Forever together (Niall Horan FanFiction)

Its a story about a girls who was hated since her childhood....she lived lonely waiting for her lovelife..will she find him? ...will he be as she expected?


14. Chapter 13


   Niall's POV's


 " you hungry ?" I asked looking at her beautiful eyes .


" yeah , so hungry " she groaned , I started to laugh at the way she said


"OK , lets go " I grabbed her hand and walked outside the room into the living room , to find Justin , why he is here ?.


" look who is finally out " Justin sighed


" Hello again , Justin " Sandra greeted


" Yeah , nice to see you again , Sandra " Justin smiled , or should I say flirted , I hate this guy !!


" Sandra is going to stay with me today " I announced , so Justin can understand that there is limits with my girlfriend .


" Cool , I'm going to make popcorn and get you some movies , so you can chose from it " Justin  excitedly said


" Wait , we were going to order piza not to watch movie " I goggled .


" OK , as you like " the disappointed appeared on his face


" No , I would like to watch a a movie " Sandra interrupted , and gave me WTF look ? , really she know nothing about him .


" OK , thank you " Justine went to bring the movie and popcorn , while me and sandra waited in the living room .


" why you did that " she asked


" I wanna spend time with you " I smiled , but she didnt say anything because Justine entered , I hope this day pass well .


Sandra POV's


"Which movie you wanna watch " Justine entered the room with few DVD's.


" Do you have the hangover ? "I asked , he nodded pulling the CD from his hand


" you got what you need " he teased then he left the room , when I looked at  Niall his eyes were full of anger , so I put my hands on his shoulder to comfort him .


"you ok " I asked


" yeah " he sighed , but I was sure something is wrong .


" please , I dont wanna ruin the day " I begged


"Dont worry , everything is ok " Niall assured , he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer , our tights were touching now


" you ready ?" Justin excitingly asked


" yeah we ready " I smiled .






Spending time with Justin wasnt really that bad , the movie was so funny , me and Justin couldnt stop laughing at the movie , but Niall wasnt really that happy .


After I brushed my teeth , I wore niall's t-shirt which stop at my mid-tight , then I went back to the room , Niall was sitting on bed topless , I love him in this state so much


" Finally , princess " Niall teased , he was in a good mood now


" I was washing my teeth " I groaned , I like to spend much time in bathroom , it's place where you can run from the whole word and their judgment .


" come here " he commanded , I did what I was told , I slept next to him , as his warm hands covered my skin and my head rested on his chest , so comfortable .


" you still dont want to tell , what was going on " I asked .


" please , dont ruin the day " he teased , and I laughed , he was good at that


I just closed my eyes enjoying his scent and his warmth . I love him !


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


sorry guys this chapter was short , I was really busy last couple days , I hate to help my mom , but the second one will be better , I promise


               ~  Maryam




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