Me, You, and My Medication

Violet and Zayn have lived in the same duplex since they were babies. Zayn being popular would protect her in high school from bullies but now as high school ends. Where will they go? Who will protect Violet?


1. Who's There?

"Is my eyeliner on point?" I asked my best friend Simone

"Yes, Violet my Punk Princess" She rolled her eyes playfully

I heard though the walls of my room my neighbors music growing louder and louder. I banged on the wall to make him turn it off but nothing happened.

"He just gets more annoying day by day!" Simone banged on the wall with me harder

"Yeah, but then again he does make us fit in and not get bashed on remember" I turned to her. We were kneeling on my bed banging on the wall until we made a slight dent in it.

"Oh my" Simone got off the bed to look at the dent from far away

"I'll hang a Nirvana poster over it don't worry" I grabbed my backpack and walked on to the porch that led to my neighbors house.

"Zaaayn!" I knocked on his bedroom door

"This boy never listens!" His mom joined in on me knocking on the door

"What do you want?" He opened his door a slight bit enough for him to peek his head through the darkness of his room.

"You're kind of our ride remember?" I pointed in-between me and Simone

"Turn on you're lights!" His mom reached her hand in the door and flicked on the light

"Is that Mackenzie Zales?" I poked my head through the door to see her long blue hair and body wrapped in a blanket on his bed.

"OKAY LETS GO" Simone reached for my hand to lead me out the backdoor

"Why'd you--"

"In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...." Simone then pointed towards Zayns part of the house

"ZAYN MALIK WHY CANT YOU LEARN" We heard his moms muffled screams as we went back to my house

"I can't believe our drivers licenses haven't came in the mail yet!" I sat down on my couch

"After 3 months... I think we should make a complaint" Simone sat next to me

"Let's go bitches" Zayn bursted through my front door and left it swung open

"That was unexpected" Simone walked out the door

I went up to the car to see Mackenzie sitting shot gun and Simone somehow managing to sit in the mess of a backseat that Zayn has. My butt was on top of a pile of girl clothes and my best friend was attempting not to blow her top. Fun fact: she's a germaphobe.

"Zayn you were so good last night" Mackenzie leaned towards him ecstatically

In a matter a seconds after she said that Simone and I looked at each other so creeped out like if we had caught them doing it in front of us.

"Yeah baby" He said as he made a smooth turn into a parking space

"Oh my gah" Simone mouthed as we got out of the car and walked behind zayn and Mackenzie. The reason we walk behind Zayn is so we don't look like we associate even though people see me coming out of his car 24/7 with or without Simone.

"You know what I forgot" I asked Simone as we were at her locker


"THIS IS THE LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL" I sort of screamed

"Can you like shut up Juliet?" This group of girls laughed at me

"My names not Juliet..." I looked down towards the ground

"Well it should so you can go kill yourself with your boyfriend! Oh wait you don't have one because no guy would ever want you!" The leader of the group Becky got in my face.

I honestly felt like breaking down. I looked her in the eyes then slipped away from the mayhem calmly. After I was out of their sight I ran to the upstairs bathroom. It's the last week of being in high school and I still get bullied, I'm a freaking senior and they are too.

"Violet? Are you here?" I heard Simone calling for me and all I did was cry

"I can't take this anymore! Zayns suppose to protect me!" I continued sobbing

"He was in the corner watching the whole thing... Laughing..." Simone twisted her lips to the side

"I'm going home, I don't care anymore" I wiped my streaking makeup off my face and let Simone reapply my eyeliner for me

"Thanks" I smiled and hugged her tight

"You tryna suffocate me?!!" She gasped for air playfully

"I'm just really grateful that you're the only person that has stayed by my side"

"You're going to make me cry! Just go home!... Before I break down right here" she whispered the last part dramatically

"Byee" I grabbed my backpack and managed to sneak off campus and walk back home without getting abducted.

When I got home I took a shower and sat down on the couch in the living room. I heard my back door swing open. I slowly got up and grabbed the nearest item near me... An umbrella.

"Who's there?" I called

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