Me, You, and My Medication

Violet and Zayn have lived in the same duplex since they were babies. Zayn being popular would protect her in high school from bullies but now as high school ends. Where will they go? Who will protect Violet?


11. Boxes

Zayn drove fast over the speed bumps to purposely cause me pain.

"Please stop" My head stayed turned to the window. I noticed the rain drops slowly falling from the sky, then out of nowhere water fell from the sky as if all the tears that wanted to come out form my eyes escaped.

"We are her-- um" Zayn broke his silence.

I struggled to jump out but when I managed I wished that I never did. All of the things from my room were out as if my mother was throwing them in the garbage. My fathers sweater was on its way to the drain in the street with help of the flowing water.

I ran to catch it from disappearing forever. 


When I bent down to reach for it I felt the piercing pain in my stomach return. I turned to Zayn expecting him to help but he started walking to his house. Crap!

"Where's Turtle!?" I spoke outloud and I heard a faint meow from a box under my bed. Nononono!

I scrambled to the box as fast as I could and removed her fragile little body out of the box.

"I'm sorry baby" I felt like crying. Who knows how long she's been in the dark, cold, and hungry in that box for.

I could feel her tiny bones shivering and her eyes starting to faintly close.

"Zaaaaaaayn!" I ran in his house and ignored the pain in my stomach.

"Oh Violet! You're okay!" Zayn's moms face brightened up.

"Yes! But my kitty isn't!" I turned to Zayn who appeared from the hallway. His expression remained cold and he walked to the backyard to avoid me.

"I'll fix her some warm milk if that helps?" His mom offered 

"Yes please"

"There are some clean blankets and towels in Zayn's closet"

I laid Turtle down on the couch to recover. My wet pink tracksuit felt awful on my body as I opened Zayns closet and slipped out a mini blanket. 

A bottle of pills jumped out at me and to the floor. I grabbed the bottle and it read my name. So this is where he hid my medication... I wonder what else he hides in here? No time for that now. I slipped the bottle in my jacket then reached for the towel.

"Here baby" I slowly patted my weak pet with a towel to dry her off.

"Milks ready!" Zayns mom appeared next to me.

"Thank you so much" I smiled.

I dipped my finger in the warm milk. I placed my finger in front of her mouth and she licked it. After thirty minutes, she gained the strength to sit up on her own. Turtle slowly drank the milk, but at least she was eating.

"I took the time to wash your sweater for you." Zayns mom handed me my warm sweater.

"Thank you so much... Again" 

"Why don't you bring in your stuff?" 

"It's not raining anymore, plus I have to go do something. Can you watch Turtle while I'm gone?" I petted her damp fur.

"Of course"
I walked into a beauty salon and instantly met eyes with my distant friend Andrea.

"What brings you here?" She smiled

"Can you do me a favor and just make my hair bleach blonde? I'll repay you later" I bluntly spoke.

"Yes and it's on the house. Anyways how have you been?" She patted the seat of the salon chair and I sat on it.

"I have almost died like thirty-seven times and nearly wait-- been abused and my mother hates me, you?"

"Mom still in jail and my dad is still... You know" She said as she applied bleach to my hair.

Drama was a natural thing for us.
I rummaged through the boxes outside of my house. To my surprise I found my phone right away and not many items were as damaged as I thought they would be.

I ran my fingers through my new blonde hair and went through my contact list to see where I can live in the meantime.

Simone has no space in her house, we are planning to move into a new apartment together but for that we need money. 

I posted a picture on my Instagram of my boxes with the caption "help??" Out of no where I got a call from Mackenzie.

"Um hello??" I answered creeped or that she had my number.

"Hey I have a extra room in my apartment if you want to come live with me?" 


"Um... Um" was all that could come out of my mouth. "Sure, can you come pick me up?"

What am I doing with my life?

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