Will he stay?

Have you ever hid a secret from everyone but your family ? Even your bestfriend from 6th? You thought it was best for you but little did you Know that it was hurting you and others around you . Well my name is Emily and I do ...............



5. chapter 5

                      I went home and called Elaine .She sounded happy for me .I always wanted a relationship like hers and calum there so cute together ! They been together ever since the 9th gr and i can tell they love each other .I mean let me tell you the story on how he asked her out ..... It was 3 months into school and of course Elaine had a crush on calum and she would always flirt with him well one day this girl named liz liked calum too , well one day liz pushed elaine into locker and start threating her saying stay away from calum or else well calum heard and came up and said too late she arleady mine and turned her around, kissed her, took her hand and walked away.... She goes thank you but you dont have to pretend you like me then he goes like said your mine ! then ever since there happily together ......I hope ashton and me end up like that even when he finds out the secret.


                                        * 6 MONTHS LATER *

Ashton what are we gonna do its your last day......We will be fine I promise!

Okay so we layed in bed all day watching movies eating popcorn it was dinner time and I was hungry . 
"I'm hungry babe" I said 
"Okay what do you want to eat babe" Ashton said 
"I don't know let's go make something "I said 
So we were on our way down stairs trying to find something to eat and then I was like let's make pancakes !!"
For dinner ? He said 
Yes!!! Okay then lets get started so we got the pancakes mix out and as he was pouring the mix in to bowl I grabbed some and threw it on him and then he threw some on me then I grabbed the egg he was going to put in there and smashed it on him so then he grabbed the other egg and did same so the kitchen was a mess and so were we .. Lets just say no pancakes since we wasted the mix! Now what are we gonna do or dinner I got it you go sit on chair in dining room I said when I was done I brought out 2 cups full of cereal! You know we have bowls he said I like it better in a cup I said he laughed and we started eating untill mrs.irwin comes down and saw the kitchen she screamed ashton Emily get in here now! So we started walking towards her and she goes this is not how I wanted you get rid of the pancake mix! Clean it up now! She said 
Okay me and Ashton said at same time he goes pinch poke you owe me a coke ! I go mix mash you owe me cash! Then mrs.Mrs.irwin looked at us and rolled her eyes .after we finished cleaning the kitchen I had to go home .it was fun and knowing after tomorrow I won't see him till a another year . Ashton drove me home and he could till I was upset . When we got to my house ... He got out and said babe wait he was digging in his pocket untill he pulled out a ring box . 
"Umh Ashton I'm too young I don't want to sorry now I'm not ready for marriage I mean maybe in a few years but now I think before I could say any more he grabbed me and kissed me to shut me up and he goes babe it's a PROMISE ring so you can trust me when I'm gone . I laughed and said oh thank you babe. Next thing you know it started pooring down rain he looks at me and goes I've been waiting to do this to the person I love he grabbed my waist I wrapped my arm around his neck. And he started to kiss me passionately and he stopped the looked at me and says I love you! 
I love you too I say back 




           *AUTHORS NOTE*

sorry for these annoying things i just wanted to say sorry for updating i love you all <3

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