She's Not Afraid

*This is after
One Direction broke up 13 years ago, they have all moved on and got married and started a family everyone but Harry. Harry became a school teacher teaching the 10th grade and in his class just happens to be one girl named Darcy Styles.


8. Chapter 3

Harry's POV:

I don't know how many times me and Edward have got cought talking by Darcy, I want to tell her but I just can't not yet anyways. I sighed and rolled over looking at my girlfriend she has been acting really weird lately but I don't want to push her into telling me but ever since I have told her about how Edward and Darcy she just freaking out a little and I don't understand way, I wrapped my arms around her waist and I felt her move away from me I sighed "Babe what's wrong?" I asked She rolled over and looked at  me "It's nothing really" she said I looked at her and I could that she was lying but I just let it go and got up. "I have to get ready for work love I'll see you later" she just nodded.

Louis's POV:

I just found out about a few weeks ago that Harry is teaching at his old school and me and Eleanor knew how much William missed Darcy so we were going to move to Holmes Chapel. William told me about what happened when he went to see Darcy at school, that gets me thinking then does Edward know that Harry is his and Darcy's dad I pulled into a parking spot at the school and got out walking into the school.

I knew what classroom Harry was teaching since William was telling me, I walked to his classroom and knocked on the door Harry looked up and waved me in, the only kids that were in the class were Edward Darcy and William. "Hey Darc" I said she smiled lightly " Hi Mr. Tomlinson" she said I chuckled "you can call me Louis remember Darc" she nodded she reminds my so much of Harry how he would call her mums parents by Mr. and Miss.

"Hey Lou what are you doing here?" Harry asked "well remember how you wanted my mum to find well she found it" I said and handed him some papers.


Darcy's POV:

Me and William are in Maths class and he is trying to help me with this lesson if you haven't already guessed I am really bad at maths "I gave up Will I can't do this it's too hard" I sighed and shoved the books away, Just as Will was about to speak there was a knock at the door and I turned and saw that it was Will's dad, He came walking in and walked over to us "Hey Darc" He said "Hi Mr. Tomlinson" I said my boyfriends parents kind of scare me so I always call them Mr. or Miss. he chuckled "You can call me Louis remember Darc" I just nodded and he walked over to Mr.Styles I could kind of hear what the were saying but not all that much but I saw him give him some kind of papers and I really wanted to know what they were. "Darc you okay" Will asked "I um I um yeah I'm fine just great" I sighed "darc what's wrong" I looked up and saw Mr.Styles standing in front of me "Please don't call me that" I said and walked out of the room I always run from my problems.


I just want to say that this will be that last chapter for tonight me or Dani will try and update again in the morning, and thank you to all that has read this book and our other one it really means a lot I hope that you enjoy this chapter I worked on it for a few hours Hope you have a great Night/Morning!

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