Me, You, and My Medication

Violet and Zayn have lived in the same duplex since they were babies. Zayn being popular would protect her in high school from bullies but now as high school ends. Where will they go? Who will protect Violet?


7. V and Z

"Vi-Vanessa..." I felt someone shaking me and it was Zayn.

"Where's Simone?" 

"I took her home last night after she finished the booze." Zayn reached for my hand.

"I don't remember anything," I held on to my head. "What time is it?" 

"It's about to be one o'clock" 

"What happened last night?" I asked as we made our way out of the house.

"Nothing special, you need to make an Instagram for your Vanessa person" Zayn unlocked his car.

"Way ahead of you buddy, I made one during the game yesterday-- There's already tagged pictures of-- WHAT DID I DO LAST NIGHT ZAYN?" I screamed and nearly caused him to drive into a car in front of us.

"You uhh... You had your first kiss with a girl.." He coughed out not making eye contact with me.

"First kiss?" I laughed.


"Z, are you sure we can be out here?" Violet asked Zayn as he climbed up some random rocks in their back yard.

"V we are both almost 6 years old, I think we can handle this!" Zayn stood on the tallest rock helping tiny Violet get up with him.

"What if our parents see us?" Violet looked back to where their house was located. "I really don't want to go in time out again because of you!"

"This is a part of the game!" Zayn held on to Violet's hand. Their tiny fingers interlocked.

"Now where were we... Princess Violet we are safe now! I have killed the evil dragon with my mighty sword!" Zayn took out a sharp stick out of his pocket.

"How brave of you Prince Zayn! How ever could I repay you?" Violet giggled.

"With a kiss that will save the whole entire kingdom!" They both shut their eyes and pecked their tiny lips together.

"Ew!" Violet wiped off the kiss with her shirt.

"That was a bad idea but at least we saved the kingdom!" Zayn jumped down the rock.

"Why are you laughing? You were freaking out just a minute ago?" Zayn questioned me and I shook off my thoughts.

"Nothing... Nothing" I turned to my window and couldn't stop smiling at my flashback. We were so close when we were younger and now... We are rebuilding the relationship.

"You must've liked that kiss from Mackenzie. I know I like her kisses and the other things she does for me." He smirked at what he said at the end.

"I need a shower" I spoke seriously. The thought of her gets my jimmies in a twist.

"We are... Wait..." Zayn speeded up. "Here!"

"Where's my sweater?" I searched his backseat.

"Excuse me but that sweater is actually mine if you do not recall." Zayn sasses at me and I laughed at his tone of voice. He's always so calm but lie he was sassy.

"No I actually don't recall." I kept laughing.

"When we were fourteen you spilled coke on your shirt and it was bad, so I let you use my sweater." 

"We did drugs? Maybe that's why I don't remember!" I spoke sarcastically.

"Not that kind of coke!" He covered his face with his hand.

"I know that! Now I remember that you could see my bra through my shirt so I freaked." I managed to find it in the back seat. "But this sweater is my dad's" I showed him the tag that had my fathers initials.

"Ohhh, I'm su--"

"WAIT TURTLE!" I jumped out of the car and Zayn stopped me.

"When I dropped off Simone I stopped by to feed her." Zayn responded.

"Thanks" we split our ways and I made it into my house.

I took of my wig and placed it on my bed. My stomach growled so I made my way to the kitchen.

"Where the hell were you last night Violet?" I heard a towering voice behind me.

"Wheres my mom?" I didn't turn to face Rob, my moms boyfriend.

"She's at the store, lucky for you huh?" He snickered. "Look at me when I'm talking to you!" Rob raised his voice and I obeyed and turned around. 

"You didn't come home last night"

"It's no big deal..." My eyes were glued to the floor while I spoke to him.

"What did I just say?" He insisted and I payed no attention. Out of no where I felt a very sharp burning pain on my cheek, he just slapped me. 

"Look at me!" His rough hands were tight around my chin forcing me to stare at him.

"I was out w-with Zayn" I closed my eyes to not feel the pain. 

"I see your bruises haven't healed up..." He lifted up my shirt up a bit too high for my liking.

"Don't touch me like that!" I pushed him off me and ran to the living room.

"I can touch you how ever I want young lady!" He came after me. My heart started beating faster and faster.

"I almost killed your stupid cat, but Zayn came home in time and I changed my mind" Rob laughed

"You sick fuck!" I screamed at him.

"What did you just say?" He raised his fist to me.

"D-Don't hit me again, please?" I trembled. It was too late, I felt as if my insides shattered and groaned as I laid on the couch holding on to my core.

I held in my tears, I didn't want him to get satisfaction out of this, he can't, I will not let him.

"I guess we can replace the hitting with something else don't you think?" His tone changed to normal, bless.

"Yes.." Was all I managed to let out.

"What ever you say baby girl..." His body was on top of mine in seconds.

"Don't call me baby girl" I said and lost my breath bit. 

"Oh right, your dad called you that. But I don't care" Robs hands went into my shorts and I screamed in agony for help.

"HEEELP! PLEASE! SOMEONE!" My vision started fading and the pain in my stomach grew.

"No ones here to help you now!" His hand moved up and down. 

"Stop!" I couldn't move, his punch left me damaged. My body was too weak to fight back. 

"Let her go!" I heard Zayns voice burst through the door. I felt his hand get removed. I breathed in and out in attempts to keep going.

"What are you going to do you little boy?" Rob roared.

Zayn didn't say anything. All I heard were punches and kicking. In moments I heard Rob begging for mercy.

"C'mon" I felt Zayn lift me up and carry me out to his house.

"Violet!" The sound of Zayn's mothers voice echoed in my head. I felt someone pull down my shirt.

"Did you call the police like I said mom?" I felt Zayn lay me down on his bed. He sat down then lifted my body up and cradled me in his lap. I didn't have enough force to open my eyes.

"They're on their way, I always knew Rob was up to no good!" She stressed.

"Violet... Vi..." He touched my cheek and I scrunched my face up in pain.

"He slapped me there" I whispered

"I'm so stupid, I'm so stupid!" He repeated. 
okay sorry this was but violent I am in no way trying to make abuse sound okay or anything and yeah i like cried while writing this bc it's intense 

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