The Summerhouse (Larry Stylinson)


4. chapter 4

Chapter four

Harry POV

when the bell rung, signalising that school was over, I said bye to my new friends and walked home. My first schoolday went better then expected. I made a whole group of friends, and Louis is the one who is going to supervise me the whole week. I’m already looking forward to that. He’s so nice to me, the others too of course. But he’s.. I don’t know, differend?

I was se deep in thought that I didn’t look around me when walking and bumped into someone causing me to fall on the ground. I groaned in pain “are you okay mate? You fell pretty hard” I hear an Irish accent speak. I look up and see Niall looking down at me with concern in his eyes.

“Yeah, yeah I’m okay. My ass broke the fall” I chuckle.

Suddenly his laugh booms through the almost empty street “that reminds me of Louis falling down the balcony. His ass also hurt”

I laugh with him “I get the idea that Louis is kinda clumbsy”

Niall chuckles “yeah you could say that”

“But Lou is cool, he’s one of my best friends you know” he smiles.

I smile back at him “Lou?”

“yeah that’s what we call him, oh and if you want to annoy him you should call him boobear”

I laugh “why?”

“his mum calls him that, he thinks it’s embarrassing” Niall chuckles.

“I’ll keep that one in mind”

“yeah you should, but erhhmm Harry?”


“maybe you should get up from the floor, it’s kinda cold you know” Niall smiles.

I chuckle akwardly “yeah, maybe I should” he helps me stand up and when i’m back on my feet

I have to look down at him. He’s quite a but smaller than I had expected, I mean. He looked taller from my place on the ground.

“I have to go, my mum want’s me home” Niall smiles

“yeah, me too. She must be wondering where I am”

“see you tomorrow mate” he says and gives me a pat on the shoulder.

“yeah, see you tomorrow” I say and he walks away.

I walked towards the house, it’s not hard to find concidering I never walked here before. When I arrive, I reach in my pocket for my key and open the door. There are loads of unpacked boxes placed all around the house. I guess mum didn’t find the time to open some of them yet. I walk to the kitchen and grab some biscuits out of one of the boxes. The new house isn’t very large, but there is enough space for the three of us.

My mum was still at work, so I walked upstairs to my room. I always do my homework downstairs when mum’s home, but she isn’t so I make my way upstairs and to my room. I have the largest room in the house, it’s twice as big as Mum’s and Gemma’s room. Mum thought it would be good for me to have some space so she wanted me to have the large room.
Once in my room, I let myself fall on my new bed and started with my homework for the next day.

Louis POV

When school was over, I grabbed my skateboard and skated home. The first schoolday went great, Harry is a cool lad and I’m sure we’ll be good friends. He already fits in the group and everyone likes him, but I mean who wouldn’t. Harry’s a bit shy in the beginning, but he’s fun and he’s great to talk with. and he said he would help me getting Zayn and Perrie together, or what I call it. Operation matchmaker.

When I come home I walk straight upstairs. I don’t bother to grab a snack, I mean, I have a refrigerator in my room so I can grab something out of that. We’re pretty rich but I don’t like to brag about it. Most people don’t know, apart from my friends, obviously.

I walk into my room and grab something out of the refrigerator, I wanted to make homework but now I don’t really feel like it. Who am I kidding, I never feel like making homework. I know I have to make it, but that doesn’t stop me from not doing it.

I grab my laptop and surf on the internet for some time before deciding to look on facebook. Maybe I can send Harry a friends request. I actually can’t wait until tomorrow, i’m looking forward to talking to Harry again. It’s weird, but it’s true.

I log in on facebook and typ in Harry’s name. after a few minutes of scrolling I reconise his curly bown hair on one of the profile pictures, I click on it and send him a request. Hopefully he will accept it. We could chat that way.

I scroll down the posts of my other friends and logged out when I didn’t find anything new anymore.

Harry POV

While i’m doing my homework I hear the familiar ding of my laptop, telling me I have a notification or friends request on facebook. I stand up and make my way to my bureau, where I placed my laptop earlier. I grab it and walk back to my bed.

Let’s see, who want’s something from me I think while moving my mouse to open facebook. When opened, a friends request pops up in the screen. Louis Tomlinson want’s to be friends with you. I can’t help but smile, he really want’s to be friends with me. One of te populairest, hottest guys from the school want’s to be friends with me. I’m totally aware of me calling Louis hot, but I mean who wouldn’t. he is hot.

