Poetry Collection

I recently started writing poetry as a way of relaxation and have found myself to enjoy it very much. It is something I have never done so I have no I idea whether my poems are any good, I just want to share what I have wrote so far.


13. Evening Tea

No one can say no,
To a nice warm cup of tea,

Featuring a biscuit,
To dunk inside your drink,

It amplifies the chocolate chip,
Melts a custard cream

I don`t like digestives,
Except when drenched in tea,

It`s something I look forward to,
Almost every second night,

Once a friend found it revolting,
That I dip biscuits in a drink,

So I slowly soaked a Jaffa Cake,
And threw at his face,

No one now complains,
About the way I drink my tea

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