what the hell she is doing her ? , she left the town after I had sex with her , I hate myself for doing this , I stole he virginity , I stole something doesnt belong to me , she was still pretty but she was a little bit fat .



" look  , what happened that night was a mistake -" I stupidly apologized


" I'm not here to blame you " she interrupted , " I have to take the blame , because I let you do this , but there is nothing we can do " she looked at me with watery eyes


" I know , what happened cant be fixed , but -"


" I'm pregnant , niall " her interruption made me speechless , how could she ? omg !!


End of Flashback


Sandra stood up from the bed , she sit next to the window , she wasnt even looking at me .


" Sandra , I know it hard to understand but I really regret it " I tried to explain but explain what ? there is no need .


" Regret it ? " she sighed ," You used a poor girl with your stupid game , you slept with her , and when she got pregnant you left her ignoring her  , you destroyed her life " now she was crying , more than crying


I moved from bed , and sit next to her , I put my hands on her tights but she jerked it away , she was scared , she was scared from me .


" Sandra , I would never hurt you " I nervously said


" you hurt many girls before me , you can easily  hurt me " he harsh tone made me speechless , and I could blame her


"  where are you going ?" I tried to interrupt her when she opened the door but she was faster besides she need to be alone .





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