Will you be mine?

Jennifer has lived in care for most of her life. Finally fostered and living a normal teenage life, Jen couldn't be happier. Then Ben, Jen's boyfriend's brother, comes into the picture and tears the couple apart. Whilst Jen tries to win Michael back, his brother will stop at nothing to make Jen his.


7. Chapter seven

 I walk towards the centre of town. I couldn't bear to spend the whole day in my room, there are just too many memories that I can't deal with right now. Just thinking about Michael has set me off. I quickened my pace as I walked towards New Look, tears silently rolling down my face. I glance into the window of the store and notice that it is quite busy. Instead, I divert my pace towards Costa, my favourite coffee shop. Somewhere I can sit in a depressive mood all day and have people leave me be, as long as I keep buying drinks of course. I absent-mindedly step into the road and I hear the screech of tyres against the road. I instantly lift my gaze. As my eyes focus, I see a car speeding down the road at high speed- heading straight towards me. I try to run; my feet seem to be superglued to the ground. I panic as the car approaches, still accelerating. I finally manage to gain control of my feet and I race across the road. I reach the pavement and stop to catch my breath. I look up as screams begin to echo around me. I raise my arms in anticipation but they are not able to deflect the blow. The car ploughs straight into my chest.

I open my eyelids to find Michael staring down at me. I must have blacked out for a bit. My eyelids feel so heavy. I re-close them, you know, just for a minute and Michael shakes me awake.

“Stop it, I want to go to sleep.” I mumbled, once again shutting my eyes.

“I’m sorry Jen, but I’m not losing you. You need to stay awake until the paramedics arrive.” He pulls me up so that I am sitting level with him. I take in the scene around me, the car that hit me was now wrapped around a lamppost and the idiot of a driver was sitting on the kerb with his head in his hands. My eyes focus and my mouth drops in disbelief. The driver that drove his car into me was Ben. I turn towards Michael who strokes my cheek.

"Jen, I'm so sorry I never believed you," He whispered, his voice filled with regret. "I thought about you every moment we weren't together. I knew something wasn't right when Ben declared that you cheated on me, but I couldn't work out what it was. But it’s ok now. I know the whole story. He told me about coming on to you and you rejecting him, and Jen there's something you should know." Michael pauses for a second before continuing. "You weren't involved in an accident. Ben deliberately ran you down. He had some crazy idea that if he couldn't have you then no one could. But the police are on their way and so is an ambulance."

 I suddenly realise that there is blood trickling down my forehead. I exhale deeply. I hadn't realised that I was holding my breath. Michael looks into my eyes, his face full of raw emotion.

"Jen, I still love you so much. Please. Take me back" Michael pleads. I sigh deeply, meeting his gaze.

"Michael, I never stoped loving you. What you did hurt so much. I don't trust you but I will take you back because it’s the only way I can live. You’re all that I’ve got." He pulls me towards him and my eyelids start to feel really heavy. I feel his lips pressing against mine as my body slumps against him and I am engulfed by the darkness.

Quote of the day: When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.

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