Poetry Collection

I recently started writing poetry as a way of relaxation and have found myself to enjoy it very much. It is something I have never done so I have no I idea whether my poems are any good, I just want to share what I have wrote so far.


3. Treehouse

A sudden urge took over,
Gathering some unused planks,
I began to make a treehouse

Not yet a master builder,
My attempts could not succeed,
Ready to give up and run away to play
Out came my father,
Holding a hammer,

We worked all weekend long,
The first floor became the dining room,
Accessible by wooden ladder,
Exit only by blue slide,
A perfect place for orange squash,
Or maybe a Cadbury chocolate bar,

The next floor was a lookout tower,
Not big enough for another person,
At least we could spot enemy attackers,

 At the top we put the penthouse,
Big enough for a small boy`s sleeping bag,

Under the house, behind the tree,
Formed a small prison cell,
I planned to show my sister,

On the railing we inscribed our names,
Architects of this tower of Pisa,

Standing there, euphoric drool,
Reminiscing of old times

Suddenly the floor gives away,
I fall through rotten wood,

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