A Twist In Fairytales

... This is (SPARTA!!) just something stupid that we threw together sooo. . .We hope you enjoy!


6. Elsa's Illness | Story By Danita Cambie Shadownight

(A/N: You guys liking our stories means a lot to us! And it's awesome that you guys write your own twisted tales. Here's one that someone wrote and asked us to publish.)




The Mentally Ill Snow Queen by Danita Cambie Shadownight

Hello! I am Elsa the Mentally Ill Snow Queen. After escaped Arendelle's high security prison by freezing guards to death, I went into town! I put a BUNCH of snow on the castle turning it into a mountain! Goody! A LOT of people ran away screaming. Are they scared of heights?Well, to help them face their fears. I used ice crystals to impale them and take them up the mountain. I decided to make a catchy song while I ran up the mountain to join them!


Kill Them All by Elsa the evil queen

The blood is spilled on the mountain tonight, Lots of dead bodies, to be seen...
A kingdom of mental illness..
I am that kind of Queen.
I shed their blood without another thought,
Can't stop now, no I won't try...
Conceal what? Don't feel what?
Don't let them live!
Well some still live!
Kill 'em all! Kill 'em all!


Meh, I just stopped there. Anyway, my snow is red!!! NO!!!! Finally I slid down the mountain on a few bodies. I had fun! Yay!

After helping those poor people with their fears me and a snowman, Olaf who was eating some blond dude, went into my ice castle. I sat up there waiting for my sister.
"Elsa?" It was her! I went down my ice stair to impaled her for a little game. But instead it was people with guns! And small black boxes. One black box shot out at me and zapped me. I feel to the ground. And that's when they took me to a better Insane Asylum.


The End

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