Poetry Collection

I recently started writing poetry as a way of relaxation and have found myself to enjoy it very much. It is something I have never done so I have no I idea whether my poems are any good, I just want to share what I have wrote so far.


6. The Girl from Falstrum

There once was a daughter,
Living in the small town of Falstrum,
Her father was strict,
And would not let her marry,

She asked him why?
Why did he doom her so?
Her father did not know,
Why he could not let his daughter go,

He awoke one cold winter day,
To find himself alone,
Panic ran through his light blue veins,
He grabbed his axe and kicked down the door,

Where is my daughter? 
The old man roared,
Yawns could be heard ,
The whole town arose,

Ten years past, not a sign nor a trace,
The old man could not show his face,
He moaned and whined,
For his girl to come home,

Then the day came,
When a young child knocked,
 On the refurbished door,
That had been broken years before,

What do you want? The old man said,
I have nothing to give to a young girl like you,
The girl looked back, staring him through,
How could you forget a daughter you lost,

The old man took a step back, 
Her beautiful face made him think,
Of the auburn hair and cheeky smile,
This was his daughter, her name was Belle

His mouth formed a smile,
The first time in quite a while,
He had thought her lost, but here she was,
Only she had been older when she left,

How could this be? The old man asked,
Taking a small step back,
You can`t be this young,
What is happening? He screamed,

I have come to tell you something,
The little girl said, looking up at the old man`s face,
Sometimes we change, but that’s just life,
We get old and make some pretty hard choices,

But when you tried to chain me,
I was forced to run away,
Only I died on the Murford road,
She said this as the old man wailed,
You have been given a chance, 
To raise me all over again,
When it`s time to leave, 
Don’t stand in my way.

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