Forever together (Niall Horan FanFiction)

Its a story about a girls who was hated since her childhood....she lived lonely waiting for her lovelife..will she find him? ...will he be as she expected?


11. Chapter 10


 Sandra's POV's


Today I woke up early not for the school , its because today I'm visiting my parent's grave , I think their grave must be in America where the accident happened , but sarah preferred in london because london is my mum's hometown .



I drunk my coffee and get dressed , black skinny jeans with black shirt , I went downstairs to say goodbye to sarah then I left .


I prefere to walk than drive my car , when I was about 5 minutes from the grave , I wanted to ask sarah about something , so I looked for my phone in the purse but I couldnt find it , I searched in my pocket but it was still lost .


I must get back home to get it , I know I'll be late but I dont wanna visit  grave alone with no cell phones .




10 minutes later in I was infront my house ,  but there was something different , there were two cars in the parking lot , when I got closer I noticed this car was niall;s , but the second one I couldnt know it belongs to whom , but it looks familiar.


I grabbed my keys from my bag and opened the door , I freezed when I saw all of my friends in the living room even lucy , the hell is going on ?


when sarah saw me she freezed too ,then she stood up .


"whats going on ?" I frowned


" n-nothing , w-why you are b-back early ?" sarah mumbled .


" I forgot my phone " I answered " now , what are you doing here ?" this time I looked at my friends .


" we are here to get our money " lucy smirked


" shut up  ,lucy " harry goggled at her


"why ? what money ?" I wonderingly asked


" baby, You're tired , lets go for a walk " niall stood up and put his hands on my shoulder , but I jerked it away


" I'm not going anywhere " I yelled at them , then I went to set next to sasha


" I'm ready to listen " I looked at her eyes , but she never talk


"I'll tell you sandra " lucy started ," sarah was paying us money to be your friends , but I failed " she giggled , and for the first time I feel hear nothing of what they are saying , it's like hearing loss , I only can hear my beating heart .


I needed water , so I went to the kitchen ignoring all of what they are saying , I grabbed a cup and poured some cold water , I brought the cup to my lips and drink it , I felt every drop of this water going to my stomach its like my life was in a slow motion



I went back to the room where everyone was waiting for me impatiently , I sit next to sarah


"Now , I need details " I commanded with a totally harsh tone .


" o-ok " she mumbled " When we were in America , you barely had any friends and when your parents dead you became even more lonely , so when we moved here I wanted to make something to help you , so I had a plan , they will be your friends , I give them money " she looked at her feet , I felt the tears making her way out from my eyes , but I cant cry .



" Do you really think it helped ?"he laughed " well it didnt , I cant believe you all lied to me , I dont wanna to have fucking fake friends , even you liam " I looked at liam who was already crying but with no sound , I cant stay here .


I grabbed my phone,  bag and went outside for a walk , I need air , I can hear them yelling my name but I ignored them any walked faster not knowing where to go .







After 15 minutes of walking my legs were killing me , but this place was familiar , it's the place where Niall took me to before , I know its silly to be here but I just moved to London I know nothing here , I sit on a different tree this time .


I cant believe Sarah she was like my older sister , how could she hurt me , the most one who disappointed me was niall , I trusted him , loved him , but no I cant love him ,can I ? ,what the hell ? , of course no , he lied to me.



I was interrupted by someone's hand on my shoulder , without looking he was Niall , he was the only one who know this place ,  he sit next to me but I jerked my head .


"I know you're made at me , but please listen " he begged , but I didnt answer


" I didnt want to do this , and you must know we made this deal after our first date , I was going to tell you , but I was too late "  he said , but I cant hear this , no more excuses , so I stood up and started to walk away but he grabbed my wrist .


" Dont go " he rolled me to meet his beautiful, watery eyes , no that wrong , I jerked my hand and stepped back .


"Sandra , I-I love you " he mumbled , his words made me cry , I've always wanted to hear it from him but it's too late , I just turned my back to him and walked away as fast as I can .






I arrived at home , I know its silly to be here but as I said before , there is no where I can go , but gladly nobody is home , so I went to my room , locked the door and throw my exhausted body on my comfortable bed .


I wish all of this is just a dream and when I woke up in the morning , I'll have breakfast and coffee with Sarah as we always do , then I'll go to school to meet Sasha and have a girly , funny time with her , finally I'll go to my boyfriend and throw my body to his warm hug and he will kiss the top of my head and tell me everything is okay.


But whom am I lying to ? , that 's not a dream its fact , they all lied to me even Niall after I trusted him .


I was  about to sleep but my phone buzzed , I cant remember I switched it on , but the number was unknown so I answered .


"hey " this female voice seems familiar .


" hey " I answered shaking .


"its me again ,  Suzan " I jumbed from bed



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