Poetry Collection

I recently started writing poetry as a way of relaxation and have found myself to enjoy it very much. It is something I have never done so I have no I idea whether my poems are any good, I just want to share what I have wrote so far.


11. Granny

Memories are like old movies,
I would watch some more than others,
We all have our preferences,

Standing on the ageless bridge,
A scene flickers in my head,
Torn from a broken film,

A small hand held by an older one,
A friendly voice talking slowly,
So my little ears can hear,

Suddenly the scene erupts,
I can see the shadows of the trees,
Wildlife whistling, river bustling,

Her voice comes into focus,
The little boy is to tired,
He cannot listen anymore,

And then the screen goes dark,
The camera abruptly stops,
I can`t believe what a fool I had been,

I furiously dig further,
I want to see her face,
But nothings coming up,

It seems to be,
That my relationship with Granny,
Is missing some key scenes.

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