Will you be mine?

Jennifer has lived in care for most of her life. Finally fostered and living a normal teenage life, Jen couldn't be happier. Then Ben, Jen's boyfriend's brother, comes into the picture and tears the couple apart. Whilst Jen tries to win Michael back, his brother will stop at nothing to make Jen his.


6. Chapter six

I'm late. Woke up at 7:36. Really can't face Ben or Michael again today. When Julie comes in I'm going to pretend to be ill. It's not like me to miss school (according to Julie) but for once I think I deserve the day off. It's going to be weird though, not spending it with Michael.


In walks Julie and I lay motionless under my duvet pretending to be asleep. I hoped it was believable because I'm truly rubbish at drama. She gently shook me "awake" and I pretended (really rubbishly) to have just woken up.


"Oh Julie, I'm sorry I didn't realise the time. I was just feeling so ill and I must have fallen back to sleep by mistake." I mumbled. She must have bought my story as she switched off my lamp and walked towards the door. Disappointingly, she switches on my light, pulls my duvet away from me and marches briskly out of the room, dragging the duvet with her and closing the door on the way out. She quickly re-opened it for a split second.


"Out in ten minutes" she called.


I groan and stumble out of bed towards my wardrobe. Good job I have no dreams to become a world renowned actress because I would fail the dream so badly. I swiftly change into my uniform, brush my hair and pack my bag. I apply my foundation, mascara and the rest of my makeup collection to my face. I grab my coat. Jogging downstairs, I grab a piece of toast from the pile in the kitchen and leave the house, slamming the door behind me. Blegh, because I'm late the toast is cold. I despise cold toast. I throw it down on the street and try to ignore my hungry tummy.


I have no intention of going to school today. I silently unlock the side door and creep into the back garden. I crawl across the patio to avoid being seen from the kitchen window. I quickly peer through the window, waiting for a chance to run across the lawn unseen. Julie turns to reach something out of the refrigerator and I sprint across 10 ft of lawn in a couple of seconds. I charge into the shed door forgetting to unlock it. I rub my nose and drag the bolt across the door. Then I slip inside and lock the door behind me. I take of my jumper and shirt and shove them into my school bag. I unzip my skirt and slide it over my hips. I shiver and pull my long coat on, trying to conserve some of my body heat. I wrap my scarf around my neck and pull my white, woolly hat over my ears. I only had a thin jumper on underneath my shirt. I pull on my mittens and sit on a pile of old wood.


This would be the one day I forget to wear my watch. Great. The battery on my phone is running low as it is; it won't last the day if I have to keep using it to check the time. You see I like to be precise when it comes to time. That's just how it is. 8:32 reads the digital clock on my screen. Still 13 minutes until Julie leaves to drop Tilly off to playgroup. To make matters worse, it was getting colder.


Those 13 minutes dragged by. Now I'm sitting in the kitchen eating a bowl of coco pops and milk, which by the way makes a bowl full of fun. Anyway, I quickly eat my cereal and grab a thicker jumper from my room. Putting it on, I instantly feel warm and toasty. Then I remove my shorts and put on a pair of black jeans over my woolly tights. I gulp down a glass of cold tropical juice and leave the house, leaving my school bag inside but taking my little satchel of essentials.


Quote of the day: Good girls are bad girls that don't get caught.

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