Will you be mine?

Jennifer has lived in care for most of her life. Finally fostered and living a normal teenage life, Jen couldn't be happier. Then Ben, Jen's boyfriend's brother, comes into the picture and tears the couple apart. Whilst Jen tries to win Michael back, his brother will stop at nothing to make Jen his.


2. Chapter two

I looked at Ben. He stares at me with a flirtatious grin. He’s cute. He has the same floppy hairstyle as Michael, only his is in black rather than Michael’s muddy brown. He has stormy grey eyes with dark black rings around the circumference. He’s always got girls on his arm due to his rock star status as the lead electric guitarist in a local band. Most of the girls in my class find him hot but he’s not my type, loud, arrogant and flirty. He grabs me by the arm and leads me to his room. I sit shyly on the edge of his bed, feeling a little awkward about being in my boyfriend’s older brother’s room. I don’t really know why he’s brought me in here. He flings himself down beside me. He starts talking to me; explaining how he felt about me. He stares at me, sometimes not knowing what to say. His words I knew were true and were coming from his heart. There was a look in his eye and I knew that he liked me very much. But why now, why today? He leans over towards me and kisses me softly on the lips. The kiss took me by surprise and I pulled away quickly. He tries to pull me closer by the back of my neck but I free myself and stand up, dragging my hand through my hair out of frustration.

“What’s wrong?” he whispers.

“I can’t do this,” I replied. “I’m with Michael.” He sighed. I knew what was coming next.

“I know that. I’m not stupid. You see I’ve liked you ever since I first saw you. I knew that you were the one for me but you are 3 years younger than me. I was waiting for the right time to tell you but I never found one. When Michael announced he had a girlfriend and it was you. I was heartbroken. I tried to get over it but I never really did. I went out with many girls; I always fantasized that I was with you. But now it’s too late. I know that you won’t cheat on Michael so can you break up with him? Then you and I can go out.”

 I gasped in shock.

“I mean, how could you choose Michael over this?” He indicates his body, which is obviously in top physical condition. I roll my eyes as he continues. “My scrawny little brother has nothing on me. I mean, I’m taller, older, and not to mention much better looking. I could give you so much more than he can. And, I have a lot more experience, if you know what I mean.” He winks at me and I shudder at the thought of being in a relationship with this jerk. “Also, if you don’t break up with Michael, I will find a way to make you mine. You’re easy enough, and Michael is too gullible for his own good. He will believe anything I tell him.”

“But don't you care about his feelings?” I asked.

“That little twat has had it coming for years. All he does is ruin my reputation with his virgin status and chess club membership. I deserve you more than he does” He replied

“How could you say that?” I shouted. I slapped him around the face and ran out of the room. I ran straight into Michael. I hugged him tight.

“What’s up babe?” He whispered, his breath tickling my ear. I just sobbed into his hoodie. I couldn’t explain my problems. Ben strolled out of the room. I looked up and I saw that he had been crying. His eyes were all puffy and his hair was all messed up. He ran his hand through his hair; it’s one thing we all do when we’re upset or frustrated. Despite his current mess, he still managed to look attractive, just not to me. He

“What’s bro?” asked Michael, concerned. Ben sighed, saying nothing. I don’t really know what he’s going to say know since I don’t think he’s man enough to admit that he’s crushing on me to Michael’s face. I guess he’s going to have to try and make up some bullshit story about why he was crying.

“I don’t know how to say this but Jennifer is cheating on you... with me!”He whispered. I gasped. There was a long silence.

“Ben! How could you? You lying-”

“Jenny, is this true”

“No,” I sobbed “You can’t believe him over me. He came onto me while you were gone. He kissed me but I pulled away. I love you not him. YOU!”

“Get out,” Michael whispered. “NOW!”

Quote of the day: The course of true love never did run smooth.

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