The Summerhouse (Larry Stylinson)


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn spent the whole summer in the summerhouse of Liam's dad.
when school starts again there is a new kid named Harry Styles.
Louis needs to supervise harry and show him the school the first week.
soon they become friends, but Harry keeps a secret. Will this secret break their friendship, or will it bring them closer then ever?


Louis POV

“NIALL! STO-OP IT!” I shout. Niall sits on top of me and he’s tickeling my sides.

“STO-OP! I CAN’T TA-AKE IT ANYMORE!” I manage to get out inbetween my laughters

“Then say sorry for eating my cookies”

“y-yeah, okay oka-ay”

“good” he says and stops tickeling me.

“Niall, i'm sorry for eating your cookies. and your secret stash of jellybeans” i quickly add before running away, laughing.

“YOU WHAT?! Oohh you’re going to get it Tomlinson!” he says and runs after me to the backyard.

I’m lucky that i’m a master at climbing, so I quickly jump on the chair that stands against the wall, and begin climbing the wall until I reach the balcony. I climb on it and hide under the table that stands in the corner so Niall won’t see me. I lay down and see Niall running as fast as he can.
Luckily for me he doesn’t see me and he runs to the front of the house, disappearing in the forest.
When I know for sure he’s gone I stand up, only to see Zayn and Liam standing in the grass looking up at me.

“Lou? What the hell are you doing on the balcony?” Liam asks.

I look down at them and chuckle awkwardly “i-I uhhmm yeah…..long story I say while scratching the back of my neck.

“Will you please come down, before you hurt yourself” he says.

I nod and swing my leg over the railing of the balcony to climb down, but ofcourse me being my clumbsy self, I slip and fall on my butt in the grass.

Zayn burst out in a laughter because of my clumbsy attempt to come down, whilst Liam helps me up. I rub my ass in pain and slowly hobble inside.

“why didn’t you just use the door? You could’ve broke something” Liam exclaims.

“using the door is no fun” I chuckle and let out a groan when I sit down and feel sharp pain in my butt.

“it’s your own fault, you should’ve just used the door” Liam continues.

I glare at him. “shut up and go get Zayn. He’s still sitting on the ground laughing his ass of’”

“at least he can sit without having pain” Liam smiles.

I chuckle and roll my eyes “yeah Liam, now go get him”

Niall, Zayn, Liam and me are best friends since begin of highschool, ít's kind of a funny story, but it comes down to the fact that we all had detention together on the first schoolday.
since then we're inseparable.
it's now close to the end of summerbreak and we spent the whole break  together in the summerhouse of Liam's dad.
We are the most carefree boys who have fun all the time.
none of us has a girlfriend or boyfriend (even thought i am pretty sure i am straight).
and we don't care what people think of us, we just do what we want to do. that's one of the many reasons we're the most populair guys in school.
 Niall POV
That lou ate my cookies was horrible, but when he said he also ate my secret stash of jellybeans i was able to cry. i mean my jellybeans are like babies to me and only i am allowed to eat them!
when i couldn't find him in the backyard i ran to the front of the house and into the forest.
i knew he could ran fast but i didn't knew he could ran this fast.
within ten minutes i was pretty far in the forest and i decided to go back, i was still really angry at Lou but i didn't want to get lost so i turned around and walked back.
i walk and walk and walk, but i can’t find the way back anymore. i also forgot my phone so i can’t call anyone. when it starts to get dark i begin to panic a little, because i really don’t want to sleep in the scary forest.
so i keep walking. Not much later i see the lights of the house. i quickly run towards it, almost falling over my own feet.
when i come near the house i slow down a little and walk the last part. Liam gave all of us a key so we could open the door ourselves.
i grab it out of my pocket and open the door. I walk inside and am greeted by my three best friends, with worried looks on their faces.
 Liams POV


When Everyone is inside I sit down next to Lou and grab the remote to turn on the tv.
after a while I remember something.

“Lou?” I ask

“hmmm” he hums

“where’s Niall?”

“uhmm, don’t know. I think he’s in the forest”



I sigh “why is he in the forest?”

He looks at me and chuckles “because I ate his cookies and jellybeans, he got angry with me and chased after me. He tought I ran into the forest to he went there”

i roll my eyes “of course”

The silence takes over and we continue to watch tv. When it becomes dark I start to get a little worried. Niall’s still not back.

“we should go and look for him because it’s starting to get dark” I suggest.

The other two agree and I make my way to the hall to grab our jackets when the front door opens.

“Niall, where were you?” I exclaim while walking over to him, giving him a hug.

The other two join me and soon we’re in one big group hug.

“I was in the forest because Louis” he says and glares at Louis “decided to eat my food, which he’s still paying for” he smirks and Louis schrugs “and I got lost, but I foud my way back and here I am” he smiled gesturing at himself.

I chuckle “yeah we see”

“I already got my punishment by the way” Louis joins in.

“yeah he fell down the balcony” Zayn chuckles.

Niall burst out in a laughter “Carma Lou”

He rolls his eyes “yeah whatever”

“ahh Louieehhh, don’t be mad”

“I’m not mad, I just have a bruised ass and it hurts like hell” he groans.

“yeah that’s what you get from falling of the balcony” I laugh

“yeah” Zayn joins in “And it’s not like you can’t fall on your but. I mean it’s huge”

Louis let’s out a chuckle and sticks up his middle finger “dicks”

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