The Summerhouse (Larry Stylinson)


7. chapter 7

Harry POV

The wall had turned completely, bringing me and Lou in a dark room.

I heard Lou walk away.

My eyes widen “Lou!?!?! please don't go away.” I said panicked.

“I'm not going anywhere Hazz.  got to flick the lights on. It's kind of dark in here you know.” He chuckled

“Oh,  yeah. Of course” I chuckeled akwardly.

Not much later the lights flicked on and i saw Lou standing near a winding staircase
smirking at me.


“Oh, nothing, nothing at all.” His smirk widens. You’re funny when you’re scared. He chuckled

“Don’t laugh at me” I whine and pout.

He chuckles yet again “Come, were going to the basement” grabbing my hand again.
For some strange reason i missed his hand in mine the time it wasn't there, it was warm, soft and it fit in my hand like it made for it.

We walked down the stairs hand in hand. It was longer than i expected, i counted like 300 steps before we finally reached the ground.
The way downstairs was pretty scary if you ask me, you know the walls in some sort of old
dungeon? Well they were exactly like that. It was not very light, you could see the spiders running over the walls, and the rats running on the floor were pretty scary too.

We stopped in front of a old door, Lou let go of my hand and pulled an old key out of his
He opened the squeaky door and walked trough it. me being the coward i am walked after
him quickly.

He laught a little and winked at me “being scared little Hazzaaaaa??”
I blushed. “Uhmm no.”
“Aahhww my little Hazza has to blush” he said winking at me again making me blush more.
“You’re cute when you blush” He said while he admired my face.
By now my face had the colour of a tomato. I didn’t know you could blush so much.
Lou just laught at me, walking in the direction of another door. Ugh why do have have to be so akward. I scold myself quietly.
This door was open and we could easily walk trough it. We came in a surprisingly light room. There was a couch in it, a bathroom/toilet and there was a complete kitchen. It looked like a real house.
I looked at Lou surprised, who looked back at me with a proud grin on his face.
“Is THIS the basement?!?” I asked amazed
His grin widend “Yup, it’s pretty cool isn’t it?”
“It’s amazing” I breathed “But how did you find it?”
“It’s a long story, but more important is, why did I bring you here. Because I think you’re dying to know, since you probably already figured out that aliens aren’t the real reason”
I chuckled at his alien comment “Yes, yes I am. Can you please tell me now?” I begged
“Yeah, I will tell you.” He said “But you have to keep it a secret” He said extremely serious.
“Yeah, yeah of course. I’ll keep it a secret.” I schrugged him off.
“I mean it Hazz. Don’t ever tell anyone” he looked me straight in the eyes.
I shivered “okay, I promise”
He sighed “Okay well…..”

Louis POV

“Okay, well…….”
*flashback 2 years ago*
I walked through the streets with Zayn and Niall when suddenly a dog came to us and began to attack us.
Zayn and Niall were being cowards and runned away. But before I could the dog bit in my arm and dragged me with him.
He stopped in some scary back street alley and walked back to the beginning leaving me alone. I could stand up but the dog bit my arm that hard I was dizzy from the pain. I began screaming, no answer. I screamed another time. Yet again, no answer.
I laid there screaming and crying from the pain, when suddenly a man came walking out of the shadow. He walked towards me, I was so scared. He wore a long black coat and had a cowboyhead on so I couldn’t see his face.
He pulled a dirty cloth out of his pocket and held it against my face. I tried everything to push him and that thing he held against my face away, but before I could I was passed out on the floor.
I woke up in a dark, cold, moist room with only one window. I tried to stand up but I couldn’t. I was tied up on the floor and my arm hurt like hell. I began screaming and after two times I heard the sound of a key, the door swung open and there stood the man who held that dirty cloth against my face earlier.
I looked at him scared and tried to scamble away. But again I couldn’t because I was still tied up on the floor.
“What do you want” He barked at me. He had a really dark voice.
“I-i wa-ant t-to go-o ho-ome” I stuttered.
But he just laught at me. “You aren’t going anywhere. You’re staying here.” His eyes darkened “With me”
And with that he walked out of the room, leaving me alone.
After a while he came back, closed and locked the door behind him and took of his coat and hat.
My eyes went wide, I couldn’t believe what I saw. He was completely naked!
He smirked evilly and slowly walked over to me and began to take my clothes off. I started screaming and tried to escape from the tight grip the man had on me but he just punched me in the face.
When I only started to scream louder he stood up and kicked me in the stomach, so hard I had a hard time to breath. He punched me a few times more and continued taking my clothes off. I was in so much pain I couldn’t do anything about it. He finished taking all my clothes off and pushed himself in me. Hard. 
It went like this the whole week. He came inside, he would take off my clothes and he would force himself on me. When I didn’t do what he wanted me to do, he would punch and kick me.
My whole body was bruised and I almost couldn’t move from the pain. He didn’t give me much food or water so my mouth was pretty dry and you could count my ribs.
The whole week I hoped someone would find me, no one. After a week of being raped, kicked and  punched I lost my hope. I began to believe that no one would ever find me again. That I would die then and there.
Two days after I lost my hope, he came back and repeated his actions. I started to loose my consciousness. My vision blurred and I didn’t feel anything. I heard a loud thump somewhere in the distance, screaming and footsteps which came closer to me. I was scared and wanted to hide in the counter of the room,I couldn’t. my body was too bruised, and i was still half unconscious.
I heard a key switch in the keyhole and the door swung open. There, in the doorway is saw three blurred figured which I could make out as Niall, Liam and Zayn.
They found me, they found my and at that moment I knew I was save again. With that thought, I felt my self lose my conscious.


(still Louis POV)

I was crying, and Harry had his arms tightly around me crying too.
 “Lou, that horrible. I’m so sorry you had to go though all of this.” He sniffled.
I just nodded and crawled further into the warmt of Harry’s arms. They felt comfortable and it made me calm.We sat there for a while sniffing when Harry spoke up.
“But why are we here then?”
He took a deep breath and spoke “Well…. When the police came and took the creep with them, the man, swore he would take his revance.
He came out of prison last week, and I heard from Liam, Niall and Zayn this morning that he was looking for me.
He’s in town Harry. If he sees you with me i think he’s gonna hurt you.
I don’t want him to hurt my little Hazza.” I began to cry again.
“He won’t Lou. Shhhhh he won’t hurt you, he won’t hurt me. I’ll keep us save”
“I’m sca-ared Ha-azza. I’m so-o sca-ared.”
“Shhhhh it’s okay, I’ll make sure he doesn’t hurt us.
I promise”

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