Love has no boundries

Love has no boundries for the best friends who couldn't be any different Castiel an angel discovers feelings for Dean a demon they have been friends for a while so Cas is afraid of telling Dean how he feels and knows that it is a sin but his feeling are to strong. #destiel #supernatural


1. The Sin

Cas' point of view

Why do I feel this way? He is a demon and I am an angel that alone is a sin in itself but to be in love with another male is a sin. It says in my Fathers word that to lye with a man as you would lye with a women is an abomination but I love him to much but he doesn't feel the same at least I don't think he does.

He has turned my world upside down I fell for him and I rebelled for him yet I don't think he noticed that I love him truly and undoubtably.

Everything has changed in the past year or so and Dean has always been there.

My Father the creator of all went MIA and Dean helped me look even though he knew that it was impossible to find God.

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