The Girl In The Closet


4. Movies

A/N: Made paragraphs this time!

A week later, same old same old, Muuri and I are still not a package deal, but I'm now okay with that. For now. But in the meantime before I decide, I invited Muuri to a new movie "The Fault in Our Stars", knowing I would be a sobbing mess. Muuri asked some of The Cult if they wanted to go, but only Meemas came. Pumped for another chance to see Muuri and probably have some nice moments, I picked out my outfit, makeup, and planned the whole thing out.

*The next day*

Today's the day! We're going to see the 2:15 showing, me and my mom left early, and when we got there, there she was. My short, cute, energetic little puffball, I hadn't seen her in that week so seeing her again made me ecstatic. I gave her a small little hug, I'm not much of a hugger, and this time, I made the move and kissed her on the cheek, trying to make it as amazing as the previous time that she had kissed me. We made our way to the movie, hand in hand, and sat down. We were at one of those fancy theaters where the seats recline and the arm rests go up to allow cuddling, so me, feeling quite ambitious, raised the seat up, and assumed the position that me and her knew so well, one arm around her head, hands entwined, and her free arm clutching my side, her head, yet again, resting on my chest.

I liked the movie, although I cried, but all the while, she was comforting me, petting my arm, kissing my cheek, trying to make me feel better, I knew she hated seeing me cry, but I just couldn't help it. After, we made the quick decision to go back to my place. Alone. Together. We had six hours of free time today, then Muuri had to go back home. I actually wanted her to sleep over, because last time was so fun and at the end of the day we cuddled, so, hoping for the best, we drove to my house.

Our night consisted of playing truth or truth to get to know each other better. We found out so much more to love about each other, so I couldn't help myself. I kissed her on the lips, and in my head, fireworks, I had just made up my mind. She was the one for me, and I was the one for her. I told her I loved her, and asked her out on a date next Saturday. She jumped with joy and happily obliged. We then shared another precious kiss, and as my mother called down that she had to leave, took our hands apart, and a sudden feeling that half of me had just been torn apart, went to my room and for a moment, let myself silently fangirl, and yet again, while my mind became foggy, I still saw clearly. I love Muuri, and she loves me.

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