Me, You, and My Medication

Violet and Zayn have lived in the same duplex since they were babies. Zayn being popular would protect her in high school from bullies but now as high school ends. Where will they go? Who will protect Violet?


6. Guts

"He still has some THC left in his body from earlier don't worry" I tried to cover his crackhead outburst.

"Wow she sure is one hell of a catch" Niall added

"What's your name?" Becky popped out of no where. I'm dead.

"Vanessa" I manned up and looked her dead in the eyes.

"Well you look hot! Welcome to our squad!" She smiled and hugged me cluelessly. I cringed at the word squad.

I walked by myself as our group of like ten people made our way across the field to the seats. I heard my phone ring and I saw that it was Simone. 

"Hello?" I answered 

"Where are you? I'm at the game!" She shouted into the phone. I looked around the seats and she was a couple rows below me.

"Okay so I have a really long story to tell you but basically turn around and yell Vanessa and I'll wave at you." 

She turned around and did what I told her to do and I waved to her nervously. Her eyes grew and she looked furious.

"What? How?" 

"Do you think you can still hang out with me without blowing my cover?"

"Yeah they hate you not me" She got up and made her way to the empty space next to me.

After 10 minutes of explaining Zayns plan she finally got it.

"Vanessa!" Becky called 

"Yes?" I shouted back

"Zayn is going to go buy snacks, what would you want?" She smiled

"Just let them both go tooogetheerr!" This guy named Ryan cooed and laughed with everyone motioning towards Zayn and I.

"You guys are together... Right??" Becky started to examine me closely. 

"Oh yeah totally! C'mon Zaaayn!" I hopped down the benches in seconds to go with him.

"What was that?" Zayn walked backwards to face me.

"Becky was pressuring me and it looked like she was trying to figure out who I am!" I stood in line with Zayn at the concessions booth.

"Yeah, but she's stupid! I swear if I have to act like I like you I'll kill myself." He said the last sentence through his teeth. 

Am I really that horrible? 

"10 hotdogs and chips please" Zayn ordered. "Do you have change?" 

"No." I rolled my eyes, he builds me up then tears me down like always.

"The game is starting, bye" I turned and walked back to the benches.

"Where's Zayn?" Simone questioned

"Being a dick over at the food booth" I motioned my head to the direction he was in.

"Are you okay Vanessa?" Becky sat down next to me.

"Oh it's nothing don't worry" I smiled and watch Niall running up and down the field.

"You look like this girl from school so much" Becky focused her eyes on me and stared into my soul. I'm dead.

"Oh like who?" I tried to play it off.

"This girl that I mess-- well messed with" She continue to piece my soul with her eyes.

"Oh I actually have a twin sister!" I laughed 

"Oh.." She got up from the bench. I could tell she was disgusted.

"I hate her so much though. That's why I'm never around. I can't stand her!" I spoke

"Oh well that changes everything!" She sat right back down

"Go Niall!" Becky cheered and he smiled back.
"I can't believe you made that touchdown!" I looked towards Niall surprised.

"I guess you're my good luck charm!" He smirked as he finished gulping down his Gatorade.

"Where do you guys want to go now?" Becky asked

Wait, it's 11 o'clock. 

"Simone..." I pulled her to the side.

"What?" She stared at me weirdly

"It's eleven, look at what I'm wearing, and Zayn is no where to be found." My voice shook.


"Thanks for keeping it low" I face palmed "I'm lucky that my bruises hardly show with this skimpy outfit."

"Do you go home or just stay out the whole night with them or spend the night with me?" 

"I guess I'll spend the night with you, I don't think he'll get that mad" I said relieved 

"C'mon girls we are going to an end of the year party!" 

I turned to Simone and she just shrugged her shoulders.
"Wow it smells like my brothers room in here!" Simone screamed into my ear.

There was people left and right making out, drinking or smoking. The whole house was dimly lit with colorful party lights.

"There's a corner we can sit in" My best friend and I walked to it and sat in the empty chairs.

"Hey girls!" A tall brunette named Miranda sat with us. She's apart of Becky's "squad."

"You're Vanessa and Simone right?" She asked

"Yes... Why?" Simone responded hesitantly

"You'll see!" She smiled and walked away.

"Let's go! I'm not getting humiliated for being my own fake twin sister!" I stood up and Miranda appeared with two drinks in her hands.

"Here, follow me!" 

We did as she said and we ended up in the basement where all the "cool" people were. They were always the ones who made fun of me with Becky.

"Who's this?" A guy named Brendon stared at me.

"This is Vanessa and her friend Simone." Becky grinned "since you guys are the newest members of our squad you need to show that you're worthy to party!"

Everyone cheered and I am about to die.

"What do we have to do?" Simone spoke for us like always, bless her soul.

"We are going to play 7 Minutes in Heaven, everything will be based on names being pulled out of a hat." Brendon answered.

Out of nowhere Niall and Zayn came holding the hats.

"In the hat that Niall is holding has your name and Simone's and in Zayns has the names of Brendon, Niall, Ryan, Harry, Luke, and Zayn." Becky explained.

"And whoevers name doesn't get picked has to drink a bottle of tequila by themselves" Niall added laughing

"Pick a name Vanessa!" Becky commended and the tension in the room raised.

I put my hand in the snapback and took out my name. Of course, how cliche.

I stuck my hand in the other hat, and prayed that I didn't get Zayn. Instead I got Brendon.

"Um, I got my name and Brendon." I showed my two pieces of paper.

"I better get to work!" Simone popped open the bottle of tequila.

"Ooooooo!" Was all you heard in the room. Zayn's expression was serious and Niall's was too.

Brendon grabbed my hand and led me to the closet. I've never done this before. They locked the door behind us. It was dark and crowded in this closet.

I felt Brendon's hands under my thighs as he pinned me against the wall, knocking down some boxes.

"Getting frisky in there I hear!" I heard Ryan's voice.

His lips collided with my neck and all I could worry about was my damn wig. 

"We don't really have to do this.." He broke the silence.

"Thanks" He put me down after I said that.

"I know who you are." He whispered. 

"Please don't--" His large hand covered my mouth

"Zayn told me it's alright" 

"I also don't really do things like this..." I tried to not sound like such a virgin but I am what I am.

"Why do you think I didn't kiss your lips?" He laughed

"One minute left!" 

"We are standing so close to each other" I thought out loud.

"If I could step back I would" 

"Times up!" Niall opened the door

"We didn't do anything she respects herself." Brendon announced 

"That's fine! But I am prepared for this!" Becky took out pieces of paper out of her back pocket. "Pick a name!"

I picked a random piece of paper and got Mackenzie's name. 

"You have to make out with her in front of everyone in this room!" Becky laughed and they guys in the room cheered.

My eyes traveled across the roomand met with Mackenzie and her long blue hair.

"Ready?" She smirked.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and began kissing my lips. I kissed her back so people wouldn't judge me. All I heard was guys woo-info and people taking pictures. 

And that's how my first official kiss was with a girl that I hate with all my guts.

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