I quickly click on accept and send him a message.

H: Hiiiii, of course I want to be friends with you :p

Louis isn’t online so I don’t expect a message back soon. Since I have nothing better to do, I just look at the posts of my friends. I like some things, comment on the funny ones and scroll over the same page again.
When I almost scrolled up and down the same page seven times, I saw I had a message. It’s from Louis.

L: Hii, haha YES that’s a relieve. thanks for accepting my friend request.
L: now we can talk :D
H: it’s no problem, I’d love to talk to you :)
H: soooo….. how’s live.
L: haha it’s getting better and better now you’re in it :p
H: yeah, I have that effect on people, haha. ;)
L: haha, you sure do ;)
H: I’m amazing :p
L: nope, I’m amazing :p
H: *Gasp* how dare you, saying I’m not amazing.
L: let’s just be amazing together yeah? :)
H: THAT mister, is a wonderfull idea. Amazinginessss!!
L: Amazinginessss?? Is that even a word?
H: dunno, but it’s true though
L: of course :)
H:  you know, on my way home i bumped into Niall. He’s nice :D
L: yeahh i know, he’s a great lad, and he seems to like you too.

I hear the front door open and heels clicking on the floor so i assume my mum is home.

H: I’m sorry, my mum’s home so I have to go :(
L: it doesn’t matter :) see you tomorrow Hazz.
H: Hazz??
L: yeahh it’s your nickname.  You don’t like it? I’ll just call you Harry if you want to.
H: No, no Hazz is great. I like it.
L: haha well bye then Hazz :D
H: bye Lou ;)
L: how did you know??
H: Niall ;)
L: of course i could have known.
H: haha well byeee Lou :)
L: byee Hazz :D

I log out and walk downstairs, with a large grin on my face. He gave me a nickname, not just a nickname. No, he calls me Hazz. It’s so sweet. The name fit’s me, and the fact that it’s him calling me that makes it even more special.

“Hey sweetie” mum greets me when I walk into the kitchen.

“Hey mummy” I smile and peck he cheek “how was work?”

“it was okay, I’m just tired” she smiles “how was your first schoolday? Made any friends? Is there any boyfriend material?” she winks

I chuckle, typical mum “it was great, yeah I made a whole group of friends. And no mum there’s no boyfriend material”

“that’s to bad sweetie, but i’m glad you made some cool friends. You should invite them over soon”

“I will” I smile.

“good. So, what where you doing upstairs?”

The large grin, once again breaks out on my face. “oh nothing, just chatting with one of my new friends, Louis”

She smiles at my grin and nods “and is that Louis kid a bit good looking?”

I blush a deep shade of red and groan “MUUMM! Don’t”

She let’s out a chuckle “I’m sorry sweetie, I’m going to take a nap. Will you wake me for dinner?”

“of course mummy, sleep well” I smile and give her a hug.

“thanks honey” she smiles and hugs me back.

When mum dissappered from the kitchen, I reminded myself that I had to get dinner. I walked to the hall and grabbed my jacket, wallet and phone and headed to the groceryshop on the corner of the street.

It's a short walk so I'm there in no time. I don't feel like cooking tonight so I decide pizza will do. I grab three of them out of the freezer, pay for them and walk back home.

I put the pizza’s in the oven, and walk upstairs to wake mum and call Gemma.

“Mum, wakey wakey. Dinner is ready” I wisper.

She turns around and stirs in her sleep, I walk toward the bed and carress her cheek. He eyelids begin to flutter, and she slowly opens her eyes.

She groans “I’ll be down in a minute”

I nod and smile at her bfore walking out of the room and across the hall to Gemma’s room

“Gem, dinner’s ready. Come downstairs” I call

“yeah, i’m coming” she calls back.

Dinner is quiet, like always. We never actually say something to eachother when eating dinner, so it doesn’t surprise me when Gemma leaves the table to go back upstairs the minute she finishes her pizza without saying a word.

When I had finished my pizza, I decided to do some cleaning. I walk around the room picking up the plates and glasses, which are all around the room and clean them before putting them back in the cabinets.

When done, I decide to go to sleep early, so I head upstairs, change and climb in bed.

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